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  1. and now this a waste of countless lives on both sides,for what?
  2. Delectable Miss Harry
  3. I never forget all members of the Commonwealth who fought and died for us in both world wars. A debt that can never be repaid. I also remember those who survived with injuries to both body and mind. .
  4. If you get stuck join Ask Dartskipper he runs the one on the Dart and he is a mine of information.
  5. Sorry folks I can't resist Bangy McBangface! I'll get my coat, TAXI!
  6. This because I love it and it just came into my head.
  7. This because of the first few bars of a TV add
  8. A nice idea but doomed to fail IMHO.
  9. A long time since I saw this splendid work. I think I appreciate it even more now if that is possible!
  10. 50 years performing at the time and still rocking in 2017 at the age of 77!
  11. Having a Dutch freind who endured this I though I would mention this as civillian deaths were also shocking. I am sorry for the thread drift but it gets overlooked often.–45
  12. I really think you should go back on your medication!
  13. Also the enemy. Right or wrong they died for their Country despite the distasteful cause.
  14. Signed. This attepted move is disgusting.Beardie said it all for me. I visit my local one in Greenbank Bristol when I am in the area and quietly remember them its the least I can do for those that gave all for us.
  15. Is it a natural phenomonon a UFO or a hoax