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  1. Nice work. Like you, I have one sat on the shelf of doom....Maybe for the 80th anniversary?
  2. Nice to see 597 done instead of 607 (or 558!!) I wasn't aware the Shrikes were "camo'd". You learn something new every day. I did think though, that the shrikes were only carried on one side, with a jammer pod carried on the other, or am I wrong?
  3. I'm pretty sure that's what I said....lol (except I added red and green too)
  4. I always think.....Port, Left and Red are short words, Starboard, Right and Green are long words.
  5. Lovely job! I do like when people build a series of kits from a particular Squadron. I'm doing 85 Sqn, and have done the Javelin (converted to FAW.8). The Classic Airframes Meteor NF.11 (converted to NF.12) is next. My only minor comment is that the Javelins were gloss, so a semi-gloss varnish would have been more proto-typical, but that's a minor point in an otherwise great build. Mine fought me all the way!
  6. Devilfish

    Replacing the Canberra in RAAF service

    Very nice indeed. Good back story. I did something similar but using the 1/48 version, for my TSR-2 timeline, that I'm working on. I scratchbuilt the stretch just behind the rear cockpit on mine.
  7. The original underside colour of the Hunters (and most other RAF fighters of the day) was High Speed Silver (although that wasn't an official name, I believe). This is a painted on colour, not a natural metal finish. As someone else stated, they went to LAG from 1966, subject to going through major servicing. The colour was changed to grey, because the paint type was changed (I forget from what to what), and they couldn't do a silver in the new type, so light grey was chosen as a replacement. When you were there in 1970, it is likely that most were grey, but some could still have been silver. That first photo to me looks more silver than grey, but I could be wrong (exposure etc)
  8. Hurricane Mk1 ragwing, in 85 Sqn markings. Kit - Airfix 1/48 New tool Conversion - MDC fabric wing conversion Camo masks & Montex masks for the markings The kit itself was the usual Airfix joy to build. It fought me all the way. The conversion had to be modified to fit the Airfix kit, as it is designed for the Hasegawa kit. Then I fitted one wing wonky, so had to cut it and reposition. Then I got the underside colours the wrong way around! Then I found out the landing and wingtip nav lights were completely different on the Hase kit (much bigger), so had to scratch build them. The last bit, was the tail fillet. Having looked at other 85 Hurricanes in these markings, they had the tail fillet, so I left it. Only to find out, this particular aircraft didn't have it! So, the fully painted and lacquered aircraft had to have it filed down and filled, then masked and repainted. So, in a way, I'm glad it's done (other than the aerial mast) 20180325_230137 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20180325_230216 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20180325_230148 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20180325_230200 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20180325_230209 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  9. It's not a NMF, it's a painted High-speed Silver. As far as I can see, the very first photo that comes up on your link, the Hunters are silver painted underneath. There may well have been a "changeover" period, as LAG was brought in when the paint type was changed in the late 60's, and there was no silver available in the new paint type.
  10. Devilfish


    Just seen this thread. I built this kit last year, as a Whif. The hardware to have the airbrakes open is contained in this kit, just not pointed out in the instructions. 20170624_191014_zpsdoerkaup by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20170624_191037_zpsg7mofjoz by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20170624_191005_zpsdm5gh4dt by Paul Carter, on Flickr I would love to get another one, but make a 2-seater, using the bits from the Kinetic F-16B
  11. Devilfish

    La muerte negra -- Kinetic 1/48th Sea Harrier

    Looks great. I Like the shade difference between the old and new paint where the white was painted out on the roundels and underside!
  12. Sorry if this has been said already. I don't have time to read through all the posts. As far as I'm aware, Hunters of this period were sliver underneath. LAG came later with the tactical red/blue roundels. On mine I used 1 Sqn markings from Xtradecal, but home made the serials.
  13. Devilfish

    Academy 1:48 Hawker Hunter FGA9

    Nice build. Despite its faults, it's a good kit. The cockpit isn't 1/72 scale, it is just too shallow for some reason. Not really a major problem as it's all black, and there is no option to have the canopy open, so you won't see a lot anyway. The bombs wouldn't be painted "half and half" like the drop tanks. All green. Can I ask why you went for Light Aircraft grey underside? Later aircraft had this, but with the blue/red tactical roundels. I think all earlier ones with the three colour roundels were "high speed silver" (I use Aluminium) underneath.
  14. Devilfish

    Vickers Valiant

    Mistakes they were still making in the 60's with the alloy used on the TSR-2. Chosen because it was light, but it also shattered if struck by a high speed projectile (like an AA round)
  15. Beautiful model. I've been looking at this one myself, as I need a Dolphin for my 85 Sqn collection. How was the build?