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  1. Vickers Valiant

    Mistakes they were still making in the 60's with the alloy used on the TSR-2. Chosen because it was light, but it also shattered if struck by a high speed projectile (like an AA round)
  2. Beautiful model. I've been looking at this one myself, as I need a Dolphin for my 85 Sqn collection. How was the build?
  3. Vickers Valiant

    Well, quite simply, if they had stayed in service, all the wings would have fallen off. Having recently read the Valiant Boys book, it seems the second prototype had a massive wing spar failure during a RATOG test, and the crew were lucky to get the plane on the ground. This happened a good 2-3 years before the rest of the fleet were inspected.
  4. Wingnut Wings 1/32 Dolphin

    Lovely build! I must get a 1/48 one for my 85 Sqn build!
  5. Jaguar Marine...

    Glad I could have been of help. Looking good so far! DSCF9299_zpsylv8pclg by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  6. Airfix Vulcan

    Great job! The rescribing looks fine to me. I'm on my 5th Vulcan at the moment. Doing one for my parents (more specifically my mum, who loves them!). Doing XH562, as she appeared after a visit to New Zealand. She had to land at RAF Tengah, for windscreen repairs, and my dad was on the flightline replen team, and got some photos as it came into land, resplendent in it's RNZAF kiwi roundels.
  7. Hawker Hunter XF442

    Pollock does state that he'll be standing on Tower Bridge on the 1st April this year....Maybe he's waiting to see if his "performance" is repeated by a Typhoon?
  8. Hawker Hunter XF442

    May I suggest reading "Hunter Boys", as the first chapter is by Alan Pollock, the pilot who carried out this feat. He describes the whole thing in detail.
  9. Hunter XF442 was the aircraft flown between the towers of Tower Bridge on the 5th April 1968 in protest of the lack of celebrations for the RAF's 50th anniversary. Kit is the 1/48 Italeri/Academy FGA.9 with resin cockpit (which turned out to be a waste of time) and Aeroclub wheels. I didn't bother with changing the tail pipe. Decals are from the Xtradecal 1 Sqn set, with the serials changed to the correct ones, as those in the set are wrong. 20180111_211240 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20180111_211249 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20180111_211318 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20180111_211306 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20180111_211256 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  10. Luft´46...1/48 Horten H IX/Ho229

    Definitely a kit I want! But looking at where the pilot sits in relation to those engines.....Those unreliable, short lifed engines, that had a tendency to blow up.....
  11. F14 K the Tomcat the RAF never Purchased

    The French E-3 is the E-3F. Ours is the E-3D. There is no E-3E. And tbh, these are American designations. In RAF use it would be the Tomcat FGR.1
  12. F14 K the Tomcat the RAF never Purchased

    Flightpath do 1/32 RAF post war weaponry.... https://www.djparkins.com/home.php?cat=272
  13. F14 K the Tomcat the RAF never Purchased

    I've done a couple of RN Tomcats, but never an RAF one. My first was classic FAA colours.. 101_5730 by Paul Carter, on Flickr My latest is in Falklands war colours 20170413_171856_zpsqzlbj4yi by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  14. Tigershark GR.3 Gulf War

    I do agree. Trying to find a lighter colour I'm happy with.
  15. Tigershark GR.3 Gulf War

    Shhh...we don't talk about the Jags. lol Yes it's a lovely kit. It needs a bit of "fine tuning" in a couple of areas, but that just adds to the pleasure.