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  1. Hello, I've just got a pair of these kits with the intension of building an Egyptian Yom Kippur war version from 1973 and a North Vietnamese version. My only problem is crewing the trucks. Any ideas where I can get the figures? Mark
  2. As for me, I find my bits from all over. My last bunch of bits came from Amazon, eBay, Hannants, and several small business on the internet. I do a lot of hunting around as prices can vary quiet a lot! One item I bought was £3 one site, and eventually went up to £7 on another. Mark
  3. I intend to add one of these to my collection, but I believe the kit has no driver figure. I will have to get a figure from the Miniart Tank crew set. As for the “Micky Mouse” camo, I have seen some photos that show some with the paint scheme. Mark
  4. The Works also do the M4 Sherman too, I have both of them.
  5. One day I will build this kit.... I must be mad!!!
  6. Perhaps Airfix could bring a Mk.V out next year? Mark
  7. Lets hope it's a good effort, I'll have two please. If it is, lets hope it sells well, if it does, we might even get a Beverley
  8. I am looking for the best matches for interior colours for various aircraft. I'm using acrylic paints, preferably Vallejo. I have found U.S. interior green and green zinc chromate, but I need U.K. greens and German and Russian too. Humbrol 78 seems OK for U.K., but how accurate is it? Thanks... Mark
  9. One of the things that can be done is to work on kits they have the moulds for already. For example, Beaufighter family Canberra family (B Mk.2, T.4, B(I)Mk.6, B Mk.20) Lancaster Tallboy/Grand Slam Lancaster ASR (WW11/Post war) Whitley Coastal Command (I believe this may be out in 2016?) Defiant ASR Defiant TT Mk.1/Mk.11 AC-47 Spooky/EC-47 (Long nose) Sea Gladiator (Faith, Hope & Charity) Swordfish Mk.11 Rockets Swordfish Mk.111 (RADAR) Hurricane Mk.11D (40mm cannon) Hurricane Mk.IV (Rockets) This is just a few I can think of. Mark
  10. I think one way of expanding the Airfix range is to share moulds. Many of the aircraft want are already part of other companies back catalogue. We could have re-boxed, re-decalled kits, such as, MPM, Boston/Havoc, Maryland, Wellington, Hudson, Sea Hawk, plus others. Special, Hobby Beaufort, Anson, Sea Fury, Hornet/Sea Hornet, Vengeance, Whirlwind Mk.1, plus others. Academy, B-24 Liberator, B29 Superfortress, Ventura/Harpoon, B-17B/C Flying Fortress, PBY Catalina, Stratocruiser 1/144 - 1/72, plus others. Bilek, P-61A/B Black Widow. I believe all of these companies have produced copies for Airfix in the past. Any resin parts can be replaced with the normal plastic. This means any parts that are not to o good can also be replaced. This is one way around it. I would mean Airfix could concentrate on kits, such as a Lincoln or Victor etc Mark Mark
  11. That sounds great. I know Bilek have released some good kits over the years, and at good prices too. I'll have to look around and find some dealers, thanks. Mark
  12. I had a couple of Dragon P-61's a while back ( they got pinched!) I've been looking around since then, they seen a bit hard to find. I heard a little while ago the Italeri was making them, or at least planning too. Does anyone know about these? Mark
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