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  1. Ford 8-AT

    Those fairings look first rate, Sir. Good job.
  2. The top 3?

    I would agree with 'Viking's' top three, myself. Boelcke definitely as the founder of the trade, its first systematic thinker. Claims of 'chivalry' mean little to me, but the man who emerges from his letters is an engaging individual. He was forward looking, highly intelligent, and his character an odd mixture of the self-disciplined striver, and imp and rebel. A man it would probably be fun, and expensive, to play cards with. McCudden embodies more than anyone else, I think, the workaday character of a citizen-soldier. That he did come up from the ranks is a reflection of his character, of his precision and studiousness. He was the supreme technician of the air in the Great War, and a meticulous observer of what he did and saw. His memoir is indispensable; the em-purpled title under which it is sold notwithstanding. Guynemer was the most inspirational of all the men who emerged as 'aces' in the Great War. Many were lionized, but Guynemer came to embody the fighting spirit of France, to the point that even when he finally was brought down, a generation of school-children nodded at the tale he had simply flown too high to come down. Even with a full weight of national media behind the effort, only an extraordinary character could strike so deeply home to its people.
  3. Have finally attached the head, as well as other equipment. But it's the head that matters.... Going to let it sit a bit, and see what surfaces as needing touch-up attention, then attach the rifle and sling and give the lad his cigarette....
  4. Thank you, Sir. These fellows weren't very long off the ships at Antwerp, it isn't as if they were in line in the trenches for weeks. I expect unless he had asked for and got 'permission to grow' he would be clean-shaven and punctilious about it. Thank you, Sir. It's a good reason to build aeroplanes, certainly. I drifted from aircraft into figures in my teens before I left home, so do still get the bug now and again....
  5. Martin B-10. 1/72 Williams Brothers.

    Great choice, Sir! This can make an excellent model. I am very curious to find out if the clear pieces on this are improved from the original. I recently built one of the old kits, and had a good time at it....
  6. Excellent build, Sir! It really has 'the look'....
  7. Have finally attached the head, as well as other equipment. But it's the head that matters.... Going to let it sit a bit, and see what surfaces as needing touch-up attention, then attach the rifle and sling and give the lad his cigarette....
  8. Thank you, Sir. I will be doing equipment and finally attaching the head later this evening.
  9. Geisbers 1/76 TOG II

    An interesting oddity, Sir. Well done.
  10. Inside a Northrop Gamma 2E

    I would probably go with aluminum, an aluminum lacquer finish was most common for U.S. aircraft at this time. Looking forward to getting one of these myself. Availability for Azur-Frrom is pretty spotty here in the U.S.
  11. Pilot or no pilot?

    I will put crew in occasionally. It is usually a sort of marker to myself that in this build I want to concentrate on over-all finish, rather than on detail, especially interior detail.
  12. Aviation of Japan Blog

    Great news to wake up to!
  13. Aviation of Japan Blog

    I hope so too, Sir. Every time I see a new post here, I open up hoping it is good news. He's a great guy.
  14. Before I dedicated the weekend to the Rapide, I got in a bit more on this.... Just about all the color is now on the figure itself. Tweaked the rank emblem a bit.... Next will be metal bits, equipment, and touchings up (needed especially at the meeting of the left (figure's left) leggings and trousers. I can't stop messing about with he head. I like to think I am improving it... I will be taking it off the block and attaching it to the figure in the next pass at this. Which ought to stop me fiddling about with it, or at least put a solid crimp in it....
  15. De Havilland Dh 89 Dragon Rapide

    Thanks, Tony. I wonder what shipping to the U.S. from New Zealand is. Still might be cheaper than Squadron here in the states. If I were taking my time, I'd have done some cockpit and cabin detail -- regarding the latter, I expect some chart tables and seats would be appropriate (this one was used to train navigators). It might have had a different door arrangement, but I don't know enough about the type to be sure. I am newly interested in trying to do a militarized DH 84 Dragon, which the Iraqis used in some quantity as a bomber/transport....