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  1. Lovely build! I have often thought about building on in 1/48. Maybe I'll start with a Whif based on an early supercharged P-38... From what I understand, the decision to not have handed engines was a daft one anyway, as I believe the only difference between the two engines was the firing order,,,,
  2. Thanks. I think I used Mr Hobby paints on this one
  3. Nice start. I've built one of these and there are no issues with it whatsoever, in typical Tamiya fashion. I did mine as a Luft '46 Afrika Korps communications hack 20170326_104232_zpsrmnvzgvc by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20170326_104313_zpsmoyoqatu by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  4. No, of course the import taxes aren't their fault, but why would I pay more than double what the kits are worth to get them from Japan, when I could get them from the UK for a lot less?
  5. I will get an Eduard A-3. I have a few trusted UK based suppliers, so I'll get one. After my last dealings with a Japanese based shop, I certainly won't be buying from there again, lol (£50 of kits, £20 postage, then hit with £20 import taxes!)
  6. Ok, thanks. It's 1/48 I'm looking at, but I'll find one. Ordered the decals now, so I'll just put them to one side until I find a suitable kit.
  7. I've got an Eduard FW190A-8 but I want to get the decals for an A-3. Can those in the knowledge tell me what the visible difference between the two types are, and if I can back-date the A-8?
  8. Beautiful rendition! I wish they did a 1/48 version, so I could build one to go with my SR.53 DSC_0790 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  9. Very useful John, thank you for that link. It pointed out another omission of the Airfix kit. The strengthening plate on the rear. I've added that now, but it would have been far easier to do, had I known about it before I fitted the wings, lol
  10. Fantastic. Thanks for the replies. Very helpful indeed.
  11. I'm building the Airfix Canberra PR9 and I have a question about the U/C. The instructions claim the wells, legs and hubs are all white, but from what I remember of my time at Wyton, most Canberras had silver hubs. I can't say I ever looked that closely at the PR9, so I'm wondering about the rest too. Photos seem to bear out that the legs are white, but what about the front mudguards etc?
  12. Very nice!! I have the Revell/Frog MR3 in my stash, along with the Aeroclub AEW conversion and decals. I had always planned to convert it, then both Airfix and Revell brought out an AEW....Typical!! I have the Revell AEW in my stash, so I will probably do the MR3 as is, or possibly Whif it.....
  13. I did a Hornet a few years ago in the later light grey with low-viz roundels, but it looked too much like any other F/A-18, so I decided to go with traditional grey/white, as the SHARs were originally, although I agree, all over EDSG would look good. I have a couple of ideas for an RN Skyhawk. Watch this space.... I already have a Tomcat in Falklands scheme (and previously had one in grey/white), a Crusader, Corsair and several others in RN schemes. A Hawkeye and Viking are waiting to be done too.
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