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  1. This is a really nice aircraft but I really dislike Kinetic kits because of their quality. They let me down everytime and I end up selling them. The breakdown is often illogical and this promotes sanding away detail which could have been ommited. Also the panellines are often inconsistently deep. They have a lot to learn and I hope this will improve in the future. The best kit they have imo is the Su-33 and this is only due to the fact that this isn't their own design. I'll take any Hobbyboss kit over a Kinetic kit. Reg. Joe
  2. In my opinion, this is not an accuracy thing, it's ease for the modellers, which we all, at the end of the day, are. Raised rivets are hell if you have to sand a lot in areas where this is needed, you can't bring them back. If you put a wash on your model it's perfect if you have recessed rivets. In the end people post it in the "Ready for inspection" section and they see a nicely built model on which the rivets are visible and THAT'S what counts in the end. the people who are active there never go on and on and on about the accuracy of the kit. This here at rumourmonger is becoming a world of freakiness and totally misses the point of the hobby which is building a modelkit. So, Homebee makes a new post/thread. Then normally you expect to see people being happy that they are being given te opportunity to build one of their favourite planes/helicopter/whatsoever, or that they might not be interested and tell us why. Then we wait for the kit to come out and the reviews appear on several sites, facebook and youtube from we can all draw the conclusion if we still want it or not. End of story.. Unfortunately there are hordes of people who start to feel victimized, almost hurt by the fact that the manufacturer can have the nerve to make a kit with things which are not perfect, unforgivable ofcourse...ahum. Result; an emotional outbreak of complaints and people who can let the world know how much they know about certain subjects, information which is widely available from the internet. And then they hope that the world will change for them... right. Sorry guys, especially ye who feel attacked, but I had to get this off of my chest. Best regards and above all, HAPPY MODELLING!! Joe
  3. You are just another one who does not see the difference between discussing and pointless critisizm.. so you must be in the nagging group then? Why would you defend this? Joe Then don't buy it.
  4. Whatever makes you happy.. So as I said before, months and months of nagging and nagging about the nose and people weren't able to sleep because of another mistake from Hobbyboss and then, hey presto, a simple resin nose conversion. Everybody's gotta learn sometime.. I hope the people concerned get it this time. Joe
  5. Oh noooooooo! The purple on the box art is not the right shade. Another BIG mistake by those guys in the far east... I feel victimised and am not going to buy this one!! Joe
  6. Maybe you can send them your comments directly? This saying here won't make a difference imo Joe
  7. Well just go ahead and ask them....
  8. The point is that I am just trying to tell you to stay on topic. You are one of the people who start complaining and there the on-topic disappears, even before the actual kit is seen or only so little as a drawing is published. Complainers achieve nothing, positive critics do. But only addressed to the company itself, not on forums and facebook everywhere. It's just nagging for the nagging. So please stay on topic in the future. This way you will not be receiving any resistance from me whatsoever.. It all starts with you.. Joe
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