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  1. Just ordered this kit and plan to do it in RAF trainer yellow, so will be watching this with interest.
  2. Devilfish

    Miles Dart F.1

    After the defeat of Japan, the Allies went in, as they did in Germany, to see what technology they could find. Two prototypes of an advanced new fighter , the Kyushu J7W Shinden (Magnificent Lightning) were found. One was shipped to the USA, where it was promptly ignored and sits in pieces in a museum to this day. The other was supposedly destroyed, yet in reality it was shipped to the UK, where it was tested. Once testing was complete, the report claimed it to be an excellent and agile fighter, but because it was still piston engine powered, it was of no interest. The Miles aircraft company, asked if they could have the soon to be scrapped airframe for "testing". They developed it to accept the RR Derwent engine. As it no longer had the huge rear prop, the long spindly undercarriage was seen as irrelevant. It was modified and shortened. This meant the lower tail fins would also need to be removed, and stability was restored with a third fin mounted on the fuselage. The Air Ministry were impressed with the new aircraft's speed and agility, even if it's range wasn't ideal. Two squadrons were equipped with the aircraft, now called the Dart, and based on the new frontline in Germany. Kit is the Hasegawa 1/48 Shinden 20191120_212605 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20191120_212612 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20191120_212619 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20191120_212626 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20191120_212636 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  3. Thank you for inviting me to post pics of my Skua/Roc up. The Roc is now residing in Newark Air Museum, and the Skua will probably end up there too. DSC_0027 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20190903_210503 by Paul Carter, on Flickr 20190903_210543 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
  4. Having recently built this and the Skua, I know how much work is involved! Well done!!
  5. Can you imagine this? Those tip jets would be visible for miles to the bomber gunners. It'd be a nightmare for a single crewman to fly, operate the radar and find and shoot at a target. Then of course, he has to land...vertically...in the dark.....probably in a clearing in the woods.......without being able to see behind him! Not well thought out really.....
  6. Didn't notice a problem with mine either
  7. Very nice pair. I do love a good Hurricane or two! Only a couple of tiny issues. It looks to me (and I could be wrong) like you've chipped the ailerons on the Mk1. The ailerons are fabric covered. Also they both appear to be facing down. One should be up, as they are used to induce roll. Other than that, excellent work.
  8. Devilfish

    Spitfire TR.9

    That's the "easy" one, as it's a "Grace" type, with just a second spitfire canopy. The one I'm building has the raised bubble canopy.
  9. Devilfish

    Spitfire TR.9

    I could only find the AZ models kit on Aviation megastore's site, but including postage, it would have been almost £30, and I am NOT paying that for a 1/72 Spitfire!
  10. Wow! That's impressive. It almost seems insane that that was even an option that was seriously considered
  11. Devilfish

    Spitfire TR.9

    Thanks for all your help. Yes, as I stated originally, the aircraft in question is MJ627. I am aware of the AZ 1/72 kit, but he saw my 1/48 ones and I think he'd prefer that scale. 1/72 is a last resort. I feel I am capable of carrying out all the mods needed to produce a TR.9 as it is in this form, as long as I can make a buck to mould the rear canopy from, At the moment I am only in the "fact gathering" phase, until I know what is involved. and which kit (kits) I will be using, so I can give him a quote. No pressure!
  12. Devilfish

    Spitfire TR.9

    I know this subject has been broached in the past, but I can't find the answers I'm after. I was approached at a display we were doing at the RAF Fire Museum last weekend, to see if it would be possible to build a TR.9 in, preferably, 1/48. The gentleman concerned had recently had a flight in one, and wanted a replica of it. Of course I said I'd look into it.... So....what I need to know is.... 1) I read in another thread that the front cockpit is 13 inches further forward. Is this true? 2) Is the rear cockpit fully equipped? Ie, the same as the front one? 3) Are there any other differences I need to know? I'm aware that the conversion is extremely rare, so I'm not holding out any hope of getting one. I will probably have to mould my own rear canopy. That will be fun..... Thoughts on the best MkIX kit? I've only built the Revell (rebox?) MkIX, but have built the Hasegawa MkVIII The specific aircraft I want to do is MJ627, if that's of any relevance. TIA
  13. You've done the Meteor proud. Scary to think that I was at Tengah the same time as this Meteor.....except I was only 2....
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