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  1. Thanks! I've made a bit of progress, I'll post some pictures. Good luck with your build, I'd love to see it.
  2. Great idea Marklo, I look forward to seeing these. I have a fokker dvii that I'd like to build as used by William Barker for the Toronto-New York-Toronto race.
  3. I've been wanting to make a figure of the Anishinaabe sniper Francis Pegahmagabow for a while, I bought the little Ross rifles for this project about 15 years ago. He was the most successful sniper from any nation during the war and is also credited with capturing 300 prisoners. I'm speculating with the equipment and uniform for the figure, probably give him a toque and leave off the backpack. The ICM figure is 1/35 but the rifle is 1/32, and I'll use a hornet head that looks a bit more like the man.
  4. Love these 1/32 Arii kits, looking forward to seeing this one.
  5. Love these old 1/32 kits, especially with the driver added.
  6. Thanks Stix. It is a nice kit for sure. I built their M4A4 a while ago and enjoyed it too. Here is the turret glued together! That's quite a joint. I sanded, filled it with melted sprue and then textured it with the cement and toothbrush. I also managed to assemble the bodies, Nothing to report there, all fell into place.
  7. Here is Theoden with base coats mostly done. Used acrylics and will mostly continue with them. I might use some oil paints later.
  8. Those tracks look great, quite good design and quality that they include the steel pins.
  9. Looks like a major project, looking forward to seeing it unfold.
  10. It is a good pose, and the fine detail of the uniform! I made a start, the sides of the cast hull are smooth so they need some texture. I brushed on some thin cement and then dabbed it with an old toothbrush. When it dried I sanded off the high spots a bit. The rear of the hull has a horizontal line from the mold. I sanded it flat and then did the same texturing. I don't usually build 1/72 kits and have to get used to how little this thing is.
  11. That track looks great. I used to collect AFV rubber band tracks for Dragon Shermans to avoid individual link tracks. The Dragon tracks have their own challenges. Looks like these Miniart tracks take longer but give a better, more workable result. Looking forward to this build.
  12. I finished the sculpting on the king of the Mark. It was a big hurdle because I don't have much sculpting experience. And I feel reverence for good sculptors. I think Snowmane deserves a bit more decoration on her harness. And I still need to add the buckles for the sword belt. But I feel really good now that the bulk of the conversions are done.
  13. Thanks all. I was looking at the figures and they deserve a close up. How did someone sculpt these? So much skill.
  14. Here's my entry, this little kit came in a huge box with an LCM and vacuformed beach. It is a beautiful looking gem, No photoetch thank goodness. The crew is a really nicely sculpted and cast resin set. I don't build many 1/72 kits and am looking forward to this.
  15. Good idea Marklo, I'll think about painting mono-colour rib tape if I run into worse issues with these decals. I sprayed some Humbrol 75 on the cowling, some tamiya acrylic on the fuselage, and then brushed Vandyke brown oil paint on the plywood panels. It took a while to rub it into all of the panel lines, I'm happy with how it turned out.
  16. Got the fuselage closed up, the cockpit has some control cables added which will never be seen. I also added a harness for the pilot made out of masking tape and some extra photo etched buckles. The decals are a bit of a beast. The big one went on easy enough, and dried without too many bubbles. Trimming the excess caused a lot of chipping and shattering along the edge. But the trickiest thing is the rib strips. You have to cut 1 mm wide strips from the decal sheet, easy enough in theory but the decal material is too fragile. The 1 mm strips fall off the backing paper before they even get put in water. So I cut a strip, put some setting solution on the wing, then carefully moving the decal strip to the wing, often in small pieces. It is hard to understand why they did not print the rib strips on the wing decals. Should I bin the rest and order Aviattic lozenge decal sheets? Maybe if things get worse but it's hard to justify spending $65 on decals for a $50 kit. Even if I buy Aviattic decals I will still have to cut 1 mm rib strips which could be a pain. Whinging complete.
  17. The kit comes with lots of cockpit parts, not nearly complete but enough to look decent. Except that there's no bulkhead behind the seat. I made one out of plastic card because it seems necessary to close off the fuselage and provide mounting points for the pilot's harness. I painted oils over acrylics to simulate plywood and when that eventually dries I'll add some instrument decals, cables, and some plumbing.
  18. I think I've finished making the shield and put a first coat of gold paint on it. I put him on his horse temporarily for inspiration while I procrastinate finishing the sculpting.
  19. The mods are done for the lifting points and I got rid of the panel lines on the front part of the fuselage. I also added a vertical panel line that was missing from each side of the rear fuselage. The plywood seat needed some holes and a cushion.
  20. This will be a fun project, I love the look of the dark plywood fuselage with lozenge wings. The lozenge decals come with the kit and I'll give them a try. The only things I'm adding are some leftover Spandau cooling jackets and a little WNW windshield. The plastic is very soft!! I tried trimming some flash with a sharp knife and took out a big slice of the wing root. It will make it easier to fix some of the kit design errors but I'll have to be careful. Here are a couple things I'll fix, I have to thank Mike Sandbagger Norris for highlighting these deficiencies during his excellent build of this kit. The lifting points are actually fuselage longerons and so should be aligned along the horizontal panel lines. I will cut these out, reposition them and thin the walls from the inside.
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