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  1. All really great models, my favourite bit.. the muddy puddles with the Mk V, perfect !
  2. Coming along brilliantly...As a daily driver of an old vehicle with a similarly spartan cab ( S2 Land Rover) I'd feel very much at home in your truck.. in fact yours has more detail than my 1:1 scale motor !
  3. Looking very nice!.... as regards oil paint, if I couldn't get the cap off I'd just cut off the very bottom of the tube, squish a bit out, then roll & squash the end of the tube over again, like they come, if you see what I mean
  4. These are stunning in every way I also particularly like the improvised "just welded on" square " conning tower" thing on the centaur... Great stuff..
  5. That mud looks like real mud... ahhh.. hang on, it is real mud.... ! ...seriously you can't have too much filth... it looks just like a tank that's been grinding thru the muck, good job
  6. Some nice detail bits there on czech truck models .
  7. Thanks guys, some good ideas there, I'd never have thought of googly eyes ! The watch glass thing is a top idea too, they come in many sizes, in fact I may even have a few old scrap watches laying around !
  8. As per title I'm wondering if anyone knows where I could source clear round headlamp lenses around 35 mm diameter.. 1 or 2 mm bigger would prob be ok, they don't have to be perfect replica Lucas or anything, as long as they generally look the part at viewing distance !
  9. Looking very good now... Very nice old school traditional tatts. there too !
  10. Just looked at this on your wip thread, awesome build and photo etch work
  11. A symphony in brass .... looking fab, and your terrain following tracks are most effective
  12. Very nicely done ... the old Tamiya kits still look great....
  13. That kit certainly rings a bell from the "old days" ! I seem to remember using one as a basis for conversion to an SP as a kid, (the 38t being a popular chassis with the Germans for various adaptations) and there weren't that many kits available back then other than the very standard Tamiya range and a few Italieri... Nice looking build so far
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