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  1. For those new to the forum and may have missed this,I make no apollogy for this link.
  2. I stand strong with Manchester its people of all faiths and those around the world touched with such events. My heart goes out to them all.Remember in the darkest hour good people come together to help. The darkest of hours is lit by a glimmer of love and maybe that light will become a beacon for humanity. Evil does not win in the end.
  3. Bit of Country tonight.
  4. I can't let this thread go without this.(yes I know it's not the music thread) Just memories of a long ago youth.
  5. Yes they have got the licence now.
  6. 50 years later shes back in several guises I am listening to flashback.
  7. Steady on I am in protracted negotiatons to sell the UK's rights to Heligoland. The sticking point is they have to take the Urinevision Song Contest as well!
  8. 18505 since I was 12 am 72 now Luton CRS. I wonder if there is any 'Divy' due and if I can claim it?
  9. Any Escorts further down the line?
  10. Elvis is still the king but listen to this guy.
  11. Nameplates and cab numbers have a history of "walking" Nice Model Lee.
  12. Outstanding! You have done it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!