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  1. Hey guys. My latest model. I hope you guys like it! More photos can be found here: gasperpodbregarminiatures.blogspot.com Cheers!
  2. Hello everyone. This is my latest aircraft, the Heinkel 177 by Revell. I installed micro RC motors in it so the propellers can spin. You can check WIP on my blog http://gasperpodbregarminiatures.blogspot.si/, all in all, here is the finished result: I hope you guys like it. Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone, this is my latest aircraft diorama. I had an old Academys F-84 thunderjet kit and I didn't want it to throw away and so I decided to make small vignette with it. I was inspired by the new Star wars: The force awakens teaser trailer when I saw the x-wing and the star destroyer in the sand. I started digging into reference if any thunderjet crashed in the desert, pilot was killed in the crash, so that is my interpretation of this event. I hope you guys like it!
  4. Hello everyone, this is my latest model of king tiger in 1:72 scale. The model was made mostly OOB except a few minor details. It represents the panzer # 324 of the 509 panzer abteilung, Eastern front 1945. I hope you guys will like it. Here are the photos, cheers! More photos can be found here : http://gasperpodbregarminiatures.blogspot.com/
  5. Hello everyone, I am looking for the the photo or a sketch of a HE-177 ignition switch(or at least a description of how it looked), I checked almost everywhere but couldn't find it. I want to do the 1:1 ignition switch replica for the diorama I am planning to build. I hope someone can help me out. Regards Gašper
  6. Thank you very much everyone, it means a lot! Well it was a really hard build and I wanted to do the ''Sieben schwaben scheme'' at first but the decals were really bad so it was a last minute decision for this scheme. For the diorama I used this photo as a reference.
  7. Hello everyone, here are the photos of my latest WW1 aircraft diorama '' Sleeping Fokker''. I build this for a group build''old kits'' on our National forum www.makete.si . This is the Revell Fokker DV.II in 1:72 scale from the 80s, everything was build from scratch except the figures, I Used mainly the MIG AMMO products to get the desired finish. I hope you guys will like it. Cheers from Slovenia!
  8. Perfect, just perfect! Regards, Gašper Podbregar
  9. Barleta


    Hey everyone. So my latest project was this small vignette I made completly from scratch. The vignette is 1/72 scale with diameter of 6cm. The solider and a dog are from the old pack of Revell figures. The base was made on the old cover of mustard dishes. I love to work with natural elements to achieve the wanted realism, that's why I used real wood,rocks and soil. The house was made from the balsa wood and then covered with a putty. I used AK paints and washes. For the reference photos I used photos from ruined city of Saint Lo in 1944. I am very happy with the result because this was the first time I built the ruins on vignette. Anyways, here are the photos and I hope you guys will like it Cheers from Slovenia, Gašper Podbregar
  10. Hello everyone, this is my first post on this lovely forum. I didn't know where to put this diorama with Hansa-brandenburg B.I by Legato kits so I decided to post it here, I hope it's OK. This model was a nightmare so Im not really happy with a result but Im happy that is finally behind me :-\. Diorama was built from scratch, The tree was made of a copper wire and putty, The bench, well and other wooden elements were made of balsa wood,the axe was made of shaving razor, I used a NOCH grass for rail models and for the leaves I used a home-grown dried spices. The Figures of mechanic and a civilian is by Preiser, also in scale 1:72. All in all it was a quite fun build Here's the result: CHEERS FROM SLOVENIA, regards Gašper Podbregar
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