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  1. I was looking at the wheelhouse/cockpit and it......... came off in my hand You can see from the side pics what I meant about the taper of the sides - very pronounced!!
  2. Lovely work, I look forward to the updates Regards longshanks
  3. Looking good ! Watching this build with interest.... Good scratch building on windlass and stopper sets off the fore deck nicely Cheers longshanks
  4. Right here we go.... these are the plans I'm working from Which I have interpreted as this... The dimension on the kit are right at the top of the cockpit but slope in towards the bottom. Errors The steps down into officers wardroom missing The side cupboards are depicted as going straight up to the deckhead, there is clearly worktop above. The section drawing shows on the right a deeper drawing which I would take to be for charts, chart table above? The ladder down from the deck is to wide and the deck hatches from each side are missing. The width of the cockpit at the bottom is 37mm rather than 50mm meaning if they tried to portray the hatches they would be ridiculously small ! The depth of the cockpit is excessive, a normal guy would be on tip toe to peer over the bottom of the window ! I feel at least one of the cupboards / lockers should be portrayed as a flag locker. Although the plans do not show a door at the forward end into the wardroom I find this very strange. I'm ex Merchant Navy and this seems very poor seamanship. If any of the windows were smashed water would have free access to a large compartment. That ends my ramble for today. Please don't think I'm an expert or rivet counter, I just happen to have the information and I'm enjoying the build, so I might as well get as close as I can with the detail. Thanks for looking Kev
  5. Congratulations ! A beautiful, atmospheric build with a wonderful paint job ! What's the next build ? How about some work in progress pictures, especially the painting...
  6. Thanks for your support and encouragement it means a lot. I'm having trouble finding pics on the net, the same ones seem to keep coming up! Can anyone think how I could get a message out to Italian speakers and ask them to search for pics using Italian terms or do you think I'm clutching at straws?
  7. Patience is a virtue and I know I aint got any !! Work and a new first airbrush/compressor are slowing things down. I've also been doing a bit of research...... it seems the wheelhouse/cockpit area is all wrong and may have to be rebuilt Has anyone else found any inaccuracies ?
  8. Fantastic but I'm sorry the scale is ridiculous!! Do you wear binoculars
  9. Hi Martin, Thanks for your comments. The small maneuvering engine already has some wiring. From what I've seen the main engine wiring is pretty well hidden. It must be remembered that the engines will only be visible through the skylights/hatches. Regards longshanks PS Fascinating! You're going to be busy for a while on this one, I suspect! One reason for not going overboard with hidden detail
  10. Valve wheels arrived today, well pleased just what I wanted. Enabled me to carry on in the engine room as below Not having any pictures and only a poor drawing there is a lot of imagination here !! Compressor, air bottles (for torpedo launch), batteries, main electrical board, engine instruments and sea valves. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking longshanks
  11. Hi Foxy, Looking forward to how your going to make rope! I need to make some for an on going project in another life I'm fascinated as to what size ropes you will be making. I'm sure your aware but perhaps your readers don't know that you can buy fine thread, lint free. There are several options available, this is one. http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/corel_rigging_thread.html Thread available in various sizes 0.25 to 2.0mm diameter in black or hemp colour. Keep up the good work
  12. Cheers Foxy, You know a funny thing happened when I was wandering around Historex.................. Some photo etch and a barrel suitable for a 20mm Breda jumped into my basket , who was I to deny it a good home http://www.aber.net.pl/upload/pdf/35_L_116_1.pdf I know how she feels .. Sorry I've been dying to use that 6 going on sixty !!
  13. I 've managed to find some etched hand wheels http://www.historexagents.com/shop/hxproductdetail.php?ProductCode=ABSV-07 £7.30 plus £1.95 p & p Can get on with engine room
  14. Excellent, thanks for taking the time to show us
  15. WOW ! Sitting here after going through this blog with my mouth hanging open. What a truly inspirational build, I will be following this with interest.
  16. Great build, you must be dead chuffed. Looking forward to seeing some pics of her on the water.
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