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  1. Thanks Scot pictures are very useful
  2. Hi Ross if possible, i would like to have this image . Can't have enough information
  3. Hi Peter it has been avlong time ago that i made the last posting. I am aware of MMP book and already ordered it. Thank you Chris
  4. Hi I am starting to build the new Armory Models Group 1/48 Fairey Flycatcher. I have got the early version (48001) I am looking for good foto's/drawings of the type of early propeller used as i am not convinced of the shape of the propeller supplied in the kit. (2 types are given a broad one with a pointed tip and a narrower one with a blunt tip) I searched the web but can not find good pictures of the blunt tip version . (i am building one without the spinner) maybe one of you can help with good references thank you in advance Huub
  5. My most reliable source confirmed 1/48 but there are also rumours that it is 1/32. We will hear the outcome very soon!!!
  6. Hi, 1/72 Tu-12 available from International Resin Model Association (IRMA) http://www.aviationmegastore.com/tupolev-tu-12-irma-9-int-resin-modellers-bottom-irma-9-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=114376 Best regards Huub
  7. Thanks all Will go for the Aeroclub correction set Huub
  8. Hi all, Of the 3 engine correction sets (Aeroclub/Freightdog/AML) for the Revell Halifax B Mk.II i find the AML the best tooled and cast of the 3, but can anyone comment which of the 3 is the most accurate. Huub
  9. for a couple of years it is a public secret that Revell had a 1/72 DC-4 in there to do list, so a C-54 does not come as a surprise. Mach 2 had something that tried to be a 1/72 plastic injection model of a DC-4/C-54. Heller has a DC-6 not a DC-4/C-54.
  10. Hi all Finally..... http://www.aviationmegastore.com/douglas-c54-skymaster-expected-april-2015-048772-revell-4009803048772-airliner-model-kit/product/?shopid=LM5339a598dab0a64f01ea5347a7&action=prodinfo&parent_id=212&art=124980 Regards Huub
  11. Hi It was not cheap Picked it up at Aviation Megastore for 62.95 euro. Huub
  12. Hi All Here a quick posting Today bought the new 1/72 Minicraft Mariner. Only a PBM-5A can be made. Looks like a good basis for a stunning model of the Mariner. Fine recessed panellines and adequate detail. Small decal sheet printed by cartograf for 2 U.S. Navy versions one WW II and one post war. Have to have a closer look at this kit to check the accuracy. Will post my findings. Best regards Huub
  13. Huub vD

    Martin Baker MB.5

    Started to build Falcon's 1/48 Martin Baker MB.5. I think i have got all the information available on the Internet (also searched Britmodeller's Forum and found some very useful pictures). I also have the SAMI article on Alan Clark's 1/24 build MB.5. But still need extra info. Pictures and/or good drawings of the wheel wells/ main landing gear/ underside wings/ underside fuselage will be very useful. The main landing gear wheels look very similar to Sea Fury/late Firefly wheels. Are they the same? Does anyone know what kind of propellers were used. Thank you in advance Huub
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