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  1. Hi, My build goes along rather well at the moment. As the paint dries on the MiG I've been doing some work on the Mirage. Hellers rather sparse cockpit has been detailed with some Eduard PE. 4 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr To be continued.... /Bosse
  2. Copenhagen and Stockholm.

    Hi Jabba. Wentzels Hobby on Gamla Brogatan 23 in Stockholm is definitely worth a visit. It's very centrally located right in the city centre a few blocks from the central station. /Bosse
  3. Hi. I've now come to the paint fase on my egyptian PFS. And I've started an account on Flickr so I can show my pictures. To build my PFS I've used the fuselage from a PF and wings and fin from a PFM. I got a rather larger spare parts box for the MiG-21 now. Perhaps I can do something later on with the remaning parts? And this is how it looks in primer (Humbrol 140) 1 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 2 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And after the first coat of AKAN Bright Aluminium. 3 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr AKAN is rather thin, so it'll take some layers to build up the final finish. To be continued..... /Bosse
  4. Oh happy days. /Bosse
  5. WOW I never thought I'd get a chance at a Stridsbåt 90 (CB90 in Swedish) I just have to get one. /Bosse
  6. Hi. Now I got a new progress report to present to you. I was home from work last week with a rather bad cough. And when you have all that time to yourself thing can happen at the worktable. The Hunter & SMB has got some decals. If I have the choice to build and aircraft with killmarks, I just have to do it. SMB "43" down an EAF MiG-17 trying to get up from its airfield in the second attack wave The jordanian decals from the old CE sheet went on OK, but they're on the thicker side, so it took some MicroSol to get them to snuck down in the panellines. Later during the week I started the Mirage III BJ. This is what I have to work with. Two zoom sets to spruce up the cockpits. Aires resin ejectionseats, and Master Pitot tube. Another Eduards set to detail the exhaust a bit. Hellers plastic. And a resin pylon for the bombload from Isradecal. I don't seem to have any appropriate bombs at home to load up the Mirage and SMB, so I'll put an order in for some from L'arsenal later on. To be continued..... /Bosse
  7. Thanks for the support Jan. /Bosse
  8. Hi. Summer is really coming to my part of the world. And with that is high time to get some work done on this build if I'm to finish them before the New Years deadline. I'll restart the MiG with the correct parts to build a PFS. My plan is to use the fuselage from the PF box, and the wing and fin from the PFM box. I've already glued the fin, seat and missiles together. The SK-1 ejection seat was fun to build. A minikit in it self with 15 parts. Since this kit is from an "overtree-box" I don't have the PE parts for it. But I think I have some spare belts in the spare part box. To be continued.... /Bosse
  9. Hi. I've finaly managed to complete the Sabre Dog. I had to clear it from my worktable so I could have some more space to my ongoing Six Days War build. This is how it turned out. And together with it's younger brother. I found it a bit tricky to build, but that's expected of a short run kit. I apologise for the low quality of the pictures. I got a new phone, and it shows that the camera on the old one was better. Also Photobucket is acting up a bit, I don't seem to get the pictures to show right. /Bosse
  10. Tanks Jan. My builds usually wind down during spring and summer. We have a cottage where we usually spend our weekends this time of the year. I try and to do an hour here and there during the week, but I sure would like to have some time. But then again, the weekends in the cottage this time of the year is what gets me through the winters. /Bosse
  11. Hi. I'll give my fugitive from the SDW-thread it's own place, now that it's been re-educated into a DDR MiG-21 SPS/K. It's almost fully painted and I've also clear coated it. I've used Humbrol 163/155 for the greens, and the belly got Humbrol 145 which I think has the right blue hue to it. I still have some metal colours to paint in the rear and nose, then it's time for decals. To be continued..... /Bosse
  12. Hi. I've been too busy with life lately, so my builds have been suffering. And now the whole family has got new phones. We switched operator and thank's to that we all got new phones, and at a cheaper rate than with our previous operator. And I've got to test the camera in the new phone. So here are two pictures of a freshly coated Hunter and SMB2. Hopefully I'll be able to update this a some more before the weekend. To be continued... /Bosse
  13. WOW Now I know what to get my youngest for Christimas. He's 13 and really a hard core Lego fan, just as his dad. /Bosse