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  1. Nice going!! And no need to say sorry. I'd rather see a Typhoon than the endless stream of spitfires we see on this forum. When you place the Typhoon next to a spit then you instantly see how tiny and dull the spitfire really is. I really like your build. Keep up the good work. Reg. Jeroen
  2. The question is; why can you never have enough Spitfires? Please explain because the amount of spitfires is just hilarious. Please stop this spitfire TERRORRRRRR reg. Jeroen
  3. @Larry: please, I can only advise you to go through with the build. It's just such a pleasure to build this kit. I have never had more fun with a kit than this one. One thing is quite daunting and that is if you decide to rivet it. Actually I think it screams for it when you take it out of the box. Should you want to do this, pleas pm me your mail address. I can send you all the pics you need. Secondly, I hope to present builds that are inspirational, not demotivating. @Orion & Arkady: thanks for your comments. Really appreciated!! Happy building! Reg. Jeroen
  4. I'm looking for this kit, can anyone help me? Revell kit no. 04568. Thanks, Jeroen
  5. Unbelievably fantastic!! You are a master, what a quality this is. Reg. Jeroen
  6. I think that might have something to do with the fact that I forgot to inflate the tire to the correct tirepressure before I glued it on Reg. Jeroen
  7. Hey there. @Strangeways; I always use Alclad matt coat, not the flat. The latter always gives me the furry finish and I hate it when that happens. Matt is much more foolproof and that's exactly what I need. ;-). Reg. Jeroen
  8. Hey again lads! To answer the questions about how this kit was to build I can only say that I really, really enjoyed every moment of it. Suprisingly good fitment on a lot of parts, which did not expect from this kit. I placed the rear bulkhead of the motor compartment back because this plate was exactly halfway the openings on top of the nose. I wanted to open these hatches so this was a no go. Also some extra attention is needed with the cowling. If you build it I can advise to glue it so that the top and side parts are aligned and then sand, cut or scrape the intake bottom section till it
  9. Hello guys, Nice to see so much positive feedback. About the rivets: @Spad; when I opened the box and looked at the fuselage and wings I heard just one thing in my mind and that was: "this baby screems to be riveted!". I had never done this before but luckily it turmed out exactly how I wanted it to turn out. But if there is anything you want to know about how I did it, please ask. No secrets here! @Templar; you are absolutely right. The whole riveting process took me about a full week of work and this was concluded with one entire weekend sanding and pricking every whole three times in t
  10. Hello guys and thanks again for the nice words!! Much appreciated! My modelling and best friend René (HartDeco on this forum) has made some more pics but now some detail shots of the Trojan. Hold on to your seatbelts, here they come :-); Have a nice evening! Jeroen
  11. Thanks so much guys!! This makes it all worthwhile. @Colin W: I know exactly what you mean. It was quite a challenge to hide all that lead and still not be able to see it through all the openings in the nose. It only takes a whiff of wind and she topples over on her tail We will make some pics of the details which I will post later today. Have a nice day! Jeroen
  12. Hello fellow modellers! I have finished my latest project last week and I would like to share it with you. This time it's the Roden T-28D Trojan kit made into a Royal Thai Airforce livery. The first thing I have done with this kit is that I have riveted the complete kit using a lot of reference photo's from the internet. For this I have used Rosie the Riveter with a 0,75 mm wheel. I have used an Aires cockpit, resin wheels with brake calipers and the nose gear of a SAC landing gear set. The sharkmouth is painted on and the insignia on the tail is self made because these decals were nowher
  13. Well thought up, but absoluteliy not what I mean! Nothing special about a spitfire... Inferior to the Germs, except in numbers...
  14. It certainly took a while but it is in the stash now and it is a beauty! Regards, Jeroen
  15. Looking good! Looks like an accurate new Kinetic kit. Nice to have such a pace but have you ever thought of how your models could like like if you took your time? Reg. Jeroen
  16. Talking about entering with a BANG!! Very nice build, keep it up! Reg. Jeroen
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