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  1. Looking very good now... Very nice old school traditional tatts. there too !
  2. Just looked at this on your wip thread, awesome build and photo etch work
  3. A symphony in brass .... looking fab, and your terrain following tracks are most effective
  4. Very nicely done ... the old Tamiya kits still look great....
  5. That kit certainly rings a bell from the "old days" ! I seem to remember using one as a basis for conversion to an SP as a kid, (the 38t being a popular chassis with the Germans for various adaptations) and there weren't that many kits available back then other than the very standard Tamiya range and a few Italieri... Nice looking build so far
  6. Looking good! ..tbh I doubt they'd bother with full stops in the lettering, it's just a case of daubing some recognised allied logos on, ASAP, so you don't get shot at by your own people !
  7. Cracking idea to wrap the tracks round something cylindrical !
  8. Looking bloody good to me, the rusty wreck looks like a 100% real rusty wreck, and the graffiti looks just like the graffiti....going to be stunning and unique
  9. ^ What Herr Pigg said ! .... Working in that tiny scale, I certainly wouldn't attempt it, top job
  10. Nicely done flat tyre there..... easier just to drive over a nail though..
  11. Nice.. A mate of mine has a real one of these (1-1 scale ) nice to see it modelled, as not a common subject
  12. Some major works occurring there at Tankograd comrade ! Most impressive, I look forward to seeing it painted
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