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  1. AV is acrylics Valley and you mean model color as heavy pigmented? Went for that too. More pigments for the same price as model air. And with all the pros ad mentioned.
  2. As you mentioned the harsh transition lines after b&w I will try the approach shown at the ipsm Toronto Barbara channel. Light grey primer and press shading with a colour suited for your Base coat.
  3. Soeren

    Panther Gs early any else

    And here you go. Only one week later.Went ahead with the back zim. Needed to increase the section around the back hatches and tweek the various parts around the exhausts. I was thinking about changing to cast 3xhaust covers for the difference. But not worth it for me. So just added some weld lines and a touch of texture. Getting closer. Good thing about the Panzer tracts, it has all the parts inside. Large crow bar should be 180cm. Easy now to get the proper size. Also a nice top down view for the cover on top the driver/radioman. Etc.
  4. And I was thinking, HOW DID HE DO THESE HINGES! #awe Shouldnt have read further
  5. Soeren

    Trumpeter King Tiger Porsche Turret

    That is what you get with the Atak sets. Same goes for the mantlet.
  6. Soeren

    Panther Gs early any else

    You know, I am slowly progressing towards that opinion as well. The 1/35th scale Panther is too dark in that regard. So I have to see which paints to use for highlighting. Using oil paints for that of course.
  7. Soeren

    Trumpeter King Tiger Porsche Turret

    Atak Zimmerit is they way to go
  8. Soeren


    I really like your built. No matter what dunkelgelb you put on.
  9. Soeren

    Panther Gs early any else

    Finally finished one of the voyager stowage boxes on the back. It is a nice detail upgrade to the Tagen pieces and should be sturdy enough during rc use. Next to put on the atak Zimmerit.
  10. Really, really nice and sure impressive in size as well. Is this kit prepared to be rc'd any how?
  11. Soeren

    Panther Gs early any else

    Thanks Francis, you are too kind. Life keeps me busy atm. So progress will be slow. Still managed an hoer today carrying on with the nice PE stowage bins.
  12. You have to, really and plenty of kits to chose from. It was mostly either Tamiya or Dragon one year ago. Now you have plenty more options and growing.
  13. Soeren

    Panther Gs early any else

    Too much life that kept me away from modeling. Just managed to add and secure the left side fender. Now the upper hull is done and I can move the the lower hull. Something might interfere again. Mengs JP is available again, and Takom is going to add some amazing Panthers to its range as well. I thought I would be able to also model other tanks. But how... with these makers tempting me.
  14. Soeren

    Meng Panther Ausf A 1/35

    Fantastic, the Atak Zim is just beautiful. And I guess with all the add on parts you are still in the range of some dragon kits price wise. Great model overall.