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  1. I used hasegawas seats. Italeris was terible.
  2. Fit is no so bad.I think it's comparable to Hasegawa kit, but a bit worse. But still, I had worst models on my workshop. This one is pretty nice.
  3. Hello! One more model. Tomcat from Italeri in 48th scale. OOB.
  4. Thank you, tahnk you. Jurek, you can find some photos of it on google saying desert ea 6b prowler.
  5. Its very nice kit to build. Well detalied and good matched.
  6. This sheme is from Afghanistan, and there was only one of it. I think it is something similar to desert Corsair with Desert Storm sign on its wings. Maybe some kind of sense of humor...?
  7. Colin, you mean that cover on cockpit? On the front right seat? If yes, it is in correct position. I checked it twice and reglued
  8. I'd like to present my Prowler, 1:48 scale from Italeri box. I added some PE of Eduard and modified one wing.
  9. Sukhoi 17th in 48th scale out of Smer's box. Enjoy!
  10. Exdraken, I didn't check this. I did it like instruction said.
  11. Your right Marko. Absolutely. But I never tryied to make model looks like realistic plane in 100% (copy in miniature). For me model should looks attractive. For me it's just fun. And true is that this Draken is in special paiting scheme, but I'm sure nobody seen it in every day, and nobody can say how it was dirty or not.
  12. Thank you for all comments and "likes"!
  13. Yes, I also think it is more curious than Raptor. Painting was real fun to me on this model. I had an idea for it
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