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  1. More done today - canopy on and masked off Then on with a coat of primer Peter
  2. Bit more done today - got the intakes fitted Peter
  3. Today's work - lots of masking and some white paint. First masked off the engines with combination of Parafilm and Tape And sprayed white for the radar transparent sections, and masked off on the fins Peter
  4. Should be fixed now - apologies, German isn't my Language, and it was wrong on the Box too
  5. This weekend's work - glued the fuselage halves together and then sprayed the alclads for the engines Peter
  6. Got a bit more done before the cricket got too distracting Peter
  7. Something different for me, but nice simple kit Amazingly it starts with the cockpit Seems to have painted up quite nicely. Peter
  8. Schwerer Panzerspähwagen Sd.Kfz. 233 Rad 8 with 7.5cm Gun, 10th Pzr Div, Tunisia AFV Club kit OOB, painted with AK Real Colour, Tamiya Acrylics and Weathered with Oils and Pigments Peter
  9. Today, added the Jerry Cans and painted the tools, sights and gun barrel. Then started with a grey filter and some pin washes Peter
  10. Got the top on today and the fit has been to coin a phrase 'horrible'. Obvious that this is a variant off an original kit Peter
  11. More done - first coat of red oxide primer Then hairspray, followed by German Grey More hairspray followed by Desert Yellow Then damp brush to wear down the paint Then made up the mudguards Then painted the wheels, and proceeded with the same painting scheme for the mudguards Peter
  12. More done today - added the hatches, and pistol port covers, and filled a lot of pin marks Then made up the 75mm Gun and carraige Peter
  13. More done today - fitted the wheels and the steering linkages, then finished off the driver's controls - still need to add the control panel for the second driver. Peter
  14. Bit more done today - steering linkages and suspension springs, started building up the hull, and assembled the wheels Peter
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