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  1. Looking for information on these series of fact files, how many volumes are there in the set, and how many individual files are there for the set. They are the small size A5 , with a Tomcat on the binders.
  2. Used it once after a recommendation, not by a hobby shop by the way but a modeller, it finished up in the bin. I recommend Revell Plasto as it sets hard,can be wet sanded and if used sparingly you do not lose surface detail.
  3. Being one of the organisers of the Hailsham District Model show.this question has been asked on more than one occassion about clubs selling under table kits. Our answer is quite simple, if you are selling just a few kits,there is no problem,but if you are unloading a major quantity then you would be expected to buy a table as per the traders.
  4. Just to say a big thankyou to all the guys at North Surrey for a very good show, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it was good to see and catch up with friends again. Thanks Derek
  5. PM sent re show in Hailsham
  6. Hi.

    You may like to include our show in Hailsham.

    Hailsham and District Scale Model Club, (IPMS East Sussex).

    It is being held on July 8th 2017, at Hailsham Community Centre.



    Derek Hersey (Treasurer)

  7. I am currently building the RAF Rescue version
  8. Sean PM sent, can you fit our club in please. Derek
  9. A good model of the British Phantom is to be welcomed in whatever scale.
  10. advert for the book
  11. Not the same publication, if you look at the advert and the picture, completely different cover and title,and published by Airfile, (Guideline), whom now I believe own the publishing rights to the series.
  12. This will be on my purchase list.
  13. Although I am not a car kit modeller, could not help but to purchase this job lot of car kits, total cost £25. Some boxes are damaged, kits complete, small cement mark on windscreen of Beach Buggy.
  14. The Condor Legion in The Spanish Civil War 1936 - 1939