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  1. I had some from CMK (I think), but they were too short and too narrow, so I sliced them up, widened and lengthened them, then cast my own.
  2. Apology accepted. I knew when I bought the decal set their research wasn't that great, but added to what I had, I thought I could improve it (code letters not withstanding) The "Green 3" comes from the book "Fighter Squadron at War", a recollection of 85 Sqn form inception to the end of WW2... 20200607_085114 by Paul Carter, on Flickr The photos I have seen (B&W, so no guarantee of anything) seem to show the bands are not white 20200607_085042 by Paul Carter, on Flickr I took a guess at them being green, as it made more sense...
  3. Why green? Because, as you say, 85 were using flight colours for the spinners, and Lewis was Green 3. White bands seems pointless, as they don't signify anything... I'm aware of the codes being the wrong size/thickness, but other than making my own, there was nothing I could do. As for the leading edges, well, I used what photos I had, none of which definitively show VY-R having wrap around. Whereas I appreciate your input, maybe you could work on your bedside manner?
  4. Thanks. Typically though, I forgot to put the seat straps outside of the cockpit, as they would be at standby!
  5. I'm an Ex Bloodhound Missile techie. Just latched onto the 85 Sqn history after doing a bit of reading up about them. I have quite a collection of their aircraft, Se.5a, Mossies, Meteors, Canberra, Havoc, Defiant etc. Got a few more to do.
  6. Devilfish


    No, it was the one that lead to the TSR.2. The RAF did actually look at the F-105 not once, but twice to fill this role, but rejected it. Not sure what the reasons were, but I guess it just wasn't "space age" enough...
  7. VY-R, Green 3, belonging to F/O AG Lewis, June 1940 at Castle Camps. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk1 Eduard harness Parachute pack on the tail from spares. Xtradecal decals Mr Hobby DG/DE Tamiya sky grey undersides First, the real thing.... 20200607_085042 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200816_152600 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200816_152610 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200816_152618 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200816_152628 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200816_152641 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200816_152637 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200816_152732 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200816_152725 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200816_152706 by Paul Carter, on Flickr And with the rest of my 85 Sqn Hurricanes 20200812_224227 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200812_224458 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  8. Devilfish

    Mig 30

    No, because it's the successor to the Mig 28......
  9. I don't have any decent pictures of this one, but here's one I did on another TSR. Basically it's a bit of shaped sprue. BAe Eagle GR.6 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  10. Yes, I've built one of those too, complete with fuselage stretch.... DSCF0073_zps2445b7f7 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  11. No, not at all. I just read Damien Burke's book, TSR2: Britain's lost bomber. It's all in there.
  12. 1/48 They are out there. Scour E-bay. I've not paid more than £40 for any of mine.
  13. Had the TSR 2 not been cancelled in 1965, there were several changes that needed to be made to it, before it entered service. These are all documented changes, and i have tried to incorporate them into this kit to make it as "in service" accurate as I can Starting from the front, these are the mods I have done to the kit The pitot was to have a "bulb" on it much like the later Jaguar. To that end I have fitted a brass Jaguar item. A retractable bolt on refuelling probe was to be fitted to the left hand side (scratch built) The optics of the canopies was not good enough, but no development was done on this, so I have just removed the gold tint, which was a heating element. The instrument panels were scratch built to make them more accurate, and a HUD was fitted. The original plan was for a HUD projecting on the front screen, but they couldn't get that to work, so an American system was to be fitted. I have fitted resin insides to the canopies The 3 strike camera positions were opened up and glazed. The extendable nose leg was found to be unnecessary, so was to be deleted. I removed the extra link from the leg. Metal undercarriage was fitted The forward fuselage to wing "hump" was reduced and the extra vents added (restored?) The intake aux air doors weren't good enough, so a new method was devised, where the whole front edge slid forward to allow more air in. Intakes modified to match drawings. The long range fuel tank was scratch built from 2 off a Boston bomber Master Caster Blue Water missiles fitted to modified F-15 pylons Outer pylons made from modified and inverted F-35 pylons, with home made "rapid blooming windows" pods Brake likes were added to the main legs. The wing tip fuel dumps were thinned down as they were way too thick. The airbrakes were to be vented, like those on the Jaguar. The kit items were drilled out The screw jacks, used to open the airbrakes was to be replaced with a "normal" hydraulic system. Lower airbrakes drooped to represent this system at rest. A one shot arrestor hook was to be added. One found in the spares. Under fuselage strakes were talked about to help stability. Modified F-8 strakes fitted The kit's upper fuselage vents were replaced with resin items. An intake was added to the fin. P/E access ladders fitted (modified to a simpler design, for in service use) Enough reading...on with the photos. DSC_0240 by Paul Carter, on Flickr DSC_0245 by Paul Carter, on Flickr DSC_0259 by Paul Carter, on Flickr DSC_0256 by Paul Carter, on Flickr DSC_0250 by Paul Carter, on Flickr DSC_0255 by Paul Carter, on Flickr DSC_0252 by Paul Carter, on Flickr DSC_0243 by Paul Carter, on Flickr DSC_0251 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200721_223751 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200620_113700 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200620_113715 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  14. Devilfish

    Mig 30

    To go with my Mig 28, i had a spare Monogram 1/48 F-20, which I painted up as a Mig 30, a development of the 28 20200413_115559 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200413_115605 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200413_115624 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200413_115615 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200413_115642 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20200413_115646 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  15. Devilfish


    It's probably the lighting. I just put a panel line wash over it. Other than that, it's as it comes out of the jar.
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