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Peter Marshall

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  1. Peter Marshall

    M4A1 Sherman

    Eduards boxing of the Tasca / Asuka Sherman, OOB. Painted with Ammo acrylics and weathered with Oils and Pigments Wip is available here Peter
  2. Peter Marshall

    M4A1 Sherman

    Today's work - on with the tracks, added weight inside to compress the suspension, and started the oil weathering with some streaks and stains. Peter
  3. Peter Marshall

    M4A1 Sherman

    Today's work - first another wash over the tracks to keep building up the grime Then painted the tools, and added the bogeys. Then started weathering in the bogies to the rest of the hull Peter
  4. Peter Marshall

    M4A1 Sherman

    Today's tank tormenting - first up a pin wash Then started weathering the hull by adding the mud / dust for the hull Peter
  5. Peter Marshall

    M4A1 Sherman

    A bit more done today - Decals on and a light coat of satin varnish over the top Peter
  6. Peter Marshall

    1/48 P-47D Thunderbolt kits??

    Tamiya all the way
  7. Peter Marshall

    M4A1 Sherman

    Today's work - first an ochre filter over everything Then painting the rubber track and wheels / idlers Finally a coat of satin varnish over the top before starting weathering and assembly Peter
  8. Peter Marshall

    M4A1 Sherman

    Today's work , on with the Ammo Olive Drab Modulation set Peter
  9. Peter Marshall

    M4A1 Sherman

    Today's work - first constructed the turret and added the applique armour Then on with a coat of Styrenex primer Peter
  10. Peter Marshall

    M4A1 Sherman

    I'll be honest, i'll probably add the texture to the air intake cover, but that's it. The rear light guards are wire as the plastic flat ones broke. Sorry if this reply came off a bit Brusque, I do appreciate the time taken, and it's useful information to everyone so thanks for sharing, just that kind of accuracy isn't my thing.
  11. Peter Marshall

    M4A1 Sherman

    It's the Tasca / Asuka kit so it's basically Tamiya fit
  12. Peter Marshall

    M4A1 Sherman

    Todays work - first added the tools and PE to the other side of the hull Then a couple more hours and you have all the running gear in it's working suspension glory. They are a little fiddly, but once you get the knack they aren't too bad Peter
  13. Peter Marshall

    M4A1 Sherman

    Bit more done today on the lower hull Peter
  14. Peter Marshall

    M4A1 Sherman

    Eduard's boxing of the Lovely Tasca / Asuka Sherman. When it came out it was by far and away the cheapest way to get a Tasca Sherman, so I got a couple Started by making up the lower hull, and adding some Mr Surfacer 1000 to add more cast texture as it's a bit soft While I was at it, added the texture to the turret as well Peter
  15. At the end of the day, this is the loadout the instructions offer for that scheme - they say any of the 3 drop tank styles + the Rockets and no pylons, and i've not got a Jug with rockets in my collection - personally not a huge fan of them but hey got one now. Remember - it's a model not a replica, but Tamiya's Jug is a lovely kit.