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  1. Soeren

    M4 Sherman Tamiya 1/35

    You can be sure that this is some faded color to express a particular stage of dirt as well es some special lighting and should be to make the model interesting.
  2. Soeren

    M4 Sherman Tamiya 1/35

    The color transitions look great. Do you have wip pictures?
  3. Soeren

    Panther Gs early and else

    A quick shoutout here. I was looking for figures to go with the Panther F with nighsights. I guess there is only the Dragon Nachtjäger set. Older figures and not too many shops have them in stock. Found them here though and gave them a try. Quick turnaround and very good information via their shop system on every step. Maquette Char Promo
  4. Soeren

    Hanomag SS-100

    All you chipping guys dont seem to care abut theirvehicles very much, but your model looks fantastic
  5. Soeren

    Tamiya 1/48 Sturmtiger

    These concrete tiles look amazing. Would you share your approach to do them?
  6. Soeren

    Panther Gs early and else

    Back to the Jagdpanther, after dryprushing of the oil steel paint, went ahead with somemore glazing layers with the airbrush. Mahagony is great here together with the hull red. Sheen is there, but not too metallic as before.
  7. Soeren

    Tamiya 1/48 Sturmtiger

    It is perfect like this .
  8. Soeren

    Calling in Panther support

    Yes, you are right with that. I will see what I can work out there.
  9. Soeren

    Tamiya M40

    Fantastic looking spg with crew. Do the figures come with the kit?
  10. Soeren

    Bless me brothers for I have sinned

    Ahh, this already called "do a Soeren"
  11. Soeren

    Bless me brothers for I have sinned

    Wow. With all the detail bit already in the kit and the add ons and your tedious decision to drill out and replace every bolt and nut, this might last for a few years. So money well spend.
  12. Soeren

    Panther Gs early and else

    Hey Bob, thank you for your kind words. The Dunkelgelb on both 1/35 th scale Panthers is Valley Model Air RAL 7028 with some subtle highlight of conservative 10-20% mix of RAL 1001 mixed into the Dunkelgelb. But after adding all the effects not much of this is still visible.
  13. Soeren

    Calling in Panther support

    Yep, great idea, that was the initial plan, but I didnt manage to do that back then. Maybe I can do it now that I have some spare tracks to try to "cast" that from plaster or maybe just crumble some colored cat litter in more or less straight lines? Also thought about doing some damage to the road when the steel Panther tracks are grinding on the cobble stones, will see if I can work out something convincing. Definitely have to go over the tracks running faces and scratch those up as well.
  14. Soeren

    Calling in Panther support

    Thanks guys. Indeed Matt, there is some dirt. But I agree it is not yet convincing. The same is true for the dirt around the soldiers feet. That is something I need to look into.
  15. Soeren

    Tamiya 1/48 Sturmtiger

    Very nice result. Your pnwashes really make the details pop.