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  1. Ahaaaa, a Photoshop is needed. But of course your equipment is great as well. But I always wondered how people get those fantastic pictures rich and with interesting contrast.
  2. That is what I like about H&S airbrushes, you pull the nozzle out and it is pretty much stripped and this is a thorough cleanup after each session in no time.
  3. The base is great. I first thought yu would have been cheeky and bought one of the ready made mattes. As I did *cough* for my Chieftain build. By the way, why do all post war british tanks have a C as first letter? Centurion, Chieftain, Challenger?
  4. What I like about they gun mount is that you get a proper elevation and traverse. SomethIng Dragon doesn't offer in their kit decriptions although the parts seem to be there. You sprayed the vent section black. I did some red followed by weathering and steel chips. But! You don't see nothing of that after adding the mesh screens. So black or any other dark color is OK.
  5. Soeren


    This is an amazIng set. The details on the t55 are awesome for such a small scale and your color modulation makes it a joy to observe.
  6. Hey there. Is this the same nipper as the Mr Hobby one? Looks really close. Got mine through ebay including shipping for around 30€.
  7. Ahhh, nice to see yor progress on this one. I learned to like this kit during the build. Not my most favourite, but still far superior to the Tamiya offering. Have the side skirts in the spares box for one of my other Panther builds. IF you wanna listen to my opinion: do the kit supplied tracks. Yes, these require some work, but they turn out fantastic.considered all this the kit is maybe the best priced Jagdpanther on the market right now.
  8. Hey there dear people. Happy New Year to all of you. Here is some progress on the Cerastus lance. Added the decals and placed some located mat varnish over only the decaled areas. What i also did since the last ist some more work on the energy lances and the shields. Also added an oil wash of some blue to some areas. As well as the base treatment that I will use on those Tabletop miniatures. I guess the next steps are wahes for the trims and them some final highlights and go to the next set of minis.
  9. Hey there, almost one year has passed and I finally came back to this one. Did a Filter of AMMO of MIG Tan for Tri tone camo with some Abtl. 502 Raw Umber added and then went on with the AK Dark Wash for Green. I really like this stuff. Although it looks horribly strong during application it cure to a subtle grayish brown. This adds accents not only to panellines but also grime. The paint is a few years old now and some agglutionation occured, but not bad for my taste.
  10. Cheers guys. It should be Malinax, as my other set of traitor knights. Colour is bone and grey. The scorpion decals will be added soon.
  11. Ah OK, I didn't see that you actually connected the rope with the sprocket.
  12. Very nice, this is a great looking scene. I just dont know if it is appropriate to have the length of track in front of the tank, how would they pull the tank into it?
  13. Meanwhile reinforcements for Horus arrived. Did some work on the heretic Cerastus Knights.
  14. Not directly an answer to your question. But those tracks are 3 parts per link and once you got a hang for it, it builds nicely and the tracks a detailed.
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