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  1. Isn‘t the early G a Zimmerit coated vehicle? I build the Dragon one a while back that had the mounded on Zimmerit. The Rye field doesn’t have stummerer out of the box, no? Btw, only 10 days until we start
  2. Did several gs already. That Is why I’ll do the F. Having old and new moulds in one kit is really great as you get almost a free tank to be build from spares after some time.
  3. Speaking of the rules. Is the Panther F kit eligible? As it is sort of „what if“ tank .
  4. And I always thought it was just me The floor piece isn’t too bad to fix anyway. I hadnt seen too many tanks in a lift as of now, where people were talking a look at the private parts anyway.
  5. How do you do torch cuts with this piece? We need a tutorial.
  6. I remember to have seen the issues in one build on YouTube as well. I always find such things annoying. Wonder why one finds this in modern kits. Didn’t the manufacturer try it before.
  7. @M3talpig I have no preference really. I like them Panthers, but I know how they build and look like. Don’t know the Takom Panthers though, which you have there. The JT or KT never had the same kind of magic for me though. Still I think you can get a great result out of both.
  8. Indeed it is also interesting to see what kind of trouble is inside the box, how to address it and to get to know if others had the same thing, or if it was just me. As I recently pointed out in my Tiger thread with the interior part of the dragon kit.
  9. This is an interesting topic. Is there a group build tutorial? What do I need to know and to do before I am able to participate?
  10. C’mon, tell us the truth. You don’t even intend to build a model to the end. You just enjoy a bit of scaled down engineering. Why the heck would you cut and drill rivets and bars only to replace them with plastic rivets and bars anyway. You might be a scrapyard mechanic to in disguise
  11. Really? I always found it the other way round, gloss is darkening and once Matt varnish goes on it becomes lighter again.
  12. Yeah, and of course it is the the inner most in the center all the time. What did they need to do, demount 8+ wheels to get there? Hmmm, where to start? Btw, went along on the Dragon kit. The detail is great, but I also found a few issues in the early build already. The jack mounts dont work in the way as shown in the instructions and according to the holes in the rear wall, or it is just me. The second is the ventilators inside, you cant mount the PE cover without cutting down parts of it, when you bend the PE according to the prescribed lines as it would be too wide. Secondly, the covers over the tanks need to be mounted together with the radiotaors, the way the incstuctions show it, it wont work. Well, you dont see anything of that anyway when you keep the grating closed. Still, nice option, when you know how to approach it, this is for the other Tiger kits. Also painted and weathered the turret inside, again, ther wont be much if any seen. So stayed really basic, it is just there. Next I started on the PE, as it was the recent step in the Tamiya build. Front fenders this is. Cut the kit parts down, one PE fender complete, the second needs the brackets still. And received the latest ABER product for the early Tiger. Well. if this wasnt enough already. One Fret of PE down, how many were this again? This one will last until it is finished ;= Size comparison
  13. Thank you. Luck an endurance is what I need here as the detailing will take some time. Some wheels are on this one now. Lots of wheels actually. Good that there are rubber rims included. And only on the dragon tank I will have to paint the rims on 48 road wheels. And I thought Panthers have lots of wheels.
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