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  1. It's a Cromwell - what's not to like! Great job.
  2. Looking good - you can never have too many Fireflies!
  3. Well I like it! Great model and finish. I often think the pursuit of exact colour matches leaves models far too dark - After a few examples of trying to achieve an accurate SSC15 finish I'm now a great believer in the 'scale effect' when it comes to painting at 1/35 and smaller scales. I take the view "if it looks ok - it is" and tend not to worry about exact shades any more. This is a hobby after all!
  4. Great build and great collection . I like the idea of a 1/16th Merkava!
  5. Watching this one closely. Great work - my Centaur has been stuck in its box for more years than I care to mention. You're giving me the itch to dig it out!
  6. Completely scratch built - Wow! That's brilliant. Yes Please for a WIP!
  7. Thanks everyone for the kind words and comments. I confess I'm glad the build is over - it's been very trying at times and nearly been scrapped on a couple of occasions due to issues with the resin parts. I think the peer pressure of having started a WIP on here and the encouraging comments have kept me going. Looking forward to the painting stage though. Once this one is painted I'm going to stick to OOTB for the next few projects! Dave
  8. Great stuff - proper modelling! Really interested to see how this turns out!
  9. Hi All, Update on progress: The build is more or less complete. There are still a few fine details to add - mainly additional bolts for the wading stacks and tie downs for the stowage but other than that I'm calling the build done and ready for paint. Anyway, see what you think. The model is shown fully assembled but comes apart to make painting easier. I have never felt comfortable painting AFVs with the tracks fitted which is a bit of a challenge with Churchills due to the track covers. Fortunately it was possible to build and fit the track covers and associated stowage/other parts separately to make the tracks removeable for painting. Likewise some of the turret stowage will be removed again prior to paints to allow decals to be placed. Stay safe and well everyone. Now, where did I put the airbrush?.........
  10. Thanks John, Making the bracing was certainly a trying experience with several false starts along the way. I gave up with nearly all the Resicast parts in the end - i just couldn't get them to work. The only Resicast parts left are the wading stacks themselves and the exhaust pipe extensions. Hopefully the turret will prove easier! Dave
  11. Brilliant! Love the finishing. I have one in the stash with the intent to build a Kingforce version. If it turns out half as good as yours I'll be pleased.
  12. A quick update on progress....... This build has fought me every step of the way - and has nearly been binned on more than one occasion. The base AFV Club kit is great, it's the Resicast cables and bracings for the add on deep wading parts that have been causing me grief. This is probably more to do with a lack of ability on my part rather than any inherent fault with the kit. Suffice to say I gave up on trying to manipulate the tiny Resicast resin parts and scratched my own from various bits and pieces. The end result isn't exactly true to the real thing but I think it looks reasonably ok. Anyway - see what you think. As ever, comments and feedback always welcome - I'd especially be interested in hearing from anyone who's successfully built the wading kit as per the instructions - how did you do it????? Most of the bracing was made from old guitar strings. I'm not trying to teach anyone how to suck eggs but If you haven't already discovered them, these things are great for all sorts of things from cables to aerials and guard rails. They come in various sizes and, being steel, once bent hold their shape. Hopefully make better progress now the wading trunks have been finished.
  13. Love it. Absolutely great. The Caunter scheme is really well done.
  14. Looking good - that’s going to be one impressive beast when it’s finished.
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