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  1. I like this. Being born in 1981 this gives me options and a chance to build something (again) I built as a kid or one of the older kits I’ve not made before (looking at you Airfix Stirling sitting in stash)
  2. I’m ready! found this little gem where it’s been patiently waiting in my stash . Ready to go! (Once I have a few other builds done/underway!)
  3. Martin. Please do post pics as you go. I'm just glad AZ have given us a new tool of a lovely aircraft (and I live in hope of one day having a new tool 1/72 Spitfire PR XI as well!) Mine has been dispatched and I'm looking forward to having a DH Hornet built and on display (my SH kit being long consigned to a forgotten storage box in the stash).
  4. Thank you Chris for adding the links to The Hudson pictures. I’ve been comparing pictures and have to say I’m still not sure what the colours should be/are! Subject aircraft (stills from film from AWM website): For comparison purposes; Desert camouflage and TLS Marylands (from the IWM Page and world war photos page) although not sure about colour scheme the aircraft in the first picture (BS764 of 39 Sqn)
  5. Reference for my build of Maryland AH364 ‘P’ of 203 Sqn Film courtesy of AWM website: https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/F04789/ Stills from same film showing subject aircraft:
  6. It’s arrived! Looking forward to getting stuck into this build. I have a subject (complete with reference in B&W to get me wound up about colours and markings!) Build will be AH364 ‘P.’ SGT Lewis was the W/Op of this aircraft on at least four occasions for sorties in July 1942 that I have been able to confirm through the record of events for 203 Sqn (Film courtesy of AWM website ) : https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/F04789/ Subject is shown in part 2 approx 1845-2000. Now I just need to confirm the colour scheme!
  7. Nothing like a good can of worms! Thank you for the advice and assistance so far gentlemen. At least I have a bit of time to continue research and discuss the camouflage further here and elsewhere, and I appreciate any thoughts or guidance on the matter from you all. TLS doesn't seem right to the eye and Desert scheme just seems wrong for the naval support role of 203 Sqn. I am continuing to lean towards TSS. however I accept that I probably need more than B&W Screenshots, a hunch and some confirmation bias before committing paint to plastic. For conside
  8. For the MTO Group build I have committed to building a 203 Sqn Maryland. Through outrageous good fortune the one good reference I have found showing 203 Sqn aircraft actually features an aircraft my wife’s grandfather flew in (AH364 ‘P’) so that gives me an aircraft with a family link confirmed by the Sqn ORB with an actual picture/film of the actual aircraft from multiple angles! The problem is confirming the colour scheme. Being mainly a reconaissance squadron operating over the ocean the desert scheme just doesn’t seem right. After reading the discussion on Beaufighters I’m
  9. Thank you. I’m kind of nervous about this one a) I’m not used to building 1/48 twins and b) I feel a need to get this one really right because of the family link. It’s going to be challenging but hopefully will get it done ok and not make a hash of it!
  10. In February 1942, My wife’s grandfather, (400057 Sergeant Byron Lewis RAAF) was posted to 203 Squadron. Between February and June 1942 he flew as a Wop/AG (in the crew of P/O (later F/O) Fox and post the 22 June 1942 ‘mine incident’ he flew as a member of F/LT (later S/Ldr) Manford’s crew) until he was posted out to 70 OTU in October 1942. Thanks to being able to access the records of 203 and download them for free, I am piercing together his flying record for 1942 (through cross Referencing narratives with serial numbers) to determine aircraft he flew in. For this groupbuild (and
  11. Bugger. In between work and family I’ve run out of time And never got my build going. Will have to save my spitfire 21 to build it as an own build or for another build. Have been watching and enjoying the other builds so thanks to the organisers for this GB, Just a shame I didn’t get mine done...
  12. I am interested. Have a few in the stash
  13. The cat was suitably unimpressed, the toddler was amused and SWMBO rolled her eyes. Now I’ll give it a few years and watch Battle of Britain with the son complete with a spitfire to manoeuvre. Thank you for the support and well wishes, it hasn’t been a ‘perfect’ build but has been perfectly imperfect and was a lot of fun!
  14. And she’s done. It’s been a great trip down memory lane and nice to just worry about ‘does it look right’ rather than is the camo correct() are all seams perfectly hidden is the paint absolutely smooth etc...whilst this has taken significantly longer to build than that first spitfire (knocked out in a couple of days in front of the tv with a tube of glue, paints and Battle of Britain on the tv) As a modeller I have to say this has been as much fun now as it was all those years ago. Thank you for the reminder that happiness can often be ‘1/72 spitfire-shaped.’ Now if you’ll excuse me I’m
  15. Satin varnish down. (With extra sealed in fluff thanks to dropping her on the carpet)
  16. Complete with (badly) hand painted canopy with freehand framing (for added authenticity. Just lacking the fingerprints of last time) Nearly done. A clear coat and some decals and she’ll be ready to take her place next to her (younger) sisters.
  17. Link to Picture when coded 'GR-G:' https://allspitfirepilots.org/aircraft/P9372 Not the post K9998 ‘G' we all seem to be looking for unfortunately!
  18. One last shot for tonight. Standing on her own legs and looking spitfire like. For some reason the Battle of Britain theme started playing in my head as soon as I put her down...
  19. a couple more layers of dark green. Hopefully only a couple more to get a nice smooth finish
  20. I like a good theory... To take the thought further: Mk I: Spitfire Ia K9998 - Until 28 Sep 1940 Spitfire Ia X4485 - to 92 Sqn 24-9-1940 C2 ops 5-11-1940 Spitfire Ia X4656 - to 92 Sqn 10-11-1940 C2 ops 7-12-1940 Spitfire (Ia?) X4779 - to 92 Sqn 5-12-1940 to 53OTU 13-3-1941 Mk Vb: Spitfire R6890 - to 92 Sqn 8-3-1941 Almost too neat/coincidental (although this assumes one for one replacement of the previous aircraft if it was 'G') Makes you wonder. Although without hard evidence this is all circumstantial/conjecture...
  21. First layer of dark green on in approximate of a camouflage pattern. True to what might have happened in childhood I accidentally ended up following a and b scheme instructions and have come out with neither!
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