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  1. Will you be using the decals from Fox Transfers do the cream lining and nose whiskers, or braving hand painting them? Dad's had one of these part finished for the best part of a decade. Apparently it's a right can of worms regarding accuracy, wrong nose and windscreen shapes, bodyside windows in wrong places and other sorts of things either that either lead to drastic surgery, or to be ignored completely and built as Kitmaster intended!
  2. I vaguely remember a review of this in a late 90s SAMI that was pretty much 'please don't waste your time unless you really want a P-51H'. If it's anything like the Model News Spitfire XII I built at the time, it's more an exercise in carving and filling than anything else. What an introduction to limited run kits that was!
  3. The filler monster ex-Matchbox Meteor. That's proper bravery in a speedbuild! I've got two boxed somewhere after the builds stalled.... over a decade ago
  4. Fibreglass scratch brush? A gentle rub over with one should clean up the brass nicely and is more controllable than a clump of wire wool.
  5. D33 - Hot air pipes sometimes fitted to the rear of the exhausts*? There's a hole already in the cowls. *Check your references!
  6. Haven't they said in the recent past that there were serious issues with the old 1/48 Bucc moulds (banana fuselage issues, etc) and they wouldn't be re-releasing it? Edit: Yes: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234982959-tragic-news-airfix-148-buccaneer-is-dead/
  7. Those instructions are going to confuse people with references to Mk.V and an option for a VII but where the V parts aren't right for a VII....
  8. Looking at the turrets and guns, that's still the Matchbox kit, not a new test shot. Heraldcoupe said that the they were using the MB kit at shows a few posts ago.
  9. Hello all, long time lurker, first time poster - Registered a few days ago to bring up the hole for the starter bulge ready for a MKII, but was beaten to it before I was validated! Please Airfix, after receiving the new MkI Spit in the post, let's have a nice new tool of the Beaufighter to this standard, and let the old one go quietly now - market is wide open for a new Beau considering Hasegawa's current prices and availability... (Spit XIX isn't such an odd choice considering the popularity of the BBMF, and not having to rely on the more challenging MPM tool for young Jonny to complete his box set of BBMF fighters)