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  1. Weren't any problems with the build at all (didn't use the kit tracks so can't comment on the Link and Length tracks). The only minor gotcha is a slight gap on the front glacis plate, but nothing a very thin card shim won't fix easily. The metal barrel is a bit of an odd fit, but does fit properly if you leave off the breachblock
  2. Pzr IV F2 'Special', 1st Coy, 1st Bn, 8th Pzr Rgt, 15th Panzer, 29th June, approach to El Alamein Border Models Panzer IV F2, MiniArt Individual track links, Mini Art Signposts (modified), scratch built base. Painted with AK Real Colours, and weathered with Oils and Pigments. Peter
  3. Eduard Mk VIII Spitfire, OOB. Painted with Mr Color Laquers and weathered with oils and pastels. Really nice kit,and just what i needed to get something finished. Peter Peter
  4. Styrenex Primer, Mr Color Laquers, then AK Gauzy agent clear coat before the salt chipping, then washed. then AK Gauzy Agent, then decals. With around a week between coats.
  5. Mr Color laquers which is why it's so odd, especially as they cured for a week before doing anything over the top
  6. This is on hold now - the paint is still reacting strangely even after being left for two weeks Peter
  7. More done today - around 40% of the decals are on Not entirely sure what's going on with the paint, it keeps bubbling which does make me consider parking this for a bit to let it stabilise, Will see how it goes tomorrow. Peter
  8. Today's work - lots of salt weathering, and spraying details. Then a gloss coat over the top - something odd happened with the gloss coat, seems to have reacted in some places with the paint but i'll sort that out later. Peter
  9. A solid 5 hours of spraying today - first preshading Then sprayed all three greys - there's not a huge amount of contrast between them Peter
  10. Ok - next update - first slotted everything together to get an impression of what it will look like Masked off the fuselage Then making up the pylons. This is where this kit goes downhill quite rapidly. The pylons are not moulded as well as the rest, it looks like they haven't really been finished off. As example the panel lines have burr's next to them, and they all needed filling on the edges. Coupled with this the instructions are pretty poor , they aren't clear especially when variants are required. For example I want to build with the LANTIRN pod, which requires a different mount for the wing glove pylon. Then sprayed the primer - first all of the separate parts Then the main fuselage Peter
  11. After 3 passed of filler, it's getting there - still need to rescribe this area But that was a lot of sanding, and i'll need to cleanup the back of the cockpit slightly, but nothing major Peter
  12. Took a day off today, so got some more done, and the most disappointing bits of this kit so far. The top fuselage took a lot of persuasion to fit, as the wheel wells are slightly too tall Then adding the nose, there is again significant gaps - Think it's because the top section had a twist on it, but when you fix one side, the other side would pop out. So out with the filler and i foresee a lot of sanding and rescribing. I don't know if this is a one off - but it looks like it. Peter
  13. Nope - find alclads pretty tough just leave them and put them aside in a box until i fit them
  14. Today's work - made up the wings and stabilisers which needed a little Mr Surfacer at the edges, and the beaver tail. Slotted everything together temporarily Peter
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