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  1. This looks amazing, from a technical point of view, however, Canberra PR.9s were keep very clean, so, from a personal point of view, I feel the weathering is rather inaccurate. Sorry, I'm not trying to "dis" your fantastic build (I wish I could produce something this detailed), but if it were me, I'd appreciate being told.
  2. Very nice indeed. I wasn't aware that Hunters wore wraparound. It looks good in it!
  3. I do love to see a good Harrier kit built (and this is a good Harrier build), especially a first gen. The diorama adds huge depth to it, especially little touches like the RAF Mini. I still remember those. The only thing I'd say is it'd probably be early 70's because by the late 70's all Harriers would have been GR3 standard.
  4. 264 Sqn developed tactics for use against fighters and others for use against bombers, which worked. 37 victories over France prove that. However, as more squadrons came on line, they ignored the tried, tested and proven tactics, and tried to use the aircraft as a normal fighter, which proved disasterous....the rest is history!
  5. RAF???
  6. My previous one was EDSG and white. As are most of my RN whifs. Decide on a change this time
  7. Because you're not used to seeing them so dark
  8. By the late 60s, the Royal Navy were looking to replace their aging carriers. Unfortunately the nice shiny brand new ones they had hoped for were vetoed by the treasury. As compensation, a pair of surplus ex US Navy Kittyhawk non nuclear carrives wereally bought and retro fitted with the electronic systems salvaged from the outgoing carriers. To make up for the disappointment of "hand me down" ships, the government authorised the purchase of new aircraft. One of the types selected was the new Grumman F-14 Tomcat, known in the FAA as the Tomcat FR.1. With upgrades carried out by BAe, the FR.2 was the standard fighter in service in 1982, when the Argentinian forces invaded the Falkland islands. En-route to the islands, the aircraft of the task force were repainted from their peacetime Gary and white schemes to an all over extra dark sea grey. Squadron and other identifying markings were painted out. On combat air patrol, the general load out was 4 sky flash and 2 sidewinders, with a TARPS reconnaissance pod to gather intel when over flying the islands. Tomcat FR.2 of 801 Sqn , HMS Queen Elizabeth Academy 1/48 F-14 Tomcat.
  9. Thanks. I have seen all of this and much more. Unfortunately the paragon conversions are long out of production, otherwise I would happily have gone with that.
  10. My engines were also too short and too narrow and not tall enough, so I sliced one up and used plastic card to correct the errors and then I moulded my own.
  11. The Mosquito NF Mk XV was a high altitude aircraft developed in response to a series of very high level raids launched by the Germans in the summer of 1942. These raids used modified Junkers Ju 86s, which were capable of flying above the service ceiling of any current British fighter. Although these were no more than nuisance raids, with very light bomb loads, work immediately began on high altitude aircraft to deal with the threat. The NF Mk XV was based around the B Mk IV fuselage, equipped with Merlin 73 two stage engines and longer wings. It was the first model of Mosquito to have a pressurised cabin. Armament was limited to four .303in machine guns in a mounting under the fuselage. On top of this the aircraft was lightened by over 1,000 pounds, and only the inboard and outboard (No.5) fuel tanks were used for a total of 287 gallons, thus giving MP469 the shortest range of any Mosquito at 1,050 miles. The standard Mosquito wheels and were swapped for smaller and lighter units. The prototype NF Mk XV could reach an altitude of 45,000 feet. However, by the time it was ready to make an attempt to intercept one of the German raiders, the high altitude raids had stopped. The Spitfire Mk VI had come close to catching several of the raiders, and the last one was flown on 9 September 1942. The five NF Mk XVs (one prototype plus four production aircraft) remained in service until August 1943. They were then used for experimental work. The kit is the 1/48 Tamiya B.IV, with resin radar nose from Freightdog, 4 blade resin props from Maestro models, and heavily modified CMK resin engines. The smaller wheels came from a Grumman Tigercat. Wing extensions and gun pack were scratchbuilt. There are a few inaccuracies in my build, because I usually found out about them too late to do anything about them. I am happy with how it has turned out though
  12. Thanks. I'm starting to get the hang of not overdoing the weathering a bit now, lol
  13. Used as a high speed reconnaissance, strike and communications aircraft by Rommel's victorious desert forces. As no jets were deployed to the desert, it became untouchable. Tamiya 1/48
  14. Cracking job! I recently picked up the 2 seat Anteater variant cheaply, and am doing a what if version of that too.
  15. Excellent!!!