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  1. Nice building. I have a few of their early kits and am eager to see your progress.
  2. Thanks Jack. I have many Ultracast figures (and heads, decals, accessories) and think they are some of the best. I was delighted, though, that the Bronco plastic figures are so good, they're almost resin-quality. This one in particular almost looks like it could be an Ultracast sculpt. As good as Ultracast (and Hornet, Resicast, etc) are, I do like finding decent plastic figures because of cost, a set of five or six plastic figures can be the same cost as one resin figure. I appreciate the link, I haven't checked their website for a while.
  3. I've been working on a small diorama showing a Manitoba Dragoons Staghound in the Netherlands. I had a couple figures finished but figured I needed one more. So I put together this 1/35 figure from a set of Bronco's Armoured Car Crew. I think Bronco is my favourite plastic figure company and I hope they produce more sets. The jerkin was moulded as separate pieces to be glued to the figure and make it look more like a resin casting than an injection moulded item. A new company Gecko has announced a couple sets of British Infantry that look similar and I am hopeful that the same sculptor and mouldmakers are involved.
  4. Are you using Humbrol enamels? I'm tempted to use Humbrol enamels on an Airfix figure for puritanical reasons.
  5. Thanks for posting progress shots, I love seeing these figures being built.
  6. It's in one of their decal kits for Pfalz of the Flying Circus. I had to find a paint scheme that painted over the specifications stencils on the fuselage sides because my kit didn't come with decals for those. I was in a bit of a quandary with this kit. When I looked online there were many builds of the kit-supplied profile so I wanted to do something different (would have had to buy aftermarket lozenge decals to do that one anyway). I also didn't want to spend too much money as I have many other builds that I'm more emotionally invested in. This one was supposed to be a cheap, quickish build. So I wanted to find an interesting profile with minimum investment, and Wingnut Wings came to my rescue thanks to their excellent research.
  7. Thanks Ian, it certainly is wonky. I decided not to use the kit-supplied decals and scheme and followed the references from one of the profiles on the wingnut wings site showing the strange alignment. It roughly matches a period photograph of this airplane. I imagine the cross was painted plumb when the airplane was sitting on its wheels and tail skid.
  8. Thanks Matteo. currently waiting patiently for lozenge decals.
  9. Revell X-Wing

    Thanks for posting your review. I enjoyed your snowspeeder build as well.
  10. Werner Voss 1/32

    Uniform done, except for the details...like the tiny Blue Max at his neck
  11. 1/72 Omaha Beach

    Thanks Will, I've been stalling on pouring the resin because I have to lower the ship about 3 mm. The plan is for water just past the lowest tank obstacle.
  12. Bandai 1/60 mkii Gundam

    Excellent metal finishes, very cleanly done.
  13. I owe a lot to Wingnut Wings for their models and the research they do for their products. I referenced one of the profiles from a decal set they sell for the 1/32 Pfalz Diiia. Painted with Vallejo, airbrushed the three main colours and brush painted some of the details. I masked and airbrushed the cross on the stabilizer. Now I have to wait for some lozenge decals I ordered from Jadar. I'll weather and add more details after the lozenge is on the wings.
  14. Werner Voss 1/32

    Thanks Jim Didn't need much putty on this one, just a couple skinny gaps and air bubbles in the resin. Painted the face, I may add more shadows but I'll wait until I paint the rest of him in case I also need to do some touch ups.
  15. That's a complex build for 1/48 scale, looks really good.