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  1. Soeren

    Sherman tanks in the PTO ...

    Great finish on these two models. But your cycles as well. The sole is a titanium frame? Carbon rims etc.
  2. Soeren

    Panther SchmalTurm

    Very nice
  3. Hey Tim, that is a lovely build and paintjob. Well done.
  4. Soeren

    Panther SchmalTurm

    I had a look at the website and tutorial videos. That paint looks promising. I only fear to start another brand.
  5. Soeren

    Panther SchmalTurm

    Nice result. Those are all acrylic paints you used here?
  6. Soeren

    Panther G early Dragon 6384

    Thanks Simon and Mick. Although the pattern is very similar to the 1/35 kit, it looks totally different with the more "cold" tinge in the paint. Here is an outside shot after some more highlighting in the green and the "sand" - more appropriate term , than "Dunkelgelb" - Now let the paint cure for a few days before enamel filters. Meanwhile working on the Tiger.
  7. This is a beautifull Churchill finished and in the making.
  8. Soeren

    BTR-70 APC

    Great explanation Andy
  9. Soeren

    Panther G early Dragon 6384

    by Soeren ยป Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:16 am Hey there, went ahead and gave the turret a base coat. Decided to go much lighter for the "Dunkelgelb" to start off and tinge it with filters. The small one was a bit too dark for my taste. So here we are.
  10. Soeren

    Takom M47 Patton

    I have to look up that movie. Thanks.
  11. Soeren

    Takom M47 Patton

    Thank you very much for your kind words. That is the great part of the hobby, he can all do it differently and enjoy the various options, try new products etc. The finish is really satin on most parts of the upper hull, but also on the running gear. While I think it is well suited for rubber, I would have liked the dusted wheels to be a bit more matt. Unfortunately the Kursk Soil product was still too satin in the end. Another thing to work on in the diorama. I thought of a sandy yellow bron ground with some high grass the the tank grinds through. Accompanied by some soldiers. The 4 dragon ardennes guys would be interesting I guess.
  12. Great color and a very nicely detailed kit Cheers
  13. This looks like a nice little kit well done.
  14. Fantastic and much more convincing than the vibrant Tamiya paint scheme
  15. Soeren

    Takom M47 Patton

    Thank you guys. A lot of reading on this board and following others builds really helped alot. I got a little bit lazy with the wheels in the end. But might add that once a bas is coming along.