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  1. S.I.G. ! Looks great to me..the only trouble is I'll be singing the Captain Scarlet theme all day again now
  2. Never seen that tiger site before..very good find !.. ps Just spent a good couple of hours going thru the above, great stuff, highly recommended !
  3. Pity as the faces were looking good, with the oil paint tho you may get a better 'artistic' impression !
  4. I've likely got a piece of old land rover door glass that wouldn't break easily and be a risk, I was probably going to use that as a base unless I find something better among my junk ! Just await the latex now.
  5. Good point, it'd be annoying if you couldn't get your original out as the latex is full of so many "bricks" ! I guess maybe a sheet of glass would be good as a flat base to fix the outer "walls" of the first mould to initially, the latex would peel off that easily too I'd think..
  6. Islands...A bit like throwing old brick bits and small rubble into concrete to use less concrete ( done that more than a few times ! ) I'm assuming as this stuff I've ordered is air drying it will set eventually, even if it takes a day or few.. I'm happy to let it stand as long as it needs, within reason !
  7. Cheers Rich. ....the latex I got says it's crafting liquid latex rubber for dipping and mould making, and reckons it's 1 part and air dries on it's own, so here's hoping !
  8. The bloke with the wonky hat reminds me of Frank Spencer !
  9. This one certainly appears to be painted in a camo scheme...
  10. It was brilliant, you can't imagine them letting you do stuff like that now tho, I doubt anyone could get near the pits for instance! ....provided you used common sense, and didn't get in the way, the guys were very friendly and showed you all the kit, I even remember sitting in a couple of the cars on occasions..happy days
  11. Nice figures, the nurse on the right looks an old dragon tho..
  12. Ahh fair enough, looked like a Bosche plane to me...you can see how lots must have been shot down by their own side, I'd have taken a pot at it with my SMLE for sure !
  13. Jim Clark, there's a name from the past !..as a nipper I got to go to lots of race meetings in that era, my step father was with BP on the racing side of things and was sent to these, we got access to the pits too which was great fun for a young lad ! We also had a very nice expenses paid holiday to the Isle of Man one year to cover the TT races. Fab model you've made there, great to see some proper old fashioned scratch building..
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