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  1. Bile is actively working to grow the numer of his followers and was just able to convince a squad of spiky Raptors to join his force.
  2. Thank you @Hunter Rose I have to say it was a whole new experience and I just like the Helbrute. I was into Dreadnoughts when I was playing 40K about 20 years ago. But this is a real beast with so much fun detail. Have to paint the other arms and weapons in the near future too.
  3. Hey there beautiful people, hope you are all fine. I was doing stuff in the background, now I can share some of my work. Around mid december I was convinced to get into WH40k and started collecting figures for combat patrols. Here is one part of it. First a Necron Warrior group led into war by a Royal Warden. Second is Fabulous Bile together with one of his recent creations.
  4. Good Morning, wheels are on and some part of the Airdefense armour. I decided to go with grey pant on the latter to add some contrast and interest. The Wheels and lower hulls are wethered with the AK dust and dirt deposits set. Looks like an enamel pigment soup that can be reactivated with mineral spirits and gives the look that is absolutely to my taste. Good buy it is. The PE AAArmour is a bit complicated though. The stacked pieces on the back were manufactured missmeasured. The board that goes inside is way too narrow. The outer part has grooves cut into it and I guess the kit designers didnt take that into account, so you will have a 1mm gap if you place the board inside. You cant see that at a distance though. The rooftop armour gets stepped sockets but the two armour plates have identical hole sizes. So those dont work as intended and you have to find another solution to have the two plates evenly apart. For the rond air vent covers you have two plates but only one set of stands, yo youe will have the plate only on one side. IT does work for the look I am goig for, but still a bit odd it is. I will only add the NV device for the driver here, as there wont be enough space for a commander figure in the cupola otherwise. Thx for watching.
  5. This one looks fantastic. The ATAK Zimmerit is amazing. Nowwith the weathering on the paint it is just right
  6. Thak you @Stef N. I wanna get this off the table now. Washedout Sand color applied and gave it an overall Filter/Wash with burned umber. Will do the AK dust and dirt deposits enamels for weathering. Did them on the lower hull already and liked them. Horrible weather today, so no rich daylight shot.
  7. Here we go. Washes and more rusttones of pegments, oil paints and enamel products later, I am happy now. So let it cure and follow with Ammo of MIG Washable Sand for the camo pattern. Placed a rusted shovel in for color reference
  8. That is fantastic news and will help me a lot . Thx
  9. Got distracted quite a bit, but the Tempestus Reaver and the second Interfector Warhound are almost done. The handsome young man on the right and his lot got me carried away.
  10. Hello Guys, I got completely distracted, but will now try to finish this one. So it got a basecoat of Vallejo HullRed:BurntUmber and then mottled in some Highlights with Vallejo Tan Earth. Followed by varnish, then Stippled and brushed some Abt. 502 Ochre on and gave it a coat of Revell Matt clear. That is a bit dusty, but adds to what I am looking for. Some stages before the camo still to come though.
  11. We are coming along with the Tempestus Reaver
  12. Good afternoon all. We got something more done. 1st Working on the 4th Reaver as a legio Tempestus Titan. Tried something else here, al painting done by paintbrush, no airbrush this time. 2nd, still working on the Legio Interfector Maniple and got 2 bases done. The 2nd Wolfhound is at the "trim-stage"
  13. The three Stooges wating for some base work The mottled red on the Interfector Reaver trim makes him look interesting enough for my taste, so that there is no need to modulate the panels a lot. He looks really creapy with his posture from the front. But if you ask me, I like the Legio Mortis one the most.
  14. Hey there Carts, thankyou very much. They are great to do, something between a real model kit and a Wargaming Mini. Got some work on the Legio Interfector maniple done. I found the plain black and red trim ist a bit boring. So I decided to treat the frame much more in the theme "touched by Nurgle". Ans give the red a more rusty shade. Washes and color modulation on the trim still to come. Might also be tempted to leave some of the leg armour off.
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