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  1. Soeren

    Does anyone else think that..........

    To me it sounds like a good idea to find reviews inside the forums related to the particular scope.
  2. It depends. I like some detail during building, but not out of the world details. That is what I liked on the Takom kits or the Dragon Panthers. The Miniature kits look fantastic, but lots of parts. (I will be doing Mengs Panther tracks and did their Leo track, so sometimes this is still fun). Some Tamiya kits or most of It alert kits on the other hand look oftentimes too simple. All from my build joy point of view.
  3. Great work Matt. I am sure that you will never get that close again once finished. So you dont need to bother with the slight inaccuracy on the gun.
  4. Thanks Francis. Went ahead, while starting with the Panthers and gave clear coat , added the MG and did some dry brushing on the turret after painting the canvas cover. The tools, the few, painted with a bit of color, but once the turret is on you can onyl see a sliver. Tried some brown was on the bottom of the hull, I think that would help with the overall appearance. Might take some weeks though to go at it like on the M47.
  5. When will you finally start the bolt/rivet mayhem?
  6. Soeren

    Panther Gs early any else

    4 Panther lower hull parts washed and waiting for the assembly
  7. Soeren

    Tamiya 1/35 Easy 8 Sherman

    Really, when does an ice train ever go at 315km/h? Still looking forward to the wall upgrade in this WIP.
  8. Soeren

    M747 Semi-Trailer - Meng 1/35

    This is lookingfantastic Andy. Good you point out it is NATO green though, I qas sure it was Chrome Oxide Green How would you rate the performance of those new AK paints, as you were using MIG/Mr Hobby-Thinner before?
  9. Thank you corsairfoxfouruncle, it should be a few more details now before final touch ups. The kit worked out really nicely. Takom has it just right with the amount of detail and number of parts for details. I fancy a non interior Miniature T-5x as well. But that part count puts me off a bit.
  10. Soeren

    My first WIP, Tamiya Panzer II

    Never tried acrylic paint thinned down to a wash with a good result. That just didn't flow right. And ended up like a mess.
  11. Soeren

    Tamiya 1/35 Easy 8 Sherman

    Easy fix, some wall filler with cat litter. Shape to your liking and you have a more or less convinving crushed wall top, cut a few bricks from plasticard and finish.
  12. And my progress of the last days. Did almost all the sections with Tamiyas PL. Might need to touch up here and there. Was blending with VMS Weathering Carrier. A rather quick agent. You can reactivate the PL even after 3 days. So sealing in the end with acrylics is mandatory and dont go too thin with the acrylic paint. That stuff ate through the tinner layers of AMMO of Mig paint. Wouldnt have imagined that some monochrome PL would add so much. I didnt seal with clear before, so PL acted as a filter too during theblendingprocess.. Here are some impressions.
  13. Soeren

    Panther Gs early any else

    Not that I didnt get enough Pantherish kits already. Dragon tempted me already wiht success. Now I got an email by Ammo of Mig Newsletter anouncing one more new Panther. What is wrong with all the kit manufacturers ?!