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*done* Yesteryear once more Spitfire PR Mk. XI

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Ah, what does the title stand for? Well, just a year ago, at the Reconnaissance and Scouting GB, I built this KP Spitfire Mk.XI

and in the Gallery description I wrote this:

"(I will probably need to buy another one that'll get more decorating - itching to add the invasion stripes on the PRU blue!)"


The time has come! Actually most of my build plan remains the same from the previous one. MB948 "Oh Johnnie" with the invasion stripes it'll be this time. Probably not the whole wrap-around, just the lower surfaces.


Sprues, decals, instructions and paint scheme. I got a little damaged decal sheet with my kit, but luckily most what I need is ok and what's not, I can easily replace. An excellent review of the kit is hidden in the opening post of the previous build :giggle:


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Happy D-Day +80 (years) everyone!


I had a lunchbreak date with my little Spitfire. On the second attempt building this kit seems even easier than on the first time. I started by checking which details were relevant for my prototype MB948 "Oh Johnnie". It was a real filmstar! With this video clip and some USAAF PR Spitfire pictures in Roger A. Freeman's "Mighty Eight in Colour" I was ready to go on. They say the USAAF Mk. XI:s were not pressurized but to my eyes, at least, MB948 had a solid looking unpainted metal bulkhead behind the cockpit. See @1'32" of the film. It should also be visible on my laptop screen between the sprues. By that I don't mean they would've been pressurized, just that the bulkhead looks to be there :hmmm:

Also visible in the pic is some pre-painting assembly; 

- landing gear walls

- oleo braces

- radiator faces

- opened lower fuselage camera ports

- filled oblique camera port (not yet sanded, though)

- horizontal stabs

- tail wheel bay doors and ceiling? floor? which one is it!

- seat support braces (also drilled open the holes in the bulkhead) and

- exhaust opening rear inserts.

I do indeed prefer to assemble and paint some parts as they are still attached to their sprues. Really :wink:. V-P




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  • vppelt68 changed the title to Yesteryear once more Spitfire PR Mk. XI

The little Spitfire will have a date with these Tamiya rattle cans today.


Base white first of course, then some masking for the white stripes followed by some NATO black. For the PRU blue I have a jar from AK, a new brand for me. V-P

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The first step was to spray some white all over the kit, the next one to mask off the white stripes.


Then I had a choice to make: Tamiya NATO black or Citadel Chaos Black?


I chose Chaos Black. I think they have better control over the nozzle than Tamiya. It also dries very, very quickly. You don't suppose AK PRU Blue could be brushed over it almost immediately?


If you supposed "not" you were wrong! I'm sold, I've lost several of my hobby years brushing on stinky enamels while stuff like these acrylics have been out there :giggle:.


Ok the PR Spitfire paint job needs some touching up and cleaning up, but overall I'm VERY pleased with this experiment! I think it will get an extension to it... I did buy Tamiya RAF Dk Green, Ocean Grey, Med Sea Grey, Sky and their highly recommended Retarder too... :whistle:




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Oh, Johnnie, you sure ain't pretty but you're finished. He's just letting his legs firm up. Thanks for a great GB again Pat'n'Nzo :thumbsup:

We have our annual main air show weekend ahead, this time 300+ km away in Vaasa where we'll stay for the nights so I'll probably add pics to the Gallery when I'm back home from watching Solo Türk et al.



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  • vppelt68 changed the title to *done* Yesteryear once more Spitfire PR Mk. XI

Thanks Dennis and Craig! I may yet add a second stars'n'bars decal over the first ones so that the invasion stripes don't show through them like they do now. I don't like the KP Insignia Blue shade very much either so that's another reason to do it! V-P

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1 hour ago, JOCKNEY said:

Blimey V-P, thats amazing congratulations mate :worthy:


Cheers Pat 

Thanks Pat! I think I will have another go at a stripy Spit in this GB, but there's also a stripy P-51D I must finish first, and the DL is next Sunday 😰. Nah, :coolio:. V-P

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