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  1. Cracking job! I recently picked up the 2 seat Anteater variant cheaply, and am doing a what if version of that too.
  2. Excellent!!!
  3. The decals came from my Airfix F.22/24. This is the Trumpy 1/48 kit.
  4. Vallejo metal paints. Aluminium, steel, jet exhaust and exhaust manifold. I used this as a test for my Lightning.
  5. Well, it was only a stop gap until the Lightning entered service.
  6. What if there had been troubles with the P.1 program? Engine fires caused by fuel leaks setting the development back enough to warrant buying a stopgap aircraft. Needing something with the speed and acceleration close to that promised by the Lightning, the MOD turned to Lockheed, and bought 2 squadrons of F-104s 56 sqn introduced the aircraft into service. The only modification being the fitment of coolant systems for Firestreaks missiles. Kit is the 1/48 Revell/Hasegawa F-104, fitted with Airfix Lightning Firestreaks.
  7. I did read somewhere, that 8 was the maximum that would work. I forget the reasoning why, or where I read it. Helicopters are not really my thing, so that sort of info doesn't really stick....
  8. Very nice. I did my 2 seater as an RAF Mach 2 trainer, and I intend to do the single seater as an RAF ground attack aircraft.
  9. Gobsmacked......
  10. Thanks for that. Well, just goes to prove, never trust the internet, lol
  11. Thankyou for that info. I'm not a vehicle person so I just based it on photos, all of which were blue/grey.
  12. I was aware of the 6 exhaust fitment, and meant to check it before I added them. I guess I just forgot (in my defence it was 3 in the morning)
  13. Thank you. As far as the truck goes, it was just there for show. And, seeing as Bedford MWD's were used throughout the war, it does sit well. In fact, fitted with solid half doors and a "proper" windshield, it's actually too modern to sit with the Hurricane.
  14. Total twist on the it. As you say, quite soviet looking, from certain angles. NATO name Shazbat, lol