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  1. Looks very good to me, While the all black scheme may be a bit boring, for me I think it works because the focus is put on the unusual shape which is where most people's interest in this aircraft would be.
  2. Looks like the National Maritime Museum holds plans for both Grafton and Shikari (links below). But as your interest is in changes made to them later in their careers I'm not sure if those plans would also cover those later modifications, perhaps you'll need to rely on photographs. Others here are very knowledgeable on destroyers though so hopefully someone else will be along with the answers you seek. Shikari Grafton Grafton
  3. Looks great to me. Working on an Eduard Mig-15 myself, as you say the kit is great but the fit being so precise makes any errors you may make even more punishing. I doubt my finish will look as good as this.
  4. Not as familiar with army records but I believe if you're looking at post WW1 onwards the records are likely still with the MoD with anything earlier held by the National Archives. Going through the Veterans UK website you should find all the forms needed to apply for copies, if they exist: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/request-records-of-deceased-service-personnel
  5. Lovely work, the painted roundels and serials look great.
  6. Ashamed to say I've not progressed beyond the research stage at this point due to various other distractions. I have the Tamiya 1/700 E Class kit and the White Ensign E&F class photo etch set to go with it. My current thinking is to try and kitbash this with elements taken from another kit of a close subject such as the IBG 1/700 HMS Harvester kit reviewed on BM here. This kit is for a 1943 configuration H-Class and appears to contain many of the same surface level configuration changes that were made to Firedrake during the war such as the shortened aft funnel, additional anti
  7. Yes I'd read that this happened to Firedrake so will have to reflect the change and her rear torpedo mount was also replaced by additional AA I believe. At 1/700 I suppose it isn't going to leave a massive amount of space to fill will just have to work out how best to fill it without it looking out of place. Edit: Thinking about it some more, for the deck areas in general would I be looking at just dark grey or some combination or that with a brown or green I've seen on other kits?
  8. Thank you all for the input, that's extremely helpful. I'll likely go with the Tamiya kit then as the cost is a bit more palatable if I mess it up somehow compared to the AJM kit. One more question, as the H79 markings appear to be absent in the 1942 photo supplied by @dickrd were they just removed in general at this time/with this scheme or would they likely have been repainted later? I suppose in terms of identifying features for the model I could just come up with a name badge for the base of some kind if any other identifiable markings aren't present.
  9. Looking to have a go at a naval subject for a change from aircraft, and I'd like to try some water base techniques I've seen elsewhere. As a subject I'm looking at trying to make a model of HMS Firedrake (H79) as my great uncle was amongst those lost when she was torpedoed by a U-Boat in December 1942 whilst escorting an Atlantic convoy so I thought it would be a good way to research that too. With that said, I only have very limited knowledge of anything naval so essentially I think I'll be happy if I can make something representative of how she would likely have appeared in December 42 and a
  10. Nice work and great collection of Lancasters you have there.
  11. Sorry if I missed an obvious date but is there any indication when we should expect Invincible to be available? Also how are Flyhawk kits in general for someone who doesn't normally build ships? I usually focus on aircraft but having read quite a bit about her, including letters from a gunnery officer who served on her at the Falklands and Jutland (where he was one of the only survivors) this has some appeal to me.
  12. I've always been interested in this strange aircraft, hopefully you'll do a better job of this kit than I did! so I'll watch with interest. I chose to go with landing gear down as I had no pilot figure, this proved to be quite delicate to piece together with plenty of swearing involved but I think it turned out ok considering. That large red dash walk line decal was also a pain to fit properly but that's probably more due to my inexperience than anything.
  13. OK, thanks. Guess I'll give it a few months and see if production/distribution picks up a bit and prices come down, I see Hannants have a couple listed as Backorder so perhaps I'll wait for that as knowing my luck I'd get hit with import duty from Japan.
  14. As I've for some reason gotten the urge to do some SW kits in some expanded universe schemes I've been looking at these. Are the 1/72 kits from the older films (Y-Wing, A-Wing, standard X-wing etc) not in production anymore? Only seem to be available from sellers in Japan at the moment and the Revell kits that are otherwise available aren't exciting me, plus their scales are all over the place.
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