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  1. And something Panther related. Resumed the work on the Jagdpanther Dio that I made a figure for, this is where wa are atm and the Dragon Panther G for scale comparison.
  2. Good evening, after having now finished the Jagdpanther I went back to the Jagdpanzer 38t. Decided to go with the kit figres and just add the Fantasy Heads. These are printed, so will see if it will be too obvious when base coated.
  3. Hey Roger thx, that is a very good point and it is never too late to do such thing. Also thought about adding some dirt, that could also be added to the face. But that wI'll need to wait until I put him on the dio. Will try that black Blue though. It's always nice to add another tint to a model.
  4. Thank you Nikolay, for the kind words. Doing this figure was quite enjoyable.
  5. Nice to see you build this kit. It is an interesting little vehicle.
  6. @Simon Errington For the price you can't go wrong with the Men kit. It has its pros and cons though. But nothing that would convince me of not getting the kit. I was very excited when it was announced but still almost passed it. I still would rate the Dragon kits higher. Although these also have their cons. Especially the spare track link hangers. But atm the 2in1 kits are an amazing offer, especially when you can get them on discount
  7. Thank you very much Stix. Hey BigX, thank you as well. The MONSTER is one if my RCed 1/16th scale Panthers that still is under construction. It needs a better recoil after modification of the elevation unit.
  8. Good evening Sirs, did what was left and just wanted to get it off the bench. The cap was painted with Vallejo Model Air Pale Camo Brown instead of Model Color Saddle Brown as the jacket. In retrospect, the pale brown is less saturated - hence the name I guess - and looks more like a camo color, like that better and was a reason to try that. On the internet I found both browns as recommended for the job. Actually the Vallejo WSS color set has the Saddle brown as the base color on summer camo. The light green was desaturated on the cap as well and I didnt go crazy with the washes as on the jacket. Also lesson learned, Here I just went on with am mix of tha fantastic Army Painter washes soft tone and strong tone. The flow better than the set recommended thinned down chocolate brown, still blend but with less coverage. Some Outlining was then done with dark tone. They eyes got the treatment as recommended by Roger. Her is the face and the 360 on RFI.
  9. Hey there, just finished my Tank Commander that I once bought for a small Dio of my 1/16th scale RC Jagdpanther. Had a break on that project for about a year and now came back for it with enough conficence for the figure. So here he is, some touch ups might still be needed once on the Dio, but I guess I will leave him like this. He was painted with Vallejo acrylics and shaded with Army Painter washes for the most part. Some Matt varnish and finished with a dry brush of Abtl 502 Dust Oil Paint Thanks for watching and some helpful comments, I am still learning.
  10. Hey Roger thank you for that. I gave the eyes a slight gloss coat and let it dry over night. I plan to add some Army painter wash to give it some shade and to tone I'd down. The colour I used for the eyes is Ivory and not fully opaque, so some of the dark Base coat was still shining through . The iris is of course a stark contrast increasing the whitish appearance of the sclera.
  11. Thank you @Jim Wasley that is exactly what I was worried about. So I hesitated with doing figure until lately. It is fun and laboursome at the same time.
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