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  1. Hey, hey, still going on with cleaning up of the track links. Tedious action. So went on with painting the base now. Well, Vallejo flat earth and Hemp get it a bit more ochre than expected. Gave the tank a dust coat of that as well. One thing to note. I used Tamiya panel liner on the engine deck now for some stains. Luckily very thin. But I wasnt able to clean this up with any of my enamel or odourless thinners after application. Do I need the Tamiya thinners?
  2. The netting is exceptional awesomeness.
  3. Where did you find straws, now that these are forbidden?
  4. Good evening, taking my time, not rushing it. Have now added some miscelaneous parts from my stash and setting the scene. I really have to see how to actually complete the scenery. Who ever came up with this camo interpretation.
  5. Hey there dear people. In between building the Meng Jangdpanther tracks I worked a bit on the base. And did the steel sections on the wheels. First did a lot of sponge chipping on all the sections meant for bare metal treatment with Vallejo German Camo Black Brown. Then went for MR Hobby Dark Metal burnishable color on the Idlers and sprockets. The rims of the wheels were done in VMS enamel fixer with AK Dark Steel pigments. It dries dark grey and then can be burnished to a dantastic metal sheen as far as you like. It contains some texture and looks much smoother grain wise than any metallic paint I have seen so far. I would say this looks a lot more natural. Two angles to get the look. Tell me what you think.
  6. Yes. It is a spackle material. Premade and coarse and sandy. Never thought it would cure that tough. It doesnt behave like a paste but more like wet sand.
  7. Fantastic scene. I especially like all the excellent details from broken concrete plates to curled and rusted sheets.
  8. Hey model maker. Thanks for that Tipp I actually approached and finished it like that last year.
  9. Hey there. Some more done. Gave the inside wheels some mig damp earth treatment and the upper hull was treated with some abtl 502 light sand and faded white oils for more highlight's and modulation in the yellow tones.
  10. Great. I will have to remember this shade for my Panther F when it us the time.
  11. The metallic shine here and there gives it a nice touch. Is that the burnishable paint? You applied which shade of the series?
  12. Hey Simon. These won't be real Dioramas. It's just the nearest picture frame size that allows to add a bit of scenery. And as long as you don't park your models like in the Bovington conservation area you take some space anyways. It takes some additional time and resources, although the picture frames were on sale for 2€ each at the local hardware store so I bought a few for various projects. And I found that the recent models treated like this I pay more attention to them and enjoy them more compared to the just stacked "finished" models.
  13. Of course I don't love them . I wonder why they do them like they do. To slot them into the links. By this you still have to sand down the sprue gate remains to make them fit properly. And it still is no guarantee to get them properly seated. And you get a seam on the inside. Not so good for the spare links hung from the hull. I would say Dragons approach is more useful here.
  14. Good evening, I am in the progress of glueing the guideteeth to the track links. Yes am going for using the 186 kit links. I payed for it, so I use it. Now I tryed to figure out what to do for the base and looked into my stash. Found the Tamiya crew rearming a tank and some domestic animals. Going for a raised country road with a pasture.
  15. Wow. Looks really good. Even with these limited angles in the pictures.
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