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  1. A sneakily ( against regulations) opened tin of fleischkonserve on some stale black bread "toasted" on the tank's exhaust pipe..bon apetit..
  2. Mr Pigg is probably swigging champagne and smoking a big "lardy" on a beach somewhere right now...
  3. Expert save there !.. The body's looking really good now. That etch makes all the difference in terms of realism.
  4. The cups look just like the kit in the film! ...Superb stuff, very impressive
  5. You could do a metal version... It would be "Tankcore.." Geddit.?... Tankcore..Tank Corps... Oh well please yerselves.....
  6. Don't know, it sounded like it was going to turn into a song by Craig David for a bit there...
  7. Bloody injector marks ..Out of interest, is this quite an old Tamiya kit or a more recent model ?
  8. I'm intrigued as to the name now..!
  9. Cheers dear sir ! .... I was looking at the bits of it again the other day, and in fact eyeing up some more appropriate sized aerosol cans (to butcher for tubing) in a shop only yesterday, so it's very much still in mind. I've also over the last couple of days been going thru a load of WW2 pics of these again, in various states of disrepair / wreckage. It seems to be a thing with these Trumpeter loco models that folk making them end up having long breaks in mid build, rest assured it'll be back in progress
  10. I bet that gets "clarified" with a bit of graffiti occasionally
  11. I always wonder, do things get dirty in space ? I'd be tempted to do a fair bit of weathering on it but ? You'd think if it'd been in action a few times against the Borg it may have picked up some wear and tear !
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