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  1. 1/144...??? you trying to make me go blind....??
  2. No particular action Nick, I just used codes that are known to have been used on aircraft at the time. Luckily it is documented that serial numbers were painted over for a short time so that saved me a little bit of extra research. Malan is well known to have flown `A` a number of times and regarded it as his personal mount, although other senior pilots did fly it on occasion IIRC. Well done, your the first to notice the roundel size isn`t completely accurate and the Sqn used the 35 inch size which was the size below the one`s depicted here. This build was on a tight budget so used the kit`s roundels to keep the cost down. Happy to hold my hands up to that one. By August 1940, 74`s Spitfire undersides had been changed from the black/white to Sky, so again, this is a little open to interpretation by the viewer. Thanks again all for the great feedback.
  3. Red Top Lightning

    2mm clear rod with cotton wool attached in layers. (The rod attaches to the missile and gives the cotton wool something to hold on to). Hair spray to stiffen it all up and then a quick puff of rattle can grey spray to give it a smoke effect. Very basic and I`ll still learning.
  4. Michael, the rod is clear acrylic which you can obtain from a number of suppliers, (mine was from eBay). This rod was 4mm x 300mm for the 1/72 Spitfire`s and I very carefully drilled the holes into the model once the main build was completed by prior to painting. Hope that answers your questions? Again, thanks all for the kind comments. tc
  5. Red Top Lightning

    Thank you again for the kind comments all.
  6. Red Top Lightning

    That`s correct, based out of Tengah in Singapore.
  7. I`m afraid my Photoshop skills are not that good but happy for someone else to try. Thank you all for the comments.
  8. Final display for this years 74 Sqn Association reunion to go with the `J Cabriolet` and `Red Top` builds depicting Sailor Malan and `A` flight breaking into a dive to intercept bandits during the Battle of Britain. (The prop blur is courtesy of some basic photo editing)
  9. F-4J Cabriolet

    I wish I could take credit for the base but it was bought from Coastal Kits which have a great selection of bases.
  10. F-4J Cabriolet

    Thank you all for the kind comments.
  11. F-4J Cabriolet

    Can`t recall why it happened but everyone survived and was ok. I was told Rich Lepman climbed down and exclaimed `that was awesome....` before retiring to the bar. WIP link below and the base comes from Coastal Kits.
  12. On the 18th May 1988 Rich Lepman, a US exchange pilot assigned to the Tigers, was lined up on the runway at the annual APC at RAF Akrotiri with his back seater Steve Smyth. They were part of a pairs take off for the sortie flying F-4J(uk) ZE362/V with a standard gun pod fitted. The start of the take off sequence went smoothly and as normal, but just as the Phantom went into V1, the front canopy detached much to the surprise of the crew. They then had to flying around for 20 minutes Phantom Cabriolet style until the runway was cleared of debris and a normal landing was made. Thanks for looking.
  13. `J` Cabriolet

    Pretty much got this done today with the finished shots being taken tomorrow. For now I`ll leave you with this teaser trailer.......
  14. Horsham St Faith

    I`m starting a series of builds within the next few months covering aircraft based at Horsham St Faith through the ages. Now I have selected the air frames I`m building and while I`ve had a good Google to find references for them, I`m coming up a little short. So what to do? Well why not make use of the resources available to you and ask you guys for some help? If any of you have any information, pictures or profiles on any of the aircraft listed below it would be greatly appreciated. Bristol Blenheim IV R3843 WV-F 18 Sqn Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.1 L6973 PS-A 264 Sqn De Havilland Mosquito Mk.IV W4069 GB-M 105 Sqn (Happy to see photo`s of this or it`s sister ships W4064, W4065, W4069, W4071 and W4072 which took part in the first ever raid on Europe) Any photo`s or refrences of B-24`s from 458th Bomb Group and/or P-47`s of the 61st, 62nd or 63rd fighter squadrons when based at Horsham. A big ask i know, but any help or extra information would be great.