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  1. Excellent stuff. I have a Revell 1:144 VIIC/41 that I intend backdating and building as a waterline model (at some point in the future). I shall be watching this build with interest! Al
  2. You've done a great job with them! I share you view about some 3D figures. They ought to be significantly better than "conventional" figures. There are two parts to the process, it's a question of how the figures are designed and how they're manufactured. If they're computer designed (as those are), there is likely to be stock figure that's animated to the pose. So facial features will be the same, the size of figures will be the same. Irrespective in my view insufficient time is spend on sculpting the figures and a consequence is that arms and legs can be banana like as creasing is not created on clothing (basically insufficient time is spent on the job). However the main issue is the quality of the printing/manufacture. A comparison is Reedoak figures (http://reedoak.com/) which in my view are the best available (but still not perfect) - real life figures are scanned and they produce good quality prints. There's also an issue in smaller scales because elements need to be accentuated otherwise detailing will just get lost. Al
  3. Hi Rob Those mats look fine to me. However, have you tried milliput? Roll it flat on a plastic bag that's been sprinkled with talc. Put it under a lamp to speed the cure (but not, I suggest whilst it's still on the plastic bag!). Obviously it can be sanded, but also to get rid of any hard edges a rub with wire wool will do the job. Al
  4. Al Gunthwaite

    Radar MTB 378

    That's an interesting photo with a Jeep lashed to the foredeck. I'm interested to see how this project comes along. Al
  5. Al Gunthwaite

    Radar MTB 378

    Your figures are great - very neat! Al
  6. Those look very neat! And thank you for the kind comments. I'm not allowed out to modelling shows unless I promise to behave "normally"! Al
  7. Al Gunthwaite

    Radar MTB 378

    Is that Royal Navy? I appreciate that it's a Vosper in the Med but some standards should be maintained!!
  8. Al Gunthwaite

    Radar MTB 378

    Arjan, Kev Blue cap winter - white cover summer. So in the Med I would always expect to see a white cover. And of course it's not straightforward because you see photos of a group of sailors wearing caps with and without white covers. Arjan, great work on the figures! Al
  9. You need to be careful using N gauge railway figures because depending on the manufacturer (and country of origin) the scale can vary between 1/148 and 1/168. Continental "N" are always likely to be a little undersized, however you wouldn't notice the difference with British "N" at 1/148. Al
  10. Thanks for the heads-up GrzeM, I wasn't aware of that! Now ordered... In retirement (still a long way off!) I want to do research on the 3rd flotilla operating out of Fowey because they had interesting camouflage. Al
  11. From experience, give the figures a very good wash before any paint goes on them. I'm in the process of painting some 1/144 and 1/72 RN figures from Shapeways - mine have had a rinse but there's still dust in nooks and crannys which only became apparent after I had undercoated them. I'll be watching with interest! Al
  12. Rob Thanks for the kind comments. I have tried to make some of these more action oriented than my 1/72 scales figures. The photo shows the figures about 3x actual size. Those are sample castings. I'm anticipating the production castings will be available in a couple of weeks and the sets (4 sets - the runners will be split into 4 sets of 4 figures), will be with outlets (assuming they want to stock them!) before Christmas. Al
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