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  1. I get tip offs from my uncle, no idea where he gets his information but he was a spotter from way back when so I assume he still has contacts. Only a short video, ignore me and my son lol https://youtu.be/tBAhpvgpQrI
  2. Took a quick video on my phone but have no idea how to post it, I got to the base with minutes to spare!
  3. 6 out of a planned 8 are on the ground at Lakenheath
  4. I've heard a rumour that a deployment of F-35's are heading over to Lakenheath this afternoon around 15:30. Apparently there's two Mildenhall 135's at Bangor Maine ready to escort them over. edit: http://www.defensenews.com/articles/us-air-force-f-35s-making-first-operational-deployment-to-europe-this-weekend
  5. Very sad indeed, I'm pretty sure visibility that day was poor too.
  6. Latest update indicates navigation system failure. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-38854373
  7. You won't be buying one then
  8. So I'm sitting here watching top gun for what feels like the hundredth time; eagerly anticipating the AMK F-14
  9. I did read that the revell spit is closer to a Va rather than MkII so should make te conversion to a Vb that bit easier?
  10. Thanks for that, I must admit I'm not overly concerned about the fine details I'd just like to build an acceptable representation of a Vb cheers
  11. Hi I had the revell 1/32 spitfire MkII bought for me for Christmas and while trawling though the interwebs I found a build thread on LSP where a guy has made a small resin conversion set to make a Vb (LSP Vb conversion thread ). Now in all honesty I don't know a huge amount about the differences between Mk's, I just know I prefer the look of the Vb so I've ordered the set. What I'd like to know is other than the missing 20mm barrels and decals is there anything else I need to complete the conversion? cheers Chris
  12. Having seen the 22's flying out of lakenheath last year I'd hate to try and recreate a realistic look in model form. It seems every shape and panel is a different metallic colour which just so happens to change depending on which angle you view from and where the natural light is coming from. On top of all that you have the basic camo scheme that kind of fades in and out of view, again depending on what angle you're looking at it. it's a very very strange affect that they've achieved which is undoubtedly down to the stealth coatings. google "lakenheath F-22" to get an idea what I'm on about.
  13. Saying over on LSP that it's not a 32 scale beau that's going to be announced
  14. There has been rumblings locally for a while now that the base closure is far from certain. A number of the top brass who socialise with the local council members has been less than subtle about which way they think the closure is going.
  15. I was thinking Yak-130 too