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  1. Hi Ced, I hope you are still well under these difficult times. I look forward to hearing from you. Nearly 60,000 likes, that's bonkers.




  2. Hi Tom, I hope you are keeping well. It's a shame SMW has been cancelled this year and we don't have a chance for a catch up.





    1. Tomoshenko


      Hi Nigel. Yes it is a shame. I was looking forward to meeting up with you guys. Am in the process of moving home, hence I have not been active on Britmodeller. But I finally move into my new home tomorrow so will be back on the forum with a vengeance!

  3. That is an exceptional looking model. Pretty much as we have come to expect from Igor. I love the cockpit and U/C detailing, very nice. Best regards from the .
  4. Thank you for your kind comments gents. I have not been very active on Britmodeller in recent months due to a fractured spine and the Corvid19 working from home thing but I really would like to add some figures to this diorama at some point as supplied to me by @perdu.
  5. Please let me elucidate you, here is a link to the start of my Sevans Dalek build, please enjoy responsibly:
  6. That's a little smasher, lovely work. Glad that my mesh idea helped. Nigel
  7. Well, you got my vote, a lovely model to be sure.
  8. Looks very tasty and my heart is filled with warmth, I do like the cheeky inclusion of a pretty full glass of red wine there, I think we need to meet up soon and I would like to cook another recipe for you (maybe steak based this time, your call). And yes @Tomoshenko is an extraordinarily fine modeller and nice chap to boot. Great company along with @Billydick and @CedB Best Regards, Nigel
  9. Thanks guys, @modelling minion I am also gutted - any chance of pulling a few strings?? I will of course finish her off but with the pressure off maybe not until next weekend. I have enjoyed this build and the GB in general with its good banter and excellent exchange of information but I didn't like the self imposed pressure to get it finished at a deadline - and I do fully appreciate the extension given so any fault / blame is laid firmly at my feet only. Modelling should be a pleasure and not a stick to beat yourself with. Ho hum, I do look forward to getting her finished and post some propp
  10. How frustrating that I just missed the deadline. Today I got the legs and wheels added, I like to use a glass surface to make sure the tyre flats are in the correct place: Having sprayed all the remaining parts I started to assemble, the rotor drive shafts were quite a tight fit so elected to use Gator Grip on them: More work on the lower side door, gingerly sanded to reveal the Bare Metal foil on the edges of the treads and a wash added: After a coat of Galeria matt varnish I removed all the remaining masking apart fr
  11. Those pictures are a real help and although I had started down a route I basically scrapped that and took a different trajectory. Based on the mirrors on @modelling minion's model this is the sketch I came up with to work on|: Oh and here is the model with panel line wash cleaned off: As I suspected most of the panel lines were too faint to take a wash, I had thought of rescribing more but it's not my favourite job and with the GB deadline looming let it pass. For my dinner I made a puff pastry, Reblochon and mushroom tart:
  12. I don't think its bubbles, more likely a knit line where two material flow came together but didn't fuse properly, maybe. Last night I unmasked the inside of the lower side door and applied a coat of matt black to the treads: I had thought of using black decal strip for that but I think paint was the best option. I also started work on the wipers. There is still a ghost of the moulded wipers on the front glazing and I wanted to have a look at it so I partially unmasked the main front windows, first carefully running a curved scalpel blade around
  13. Before I paint the central rotor drive shafts it is a sensible point in the build to complete all the other things which need fabrication and then paint, the list I have in mind is as follows: Pitot tubes Wipers Front T aerials Rear view mirrors I picked up where I had left off on the pitot tubes, here's how the first one looked after soldering and cutting off the tubes: When fully trimmed up here's how it compares to the kit parts: This was the main reference picture used: I did put some
  14. The next job I completed was to get some Flory "Black" wash inside the recesses on the rotor hubs: I had thought that the vertical rods should be painted with a steel colour, or something, but from what I can make out from the main reference photo they do appear to be the yellow orange colour. The next problem I had was another rotor blade break, this was going to be slightly more difficult to sort with the wire line attachment: I drilled out with a 0.5mm and then a 0.6mm drill to get the reattachment sorted, I don't know what you t
  15. When I first tried posting all last night's content appeared - what happened to the "clear editor" function button? Tonight after making a tuna and olive pizza for my dinner: I got some more done. I did have plans to get the rotors assembled but on inspecting these hub parts found the yellow orange finish a bit thin on the edges: So the first job of the night was to break out the airbrush and get a second coat applied. While that was drying I looked around for other jobs that needed doing. The very last part still attached to the final
  16. That's a good idea, almost wish I'd thought of that. Interesting how much the Sevans kits are these days.
  17. Well indeed they were. Tonight I continued with applying more custom made decals to the rotor hubs. I have already applied numerous yellow rectangular labels using the same decal strip from the identification bands. For the next set I wanted a more orange yellow colour and found this previously used decal from an Airfix sheet that looked ideal: After they were all done I used this cut down Mike Grant decal to represent this label applied as a slightly wonky angle: This is what I was trying to represent: The rear
  18. That makes a lot of sense to me and I was thinking along those lines for the explanation. I was hoping to get much more done tonight but my laptop has been playing up and only now do I seam to be able to make an upload, I'm sure @azureglo would understand it when I get the message "The DNS server is not responding" and "Your computer is trying to use a DNS server that is incorrect or does not exist" - yes for real - but I do not. Anyway, it all seems to be working now. The main problem encountered tonight was that somehow this had happened: I have no idea h
  19. I cut the red and yellow stripes from this old decal sheet (inherited from an old modeller friend). I have used it many times for such purposes as you can see, it behaves quite predictably with setting solutions although it can be a little bit brittle: Green, and indeed a quite dark green proved to be quite a rare colour in my decal collection but I did find this sheet given away for free by Scale Aircraft Modelling in August 1982 for the Zimbabwe Air Force which looked pretty much ideal: It, contrary to expectations, behaved impeccably - flex
  20. Yes they were the ones from the kit. Glad I didn't use them. It was a great family get together over the weekend but after a three and a half hour drive back down south this afternoon I was pretty tired and after domestic chores didn't get much time at the bench but I did make a start on the rotor decals. On the underside of the blades is what looks like two lines of characters, one of which says "BLADE SERIAL NO" and a number with another number / string of characters under that. What it needs are some illegible white stencil decals, now following my Sycamore build I have a nearly
  21. No the decals are not the best, I also have worked with far worse - Airfix Rotodyne springs to mind - but I would expect better from an aftermarket set, they are that bad combination of intractable and brittle. Take for example this one which broke into two without much provocation: The break is between the last character and the rest and will need a little retouch with some white. Cartograph and Extradecal are far superior. These are the last of the Print Scale decals to be applied, this one by the side door needed cutting before application:
  22. Sorry for getting the plumbing wrong on the rotor hubs but it does look nice and add interest value. Decaling operations are underway as I write this. I did a bit more last night adding the yellow anti slip marks using rectangles cut from decal film: The first one I made was way too small and can be seen in the background. On the lower side door I had given the handle two coats of white primer and then finished it with yellow, I also added some more yellow strips of decal film to the sides: Apologies for the poor photo,
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