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  1. Gaz - are you on the "Fletcher FU24 & PAC Cresco Fans" Facebook group? Lot's of Kiwis there and you'll get a bit more of an idea of the kit K5054NZ up above has a production line going of the 1:72 version. Below is what comes in the 1:48 kit and this is after I have cleaned it up a bit (click on the photo and you'll go to a Flickr album of the build)
  2. Yes - stern words were required from time to time. I sort of knew what I was in for upon box opening - I took out at least a third of the fuselage resin (I weighed it before/after) from the inside with an angle grinder - ie a full on tradies power tool. Needed to make room for cockpit interior, lead in the nose and to get rid of excess weight behind CofG.
  3. Shhhhh. Artistic license - forgot to cut the hole and didn't relish dust all through the cockpit.
  4. Finally managed to get this one done (or my version of done). It's a resin kit from Unicraft where 'some modelling skills are an advantage'. Decals are from Oldmodeldecals.com in NZ (who have plenty of other schemes for this A/C).
  5. And being cooped up for some reason - has allowed me to get this one progressed through to completion Will post more to RFI...
  6. This has been progressing along a little slowly - but some more visible progress over the last week or 2 for some reason. Here she is for scale comparison alongside a Work-in-progress CAC Ceres (a conversion of the CAC Wirraway which itself was the prodigy of the North American NA-16). And a beaut set of Wanganui Air Works decals from NZ decalmaker OldModelDecals I decided to mould a new canopy - as the kit canopy was just too bulbous for my liking. The mould is my original master for my scratchbuilt FU24 - and the vacform set up is distinctly home grown. Sandwiched plastic goes under the grill till droopy - and the master is attached to an airbox which is hooked up to the home vacuum. I have about a 90% first-time success rate with this setup. And here's the new canopy roughly cut out for a preliminary test fit. The kit canopy sits on the wing - you can sort of see it looks pretty bulbous vs my version (and the real thing) As of yesterday - I have trimmed the canopy and glued it to the model. Blended in with a bit of Mr Surfacer 500 (great stuff!) and will over the course of the next week be heading towards paint. Very happy with the way this is coming together - the kit requires a lot of basic preparation work but the shape looks right and provides an alternative to scratchbuilding.
  7. The wheels are from the 'spares box' - accumulated after a few decades of modelling. Note the finished model is posted on Ready for Inspection must be back in Oct or Nov? Cheers.
  8. Some visible progress..... And a bit of work behind the scenes. - fuselage halves have been thinned out - particularly in the cockpit area. Around half the kit resin has been removed using (wait for it) - an angle grinder! Carefully wielded and with appropriate safety gear of course! - weight added to nose, plenty of it, including some lead under the seat. Don't want a tail sitter here. - fuselage superglued together and cleaned up - cockpit bulkhead and floor added - happy with the way this has turned out. - wings joined on with the aid of 2 x brass tube spars - should ensure it stays put. the lego is now my standard process for squaring up fuse vs wings. Essential with this sort of kit to make sure the basic alignment is correct... Next steps are blending in the wing joins - and adding tailplane. And pick up some decals from NZ - Oldmodeldecals is the source for that!! Actually pleased with the way this is coming together - yes it requires some modelling skill, but it is not causing any angst?
  9. Hi Eugenio, - yes please that'd be useful to have another perspective. The nacelle transplant is now complete - with the wings currently in a stable condition in the recovery room. The plastic surgery required a marathon 6 hour operation under anaesthetic.
  10. And thanks Zac for not only having the initiative - but also seeing it thru to execution! I do think this is going to come together rather nicely. Resin quality looks/feels good and much better than I gather their earlier work.
  11. Ahhh yes indeed. Still it makes for relatively cheap modelling when you look at the hours put into it vs kit-slamming the latest exquisite [insert brand]. Thanks for the tip-off on the box spar (which I was too late to execute on the Piaggio P166 scratch). It's worked a treat on the Viscount wing.
  12. About 25 years ago - I scratchbuilt a 1:48 Fletcher FU24 (pic below). Scratchbuilding is an almost certain guarantee that the subject will be be released as an injection moulded kit within a matter of years. This subject has been somewhat resilient though - but we do now have a 1/48 scale RESIN kit from prolific Ukraine manufacture Unicraft (Igor Shestakov). Unicraft specialise in models of obscure aircraft (just google them) mostly in 1/72. They fall into the cottage industry end of the spectrum (ie "some modelling skills an advantage") - and are not recommended as the first kit to introduce your grandchildren to model making? But Unicraft ARE making resin kits of unusual/unique subjects including no doubt some deliriously happy Luft46 modellers? This build will hopefully give you evidence that with a little effort you can get a nice result by supporting the cottage industries efforts - even if they're a little short of a Tamigawanuts? Anyway, to kick off - here's my 25yo scratchbuilt Fletcher. Doing another one sort of averages out the effort - well that's my excuse. Oh - and I like crop dusters... So let's look at the kit (I've actually done a bit of preliminary work). Lots of resin - solid left wing and right wing. 2 x fuselage halves, separate tail feathers. And bits and bobs like wheels, U/C leg seats, prop etc that may or may not form part of my final model. Panel lines are a bit on the heavy side (think Matchbox) but fixable with the usual methods. The shape actually looks good vs my plans (that's ingredient #1 in my view). Fuse profile looks good. wing chord looks good. Not sure about the wingspan yet - but that's because I haven't cut off the wingroots and checked where things will line up). Rather oddly - there are cargo doors port n starboard (handy if you're a parachutist but I don't think something the manufacturers thought up. Also some handy retractable wheel wells on the wings but the FU24 had fixed undercarriage. Hmmmm. Both easily fixed. So here's what the fuse looks like. You can see you get value for money with the resin - plenty there! The external surfaces look just fine - the internals - well you're not going to see them so don't fret! You'll also see that I have spent a bit of time using a small grinding tool to grind out the cockpit area, thin down the walls and prep it for a detailed cockpit - because we ARE going to see that Next steps are to continue with the basic preparation. The nose is going to be chiselled out to make way for lead (which is heavier than resin) - and probably grind out the tail section too (as air is lighter than resin). No point having this as a tail sitter! Anyway - looking forward to this in a bizarre sort of way! (and isn't that what model making is about?). Also a bit of a plug for oldmodeldecals.com which is a NZ manufacturer of decals in 1/72 and 1/48 primarily for NZ operated aircraft. They have a GREAT range of decals for this kit - NZ was a key market for the Fletcher and it's successor the Cresco. (note I have nothing to do with either Unicraft or OldModelDecals - just like what they do!).
  13. I've had in the collection for some years the Mach 2 Vickers Viscount 700 kit - a manufacturer who produces some rather interesting subjects (ie Mach 2). This is one of their better efforts in my view with nice detail, generally accurate lines (but see below) and the opportunity for some great colour schemes. The usual research has been done before starting - including build reviews etc from other modellers. A number of reviewers/builders have commented that there is something that is 'not quite right' with the finished model and I have formed a view as to what that might be. For a hint - check out the wing root shape on the fuselage halves. Notice anything weird? Particularly if you know what makes aeroplanes fly (apart from engines)... So let's turn to Exhibit A - the wings.... Bizarre as it might sounds - I believe the wings have been moulded 'up side down'. The wheel wheels and lower wing surface details have been moulded engraved on the TOP WING - and the engine nacelles/top wing details are moulded/engraved on the bottom. Even the top view of the top wing below sort of looks vaguely deflated? OR is it me? Check out the detail pics below, showing the kit, the Viscount 'official-ish' wing profile (NACA 63-???[modified]), and early stages of my replacement : So you've probably guessed correctly. Some cosmetic surgery means scratchbuilding some new wings for the Viscount - including a cut and shut of the Mach 2 wheel wells and engine nacelles/fairings. ie what is on the Mach 2 top wing will end up on the bottom wing and vice versa. Simples eh? Oh - and a bit of scribing. Thought it'd be worth showing the progress and end result and see if it looks round about right when I'm finished?? Here's where I am up to. Basic replacement wing shape has been formed up - currently overlength and rough markings showing where the Mach 2 wheel wells and fairings are going to go....
  14. Ahhh - so diplomatic - but I'd rather a failed cookie than going hungry? This one is actually a good kick start for anyone keen on the subject - external surfaces are clean, basic shape looks good. Will draw on the modelling skills though (like a sponge). Maybe I should post a bit of a 'build' on this one?
  15. Now have the 1/48 kit. It has plenty of potential - although will certainly be a bit of work. Yes - cargo doors on both sides (easily fixed once glued and puttied), oh and the undercarriage is supplied with retractable wheel wells. Again - easily fixed. Plenty of decal options via OldModel decals in NZ for this iconic cropduster (topdresser!). (postscript - I scratchbuilt one of these about 20 years ago. Always room for another though...)
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