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  1. You are going full force on the contrast level now Looking forward how this this will work out.
  2. Soeren

    4 fists for Takom, M47 Patton

    Thanks DAG058, thanks John. The Tracks look fine from a distance and are better than rubber bands for sure, but they have mold lines all around and very a bit mediocre to assemble, as there are no stops to get the distance between ich link right, especially on the curves. Anyways, time for a break and as this is the "4 Fists for Takom" group build with me, myself and I, here is a short sequence of the current state. Actually it is 5 Fingers now, as the Luchs is still in the shelf, waiting. Chieftain Mk2 Type 59 in Pakistani colors M47 Patton, Detroit testing center T-55 AM2B German democratic republic version And finally a group picture
  3. Soeren

    Revell M60A3 (1/72)

    You have something really interesting going on here. Very interesting. Awesome detailing going on here.
  4. Soeren

    4 fists for Takom, M47 Patton

    So here we go. Tracks and wheels painted, got a dust wash. MIG Kursk soil. Interesting, cleaning with AK Odourless Thinners rubbed the paintcoat off. Paint set for weeks. REALLY Anyways, this is the tank now. Put it on, and will see which shades I would like to add to the running gear to make it more interesting. The tracks are a bit of a downer though. Even with the jig, they dont sit perfect.
  5. Soeren

    Takom Panther A Mid-Late w/zimmerit

    I guess the best option for these kits would be a factory setting as the one example on Andys hq site. I wonder. Would it be possible to build some of the interior as exposition stuff beside the regular model. I would be interested to learn more of all the interior hands on. And such a kit besides the Spielberg er book would be very interesting. But I definitely would not want to build something like this as the complete package. Size comparison? Height and length wise the Panther looks close to the Merkava. But a Merkava is not a particular large tank anyways.
  6. Soeren

    Trumpeter E-75

    The initial embedding link will show the video on this board.
  7. Very nice. Even the tiny figure. Pink bordure as crisp as on a larger figure.
  8. Soeren

    Taigen Panther G 1:16

    Thanks Simon. I am just trying. But at least after watching a 15min tutorial for Windows Movie Maker one is at least able to get a slide show going. Not yet as far as doing a real filmed video. We will see how much use one can get out of it :D
  9. Soeren

    Taigen Panther G 1:16

    Tried something new to maybe make the updates a little bit more interesting than just the pictures.
  10. Soeren

    A30 Challenger.

  11. Soeren

    Trumpeter E-75

    Nicely done.
  12. Soeren

    Takom Panther A Mid-Late w/zimmerit

    Nice one Lloyd. You say its busy, in the other thread? I would say this is an understatement? I wonder how one is able to paint all these little details once build. This just puts me off trying it myself.
  13. Soeren

    Taigen Panther G 1:16

    Ok, here it finally is. A speaker test. Everything recorded with the same settings. The stock Taigen speaker isnt too bad. The large Visaton adds a lot I would say. The 5w doesnt really help, just expesive. The FRS7 with box was half the price and funt to build. Cheers
  14. Nice ootb Detail visible here, The tracks are individual links?
  15. Soeren

    4 fists for Takom, M47 Patton

    Hey there, while being in the process of weathering I stumbled across this little detail. This thing has casting numbers all over, readable and crisp, evene the tiny ones. Sorry, not completely sharp. Wasnt able to hold the camera still enough. Takom did a great job with this kit.