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  1. At least he's not gluing Newt Scamander's little suitcase on this one...
  2. It's like one of those weird fish or insects that go white coz they never see the light of day ...so have you deserted from Joe S. & the russkies then ?...
  3. Yep, knew it was a different mk. but nice to get a flavour of these in general, and as you say there's got to be lots of overlap.. The Indy Neidell great war series, (and indeed his current WW2 series ongoing) are very well done and well worth a watch if anyone's not come across them before...
  4. I've used the Meng nuts and bolts a couple of times, they're a good idea but I found them difficult ( impossible) to cut from the backing sheet cleanly and squarely, no doubt my sausage fingers and failing eyesight though... I preferred the bolts and rivets from Historex, (made by a Russian firm who's name escapes me) that are "proper" bolts or rivets on a long shank that you drill a hole for and insert like the real thing.
  5. That's looking awesome Mr Pigg... Looking at the pics you have to keep reminding yourself how tiny some of these detail parts are in 1/35
  6. Some cracking plumbing there sir !
  7. I also had one of these ( 1917 dated) but was a de-ac so did nothing but go "click" ! I have fired the WW2 period No 4 mk1's on occasion in the distant past, so fairly similar shooting no doubt, I much prefer the sights of the old SMLE though, and the older rifle would be my choice out of the two.
  8. Self portrait Mr P ?.. Seriously, looks great, I particularly like the bloodshot eyes
  9. I got a guitar from ebay once, and the guy had sent it literally just wrapped in a bit of clear plastic builders type sheet and some tape !...you could see exactly what it was through the plastic, and it had absolutely no protection whatever, he may as well have just hung an address label round its neck and sent it unwrapped...incredibly it was undamaged,
  10. Apparently the first deliveries of the grey/blue "horizon blue" uniforms reached some French units as early as sept 1914 , but was a whole year before everyone received their new kit.
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