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Found 151 results

  1. While I wait for the carbon decals for the Lotus 88 I'm moving on to my second interim build. The Lancia 037 has had its gloss coat done and is on the home stretch, so I've decided to start on the Fujimi 1/24 Ferrari 250 GTO. I'm going to try and make a replica of Nick Mason's car as it's the only GTO I've seen in the flesh, albeit about 25 or more years ago at Goodwood. I have bought the Hobby Design p-e kit and also the KA set for the Revell cat as it has the right size wire wheels. I also bought the Fujimi Borrani wheels set but the rims are too wide, designed for a GT40 or Ferrari Daytona. First order of business is to remove the (small) seams from the body and add a third vent in the front wings. The kit has two vents but Nick's car has three each side. I notice that Nick's car has more rounded vents than the kit. I have the Haynes manual for the car, and it fortunately has many photos of the car. First photos... New vent marked out: And the first one cut out: Will need some smoothing. Here's a comparison of the KA-Models metal wheel and the kit plastic wheel:
  2. Lancia 037

    While I wait for the decals to finish my Lotus 88, I've finished (just about!) two kits and started another. I decided to go for a rally car as I haven't made one since I was a kid. This is my first Hasegawa kit and it reminds me of the Fujimi kits I've made recently - nice detail on the body but some poor quality detailing on some parts, like th gearbox and driveshafts on this kit. I am looking forward to this though as 1) it's a Lancia and I owned two Lancias in the past 2) it's in Martini colours! I have the Hasegawa P-E kit for this and will be mostly oob with a few wires.
  3. Hi everyone With my VC10 coming to a close I've decided to revisit a build I started back along, the gargantuan Airfix Typhoon 1b. I fell out of love with the kit when I had huge problems with motor, for whatever reason I just couldn't get the bits to fit as they should, I broke bits and lost bits and I eventually lost my enthusiasm. With some of the impressive builds of the kit on the site my enthusiasm has been rekindled, I have parts for a new motor and I've picked up another kit with some after market for a song so really I don't have any reason not to restart it. I don't have any progress pictures to show as of yet but I will post as I go. See you all dreckly Iain
  4. I've put the Lotus 88 on hold while I wait for some carbon decals to come onto the market, and have decided to try and finish two kits before starting another or continuing with the 88. Here are a few shots of the almost-complete Aoshima McLaren F1 GTR long tail. I had originally planned to do this as the Fina Le Mans car but inspired by Homer's pre-season build I went for the plain orange color scheme using Gravity Paints' McLaren Orange. Clear coat was Tamiya as my Gravity Clear coat thinner leaked from the bottle so I only had 2/3 of the mixture. Just a few finishing touches to do - fasteners, exhaust tips, tow points. I dropped one of the door locks on the floor and it got taken by the carpet monster. About the size of a pin head. :-( Just taking advantage of the winter sun before the rain arrives. (Yes, it's horrible here in the Southern Hemisphere!) Not bad for iPhone pics The other kit I want to finish is a Honda RC166 racer from the '60s. A lovely kit. I really enjoyed building the McLaren and there's a lot I could have done better, but it's turned out fairly well.
  5. Ok so I've finally managed to get this finished, well almost anyway lol. Whilst taking the pics I realised I'd forgotten the add the licence plate decals and the headlight beam ones too Oh well they're easy to add later lol. The WIP can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235004250-lancia-hf-stratos-1975-rally-san-remo/ So here she is: And with her sister's on the Ledge of Lusty Lancia's As always comments, questions etc most welcome. TTFN Ashley
  6. Ok so I finally dragged this kit across the finishing line. The story is detailed in my Mopar Madness thread but as that turned into a one man group build I'll recap it here to save time. Whilst looking for Centreline wheels for my Charger I fished out this Revell reissue of the Monogram 1969 SuperBee which I'd previously started. I decided to finally get it finished and made hast with stripping the engine so I could paint it the correct colour. I then found that the base for the air filter was missing. I assumed it was the reason I gave up the first time and set about a resolve. I chose to use the Hemi engine from a spares and repair Plymouth 'Cuda with the air filter from a '71 Plymouth GTX. The engine proved a right pita as its a lot bigger than the 440 6 pack engine and then I found the missing air filter base . In the end I gave up on it yet again when I'd have enough of the engine constantly breaking lose in the engine bay lol. Well a few weeks back whilst I was building my NASCAR kit I got it out and saw that despite all the niggles I was actually on the home straight with it. So I continued work on it in the background to the NASCAR and actually finished it before that. Though because of accessibility problems with my PC, someone put some Volvo doors in the way and how god awful it is trying to post a topic or even a reply with picture is it is from my phone; I've held off till now to post it lol. Anyway here it is. Paint is VW Mars red btw. As always comments etc always welcome. TTFN Ashley
  7. Here's my latest build - the old Airfix 1/24 MkI Spitfire. Paints used were vallejo model air & the matt coat was humbrol acrylic matt rattle can. plenty of mistakes to be seen here - the rear view mirror is missing as I've put it somewhere safe, I have no idea where that safe place is ! Biggest problem I had with this one was the decals, I reckon the water I used was too cold, this caused them to shatter as I applied them to the model, and so I had to go ahead & give here some severe weathering. WIP is available here Thanks for looking WP_20160505_18_35_02_Pro by Andy Moore, on Flickr WP_20160505_18_35_39_Pro by Andy Moore, on Flickr WP_20160505_18_36_01_Pro by Andy Moore, on Flickr WP_20160505_18_36_08_Pro by Andy Moore, on Flickr WP_20160505_18_36_34_Pro by Andy Moore, on Flickr WP_20160505_18_36_56_Pro by Andy Moore, on Flickr here she is in her final resting place .... WP_20160505_18_38_56_Pro by Andy Moore, on Flickr WP_20160505_18_41_54_Pro by Andy Moore, on Flickr WP_20160505_18_42_14_Pro by Andy Moore, on Flickr
  8. I'd had this kit in the stash for a couple of years after receiving it as a gift from the wife. A really nice little kit built from the box with only the addition of the radiator support rods from wire. I love the shape of these late 30's Yanks so decided on a 2-tone scheme of Lada Cream and VW Gambia Red with a tan interior to really show it off. Hope you like it.......
  9. This kit has been asking to be made ever since it turned up a few weeks ago and now the lambo is finished the temptation has finally got too much. The box And a quick mock up of the body. I have to say that the body does let it down a little as the front and rear bumper are not moulded to it (a good thing) but the locating tabs to get them on are very small or just plain not there and I had to file away material on the bonnet hinges to get the fit correct as it was too far forward but only by 1-2 mm so over all its good so far I did fit the glass parts aswell just to see how the fit of them were due to the issue I had with my lamborghini build and they are so tight already without any paint so I am either going to cut the glass part into 4 bits or really trim them down so it won't cause me problems at the end More soon Shaun
  10. Another on of my finished builds this year, pretty good so far I think that's now 3 or 4 Until the final stages this kit was going well but for some reason the windscreen decided to grow in between the last test fit and me putting it in properly which then ended up in snapping the pillar at the top but it's finished so here it is The paints are zeros kawasaki green and tamiya x18 airbrushed on, which is the first time I have airbrushed tamiya pot paints on an actual car and nor a scrap of plastic. The rims I used tamiya smoke on to give them a different look but someone suggested as my children gave this car a name (the hulk) I should have painted the wheels purple, which looking at it now I really wish I did. Over all this is a great kit and I would recommend it to anyone but it does have its flaws like the complexity of how to make the doors work and it having amazing engine detail but none of it visible once completed. Thanks for looking Shaun
  11. Hello again, this is my follow up to the "Jagerbomber" I posted up a few weeks ago. The mask set came with two versions so I decided to use the second on another iconic German vehicle. Great kit to build and no issues with the fit. Thanks for looking, Siffo.
  12. Ok so as teased and subsequently chosen in my Delta WIP, I bring you the Build/Review of the ModellingMaster Transkit for the Hasegawa Ferrari 328 GTB/GTS. The Transkit is to build the Ferrari 308 GTB Group 4 rally car built by Michelotto and challenged mainly by the Pozzi team through 1981 to 1983. And by other teams and privateer's afterward. The Car was transferred into Group B for 1983 like many other Group 4 cars. However it fell foul of the new classes and regulations, namely the ones regarding wheel width. The new Group B classes regulated the maximum width of the wheel depending on the class on which the car competed in. The classes were divided by the engine capacity. The other regulation change for the new class was that bolt on style over fenders were disallowed unless homologated on all 200 production cars. Seeing as the Ferrari was originally homologated into Group 4 where they were allowed. The base car was the standard 308 which didn't feature them. This didn't really affect the cars too much as like previously stated they couldn't use the wider wheels. The final regulation that hit the Group B version was that the Michelotto built cars featured the new 4v heads. Another thing that was lost. However to compensate the new 308 Quattrovalvole was homologated into Group B to remedy this. History lesson over and now back to the transkit. There are 2 versions available to order from ModellingMaster. Website here: http://modellingmaster.com/lang/ru/ferrari-308-gr4-rally/ Version 1 is the one I have here, which is the red and blue Pioneer livery used mainly on the Monte Carlo and Tour de Corse rallies of 1982. Version 2 is the all blue Pioneer livery which ran on many ERC events, but the one featured on the decal sheet is for the Tour de France Automobile of 1982 and features different wheels to version 1. As usual I've collected many reference pics of the car on the specific event I plan on building. Which to clarify is the 1982 Tour de Corse. I've created a folder on my phone with all the pics I've come across in. I've also downloaded all the build and finished pics from the development build over on Automotive forums here: http://www.automotiveforums.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=1069713 To use to supplement the instructions. Right lets start shall we. Firstly this is the box you get. Nice and sturdy and will definitely survive shipping and 'handling' Upon opening the box you are presented with this: I will state that I had a fettle of the body shell when I first got the set a couple years back, and so the thin film in the windows has been removed as well as the braces that help support the rear opening for the engine bay. So lets unpack everything shall we First you're presented with a full colour painting and decal placement chart and the instructions. The instructions themselves are stapled in the corner and fold out like so: Now I'm not a fan of this type of instruction. It takes up a larger than necessary space when laid out flat like I have here. And if the pages are folded over each other then it is quite easy to lose track of which side to go next. I found myself confused a couple of times when reading through, familiarising myself with the build sequence. The final thing that lets the instructions down is that aside from the odd missing arrow, the printer used was clearly running low on ink and as such a lot of the diagrams are hard to follow. A few thorough readings should have everything cleared up however, so it is only a minor grievance. On the back of the instructions is the parts list: Now the only addition I would make to this is to label any multiple parts with the amount you should get in the set. Moving onto the most important bit. The Resin. And boy do you get a lot: Yes it is all resin. Most parts are cast in a white resin that looks very much like plastic, even under close examination. There ae some minimal parts cast in the usual beige stuff. Now I have another couple of ModellingMaster Transkits. The first being all of the classic beige resin and one I brought after this one being all of the white stuff. So obviously I caught the transition lol. The only problem with the white resin is it's hard to distinguish between it and the white plastic of the kit once parts are off the sprues. Not a major problem for me as I will be working in small sections with few parts at a time. But something to keep in mind. So lets take a closer look at what you really get. First up is the clear parts for the rear side windows and lights: Next is some engine parts, rollcage, louvers and the auxiliary lights: Here we have the seats, rear bumper and the main lights in the popped up position (you also get the option to have the lights down): The wheels are copies of the Hasegawa Lancia Stratos wheels with correct Michelin slick racing tyres. You also get a spare with the centre bore and wheel nuts drilled out. In this bag is the bonnet, engine cover, front end, front lamp pod and the rear chassis supports: We also have the body itself and the Chassis: The decals are spread over 2 sheets. Presumably one is common to the 2 versions available. [/url] And up close: Finally you get a nice small fret of Photoetch to compliment the build: So all in all it looks to be a very nice and detailed transkit, and you should end up with a very nice model at the end of it. The Transkit is still available to my knowledge and is made to order. After this build and when money permits I fully intend to purchase the second version. The next update will be the first steps of my build and I'm hoping to continue the step by step approach. I will be taking my time with it as it's my first time using resin on such a large scale. Wish me luck TTFN Ashley.
  13. Ok so I've called time on this build. Those that followed the WIP will know the trials and tribulations I've had with this kit regarding the decals and although the plan was to weather the shell a bit, I've just lost complete interest now that the assembly has actually finished. WIP thread here for those that are interested: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234998842-lancia-delta-hf-integrale-1993-monte-carlo-rally/ So anywho on with the pics: The kit was the Acropolis '93 kit and when I brought it, it came with replacement decals from Shunko. Luckily when the kit arrived I noticed the decals also allowed you to build the '93 Monte Carlo car, which I much preferred anyway; as well as the fact that Hasegawa doesn't supply the correct gravel wheels used during the '92 and '93 seasons. They just give you gravel tyres to fit on the tarmac ones. So I raided a spares and repair Delta I have for it's slick tyres and it's window piece too in the end lol. I also lowered the suspension 3mm in the front and 2mm in the rear, as even though the kit is supposed to be Tarmac spec using the same parts as all the other Deltas, the ride height is way too high. As always comments and such are welcome. TTFN Ashley.
  14. And so here it is as promised in my Lancer build. Pic of what I'm starting with: For those that haven't followed my Lancer I wont be building the Acropolis Version depicted by the box top. It be Monte car I's a knocking into shape. (Title gives it away a bit ) Although I have a couple other Hasegawa Delta's in the stash this is the first I'll be building. Therefore like with the Lancer i'll leave the suspension till last to gauge wheher the ride height needs lowering. Given Hasegawa's history with these rally kits I'm fully expecting it'll need a couple mm taken out but you never know lol. There's quite a bit to drill and sand on the body shell. Even had to fill a couple marks after removing the moulded on side indicators. The body is currently under it's first coat of primer and may even get some white on by tonight. I assembled and painted the rollcage: I did deliberately miss that small section. After all I did have to hold it somewhere haha. Next up was removing the moulded on detail from the instrument cluster. Some very creative use of a needle file and sand paper was needed lol. Not the best pic but it's hard to photo lol: I've painted the interior tub too: I have read in an Abarth book written by ex Abarth staff that all the cars they built featured grey interiors, but all the pics I've seen of these cars seem to show them either unpainted or maybe it was a silver/aluminium colour paint So I just went with Humbrols 56 Aluminium lol. Strangely there were some large recessed parts on the rear spoiler that I haven't seen on the real car so those have been filled: That's all so far. Thanks for looking. TTFN Ashley.
  15. Was a bit of a struggle at the very end but I'm calling it done. Build thread here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234998472-mitsubishi-lancer-rs-1993-monte-carlo-rally/ Kits built oob apart from the addition of the spare wheel and the lowering of the ride height. Pics ahoy: Thanks to those that have followed the build and as always comments are welcome TTFN Ashley
  16. Kit manufacturer: Tamiya Scale: 1/24 Type: Castrol Supra JGTC Extras used: fabric Seatbelts Paints and colours used: Zero paints and Tamiya Finished this last month, Got some decent pictures at last. My favourite car of all time, biased a bit as up till a few years ago, i owned one for about 11 years! Certainly the hardest car kit ive done so far, actually without a doubt, the hardest decals ive encountered so far as they are quite thick and needed to conform to some tight places!
  17. Right so I've been getting myself back into the swing of things with this since the end of Jan/early Feb. I brought this little set last year sometime: I wont be using the Hobby-Design engine transkit though as I believe its designed after the evo IV-VI engines which were turned around 180 degrees compared to the evo I-III. The decals for the '93 Portugal event are yellowed somewhat: So I took a root around in my Decal stash and decided on these for the 1993 Monte Carlo: The only noticeable difference between the Monte and Portugal cars, aside from the obvious livery changes is that the Monte cars didn't feature roof vents. I have also decided to lower the ride height. But I'm leaving the building of the suspension pars until last so I can get a clear picture of how much needs cutting out the struts. I started by assembling the roll cage, though I left off the rear bar were the seat belts attach for reasons that will become clear later lol. I did have to repair the top bars as they had broken in transit. I don't think you can see the repair unless you look for it After priming and painting all the parts that needed to be white I made a start on the decaling. The large red, silver and black swoops on the rear were a bit of a pain and I had a bit of trouble around the C pillar. The decal instructions call for the rear spoiler to be painted TS-49 so hopefully if I decant a little I can touch up the tears. I still need to paint the red strip around the bottom of the car. The decals are useless so once I've clear coated the body I'll mask and paint them on. The wheels are ready for clear too: The past week whilst the body has been left for the decals to fully dry out I've been working on the interior. I did toy with the idea of using Kevlar decals on the sump and seat backs but I wanted a simple build to restart my modelling mojo and the seatbelts were daunting enough haha. I used Humbrol 93 as the colour matches the Kevlar decals I normally use. I think it looks good lol. The last couple of days I've been working on the seat belts and finishing off the interior parts. Now some may notice the rear bar for the roll cage in that last pic. Hindsight from my evo IV build, which erroneously uses the same floor and interior as these, taught me that trying to mount the seat belts to the bar when its attached to the rest of the cage and mounted to the interior tub is very fiddly and this way is much easier hehe. I've also got the dash 99.5% complete: I've just got to paint the bolts on the steering wheel and the row of switches above the kill switch. I should have the interior finished later today and maybe the body will get clear coated too. TTFN Ashley.
  18. OK, so I decided for my next project to have a go at the legendary 956. Namely though the Jacky Ickx/Derek Bell Rothmans sponsored No 1 car. This one: I used to live near the Rothmans Factory in Spennymoor, Co. Durham as a kid and a couple of times in the 1980's they brought these cars down to the factory ( with the Bikes ) for their open days. They'd close off a bit of the industrial road and run the cars and bikes up and down showing them off. Of course as a youth I was totally in awe of these machines, the noise, the raw power, the smell. I can still hear and feel it like it was yesterday. I even had my own race tuned NS125 in the Rothmans livery which I'd ride around the town in my Rothmans racing jacket thinking I was king. I also raced ( not that successfully I will add ) the bike in a couple of amateur races so it's definitely going to be fun building one of the Porsches. Now I know this has been done in threads before here, but I'm not going for a standard build, I'm going for this: Basically the bodywork off, up on jacks, pit in version of the car. Thing is though the Tamiya kit is very basic so I'm going to have to scratch build a ton of it ( especially the front end frame work which basically doesn't exist in the kit ) I know that this super detail kit exists that was a collaboration between Scale Motorsport and Tamiya ( a more in depth look at the kit here ) and I've managed to track down one ( for a price ) if I want it but I just thought: you know what, where's the fun in that? So I've decided to see if I can scratch-build all the parts I need myself. So I started to do so a month or so ago armed with zero knowledge of working with styrene In at the deep end again. I however have the small photo etch parts kit that is commonly available to add some detail. So armed with some styrene profiles and sheets, the Rothmans decals and the Tamiya Porche 956 Canon kit here's where I'm at: The kit: All pretty basic stuff really. First job was to lop off the front and doors from the main moulding: All good. Then these awful looking moulded into the bodywork exhaust manifolds came off. I'll be replacing them with 1mm solder. Out came the Dremel for some hacking. Then some filler and sanding: Then I turned my attention to the front end frame and bulkhead build: First some paper cutting templates Cut out in styrene and test fitted Then I cut the holes and formed some rivets by pressing on the reverse with my scribe Then made a rough bulk head piece And primed and painted up with some alclad airframe aluminium Added the tiny brake, clutch and water reservoirs to the bulkhead using various bits of styrene and a cut up plastic milk carton for the bottle caps ( needs a bit of cleaning up ) also need to add clear tubing and wiring to complete the piece: Made the front end brake duct inlet frame from styrene. Bit of a headache this one, took ages to get right at this scale and I hummed and harred for hours over an actually design from the original walk-around pictures which don't show enough detail. Plus how it was going to actually fit onto the car, again the walk-around pic revealed no secrets here. I bought some clip on magnifying lenses for my glasses which are really helping with work at this scale. Ms Borez says that I look like a mad professor. I made and scrapped three others before I finally arrived at this design: Added the aluminium top frame and painted it up. I'll be adding some styrene hex bolts to the top for detail and obviously the brake ducting. The original piece on the car: Next up is priming and painting the car undertray and to start work on the actually frame which shouldn't really give me any issues as I have aluminium tubing of this size left over from the C9 build. The front hook is one of the photo etch parts I have too. This bit: Then I'll start fitting all of these pieces together before concentrating on the rest of the front end i.e. suspension and brakes. And that's where I'm at right now. Pretty pleased with my bits so far, all going to plan. Thanks for looking
  19. Well after completing my first build, (a 1/72 Mk1 Hurricane) its time to give its big brother and my xmas pressie a good crack. I have definitely caught the modelling bug and im looking forward to putting some of the techniques learned to good use as well as trying out some more! Please forgive any boring photo's that you have all seen a million times before, just kind of want to see the whole journey from start to finish (Humour me im a newbie lol) Here goes nothing! The storey so far (In my head i have the opening bars of the Star Wars theme tune playing )- Firstly the sprue shots Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on FlickrUntitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr So according to the instructions the first thing to tackle was the merlin! so a bit of dry fitting and a load of flash removal commenced (Think there could be alot of this required in this kit) Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Not sure if i missed something at this point but was slightly confused regarding the pin that holds the prop in the engine, The instructions say to place the pin inside and then but the top of the engine on meaning the prop would then be permanently in place before painting as the pin would just push out if adding the prop later? Anyway i solved this by glueing some old sprue in behind the pin so it cant drop out when adding the prop later. (Go on somebody tell me what i missed :-)) Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr After a spot of priming i sprayed the engine black as per instructions except for the cam covers which i thought would look better aluminium (Have seen pics of both so i thought its not gonna look to out of place!) Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Then picked out some details Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Painted up the engine mounting frames Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Next my first attempt at dry brushing (Think i was a bit heavy handed in places) & glued all the other engine parts on. Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Overall pretty pleased with it, think i want to put a bit of a wash on the cam covers to make them look a bit more oily but other than that all good. That's were i am folks, thanks for looking and any comments/tips/observations gratefully recieved Cheers Andy
  20. Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk1 1/24 A50167 First attempt at a larger scale kit, it went together not too badly especially after purchasing it and reading it was so old. It has had its first prang already as I have managed to knock the tailwheel off when taking the photos. I will also need to remember and take photos of the cockpit during the build as I cannot get the camera close enough now it is built. All build straight out of the box.
  21. So my other half got me a few of the airfix quick build sets recently and I have to say they aren't bad for what is essentially Lego. So in between other builds I decided that I didn't like the god awful yellow it can in so had a little experiment to see how well Lego would take zero paints and I have to say it work really well with no flaky bits or reaction areas. So this is my little mclaren p1 in the colours I wanted it and home made decals made from the sticks it came with Given that none of the big makers has this in the pipeline anytime soon I think airfix did a cracking job to knock this out and I can say I'm proud to have this British car now in my cabinet. Just the bugatti and aventador to do now when I get a bit stuck for what to do Thanks for looking Shaun
  22. Merit is to release a 1/24th SPAD S.XIII kit - ref.62401 Source: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2016/Nuernberg_2016.html V.P.
  23. Merit is to release 1/24th Sopwith Camel kits. - ref.62404 - Sopwith Camel F.1 - ref.62405 - Sopwith Camel 2.F.1 Source: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2016/Nuernberg_2016.html V.P.
  24. After building two mkVs I thought I would do something different, but one of the kids bought me the 1/24 Airfix Mk1 for xmas, so after two weeks of tinkering here is what I have on the desk. I'd be interested in tips on this one - when it's finished it'll be hanging from the ceiling with wheels up, I notice they appear to be retractable, but I'm dubious about the alignment. Oh, and this is the first time I've tried posting from Flickr... 1/24 airfix spitfire Mk1 by Andy Moore, on Flickr
  25. Hello all, This is my first time posting in here, so please do point it out if there are any mistakes. Approximately 2 and a half years ago, I started working on this build. Up until now, it still hasn't been finished, but major progress is made. This is only my 4th model, so there is still room for improvement. Besides, I don't plan to do anything additional, such as add flocking or anything, so it'd be appreciated if you could be easy on me, considering unlike the masterpieces that you guys post here, it isn't perfect at all. Anyway, here are the pics: The brakes: The seats, painted and with decals applied: The dashboard (unfinished): A dry fit of the interior: Various small bits (namely the steering wheel and headlight housings): A dry fit of the engine bay (somehow the engine bay won't fit into the front suspension very well. Maybe it requires some sanding): The rear suspension, including the differential (masking tape not yet removed): (Sorry for the smartphone-taken pictures. I will use a proper DSLR when there is major progress made.) Anyway, I'm actually here to ask a few questions: How do you increase the adhesion of decals? Do you use something like Micro Sol? Is Tamiya's Mark Fit something similar to that? Is it possible to make a decal adhere to the surface again after it has fallen off using extra thin cement? Thanks for viewing.