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  1. Thank you Lloyd, I am happy that you like this approach. I don't hold any patents for this technique really I tried to attempt the weathering similar to the Adam Wilder kv Videos. Coincidentally, Mig Jimenez also juat uploaded a video with oil paint modulation on YouTube.
  2. Went ahead. Have to say , it is rather tedious, is that the right term? It takes some time to achieve nice results, but they are rather effortless and don't require too many expensive products. I can now assume how it would be possible the get some color modulation rather easiliy without an airbrush. Went for the fender mounted boxes and gave shading towards the hull and some light towards the front. The single bis on the right fender was also coloured differently. Also went for the front a d back and achieved some interesting shadows and streaking on the run.
  3. What is that strange pattern in the paint on the engine cover?
  4. Considering the level of detail that Dragon kits can have it would be well worth it. At least I found that to be the case for their Panther kits. Just lovinยด them.
  5. Today I put some more effort in the hull sides before turning to the upper hull again where I did the engine deck complete now. The sides are now really interesting looking with a lot of green shades and some mossy appearance. By the way, the light yellow colour in the second picture in the tray is called "light sand", to me it looks more like pus.
  6. Hey there Black Max great to see you back on track ;) I have ome very nice builds going on. RFM kits look very wll engineered. Following your builds. Take care
  7. I wonder if I can pull this through with the small kit ad well. At least with the large model it feels quite rewarding. Rub it like there is no good. After doing the turret I went for the lower hull that has a much more vivid green now as well and attempted some panels on the upper deck with the focus being the engine hatches until now. More brown to the area covered by the turret together with the blueish green and yellsow and olives to the other side, adding more variety and fake shadows.
  8. Hey there, after testing a bit what kind of shading colour I would use - Olive mixed wiht industrial earth gives a nice and deep olive color - I went for a dot applied paintjob on the turret. The end result is really to my liking. Used a pallet of 6 Abtl 502 oil piants, the lighter ones more for the upper half and the darker ones to the lower half. Paints were thinned for application with VMS oil expert enhancing medium satine. Dots applied semi randomly Now the color is much more vivid and accentuated, sompare with the 1/35th scale kit that only got the olive filter.
  9. Hey there did soemthing to the wheels to try the filters. The triples of road wheels each got a different type of oil filter with two passes. The Idlers and sprokets were painted with at least two filter types in different sections.
  10. Hey there, diving deeper into it. Now repainted the letters with white paint and added highlights to various features.
  11. Hey there went back to the Titan and added decals and washes, also the back steel was so plain that I painted quite more features. Finally the missiles got some blue caps as well. Ah and the steppes kind of bas of course. There is soo much detail on this figure, one can even go down on thsi again with some detail gihlights etcetera For instance as the steel looks too plain on the frame, I used really thinned down greys, rust and brown colors to paint on the bare steel sections on the legs and torso. But that is not easy to observe from the pictures.
  12. This was really light green, so put the Tensochrome medium out and used the darker shades to tone down the green, after that added some gihlights by brush and put the decals on. Tamiya decals amazingly thin but very brittle. Doesnt matter as I intend to paint them over with some whitish paints anyways. Sealed them in with clear paint already.
  13. Fantastic work and painting. I have a few questions and would be happy to get some insights. Are those Miniart tracks meant to be functional by drilling out the links? And how did you approach the beat up appearance of the hull paint job. Thanks in advance and keep it on.
  14. Out some paint down. This is Lifecolor 4bo green with their olive green in 50:50 mix. Turned out really light on that light basecoat.
  15. The products offer some really nice possibilities. Great results so far.
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