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  1. My thoughts exactly,but I think this is test -Look at finnished un assembled pieces, they look much sharper. Hope I am right. P
  2. Ok. Maybe there is still hope for that Su-34 nose in 48. I couldnt google any more 34 photos from this show, weird... Cheers P
  3. Yes but if tht 29 is in 1/32 scale, both MiG and Su look too big for 72...then it is just the photo...
  4. Finally disaster is evident Edit I guess nose is the same in 48
  5. They have spoken! This is whole new territory for HB and Trump!
  6. From the back of my head, there were no external difference between MiG-27D and M, one being upgraded examples other serial machines... Any info regarding box content and difference in plastic? Cheers P
  7. Yes, and my personal opinion is that A-4 Skyhawk from Hasegawa in 1/48 is one of their best efforts, followed closely by F-8. Both kits can be assembled in single day, no filler, and regardless of technology advances there is no way Kinetic can topple that quality. Besides, on HLJ you can get Skyhawk for around 20 eur!!?? Crusader was rare for the last few years but couple months ago Hasegawa released some boxes of E version for 18 eur w/o shipping on HLJ!! And they will probably print more once they insure there is high demand... S-3 makes more sence to me. P
  8. Martin. As I am anticipating MiG-25 like nothing ever before. I will use this opportunity to suggest Mirage F1, (it did carry exocet;-) ) and offers hughe options regarding operators /versions Cheers P