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  1. that looks great!!! how do you weather the hull like that? ive just restarted modelling and this is the kit ive started on
  2. the dram looks good! where did you get the file from fella? ps im neil armstrong ingame i havnt played for a while but iv put ALOT of time in nearly from game launch (11 years ago?)
  3. would 0.2 gram plastic 6mm spheres be heavy enough? i know where you could them dirt cheap
  4. mrvr6

    Aurora SR-72?

    looks like a tarporlin to me lol, certainly looks flat but obviously its not a great pic
  5. correct just wire them up in paralel and they just draw 1 watt each (which at 12v is approx 0.08 amps each ie all 4 will only pull less than 0.5a) if you get a 1a 12v psu thatl be more than enough
  6. buy a 12v 1a power supply off ebay, thatl run them fans no problem mate as all 6 only draw just over 0.5a (amps)
  7. i dont think it is, the apparent leading edge is throwing me
  8. yeh dry fit CONSTANTLY. i also preassemble parts like wings and gear doors to make them fit better, il get more pics up over the weekend
  9. heres what i usually do with tsr2s glue a piece of sprue under the vert stab pin, cut the pin off the stab itself and drill a hole in it and the sprue (i use 1.5mm) then cut a suitable piece of rod, this gives a better fit but still allows easy removal of the tail cut the pins off the tail and drill them for 1.5 mm brass rod (make sure its easily bendable because you wont get the angle dead on) cut a suitable length of rod. cut down the exhaust tunnels so the rod has clearance
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