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  1. You've done the Meteor proud. Scary to think that I was at Tengah the same time as this Meteor.....except I was only 2....
  2. Devilfish

    Mig 28

    What more can I say? Monogram 1/48 F=5E with home made decals and Exocets off a Revell Mirage... 20190916_223608 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20190916_223616 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20190916_223620 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20190916_223628 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  3. Beautiful. I've just started a pair of these, and I was thinking about doing one wheels up.....this has really given me something to think about!
  4. Well....that's me upset now!! I've just ordered this very set of decals to do this aircraft, and mine's never going to look that good!!
  5. Whereas you've done an amazing job on detailing the cockpit on this kit, it appears (I hope I'm wrong) you have painted it RLM02 (the same as the undercarriage bays), which is incorrect for this period. Cockpits switched from RLM02 quite early on to RLM66,
  6. Lovely build, but you do realise your jets are pointing down?
  7. An interesting side note. To make the "109"s more like the Emil model, and to differentiate theme from the Spitfires in the film (for non-aeronautically minded), the producer had the wing tips squared off. The Spanish Air Force's head pilot argued that this would ruin the plane, but once he took one of the modified planes up, he asked why they hadn't done that themselves when they were in service! Apparently they were much more responsive to roll.
  8. Academy did the whole range of 1/48 109's including the Buchon. It was available as a Spanish one. or movie plane, but both come with "German" markings. I did mine with markings from the spares box to do Yellow 7 from the BoB movie. The kit can still be found.... Yellow nosed sweetheart by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  9. Very nice. I did something very similar a few years ago. I do wonder why people keep insisting on painting the RAM tape on the fuselage a different colour still, when on all the latest ones the aircraft is a uniform colour all over. My Navy one 20160103_142702_zpsc4iqpabq by Paul Carter, on Flickr And my RAF one...I used Mr Paint Have Glass on this one. 20190411_224329 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  10. It's interesting that they provide fuel tanks for this kit. I was at a lecture last night at Metheringham Airfield about the Horten IX, and the lecturer stated that the design called for the wings to be sealed and fuel to be held directly in them. I'm not sure it was a good idea, or even if it would have worked...... As for the old Dragon kit (mentioned earlier), it's not a bad kit. A few areas are a bit awkward. I had to close up the gun bays and leave out the cannons as they wouldn't fit with the engines. I also had to leave one engine cover off, as it refused to sit flat... 20180515_211405 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  11. Well, I've used 96 quite a bit for more than 30 odd years, and it's always been that colour.... Well, my one never did....
  12. There's no such thing as a "simple question" about paint on here, lol Just look up the thread about Azure Blue..... A frind told me that one of the Citadel paints (Runefang Silver IIRC) dries to a finish very similar to how HSS dulls down to, but I've not tried it myself...
  13. I have, and it's more like a bare metal than a painted finish. Way too shiny!
  14. I wore it for 22 years..... This is 96.....which is nothing like any RAF uniform I've ever seen. 20170115_001936_zpszy01vu3n by Paul Carter, on Flickr
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