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  1. South Atlantic Shoot Down

    Thank you again for the kind comments chaps.
  2. Diorama-"Return to England"

    What a great way to present an `action` diorama. Very clever, well done.
  3. South Atlantic Shoot Down

    That`s been mentioned a few times on other forums and the simple answer is I haven`t got a big enough lens to do the photo`s if I scaled it all up correctly..... Thanks for the comments
  4. On Friday 21st May, a A-4Q Skyhawk of CANA 3 Esc flown by Lt Cmdr Philippi was shot down near Swan Island in Falkland Sound at approx 3.12 pm by Lt Morell RN in No.800 Sea Harrier XZ457 using a Sidewinder. The A-4`s had just completed an attack run when they became aware of a pair of Sea Harriers attacking from behind. The Argentine`s jettisoned their fuel tanks and bomb racks, increased their airspeed and got as low as they could in an effort to escape. Lt Cmdr Philippi A-4 was hit and he ejected safely.
  5. Flight of the Intruder

    As always, thanks for the comments chaps. I have been working on this build but not got round to an update. However saying that, as is always the way with this rare schemes, I recently came across another photo of the subject matter. It is actually the same photo but that`s where the problem lies......, So compare this to the previous photo and then tell me which is the correct exposure and shade of grey/blue? I think there`s only one way to find out...........................,
  6. I`ve always had a soft spot for the A-6 Intruder after reading Stephen Coonts excellent book and I`ll even admit to preferring the film adaptation of it over Top Gun in many ways. (More action, less beach volley ball....) A couple of years back I built my first A-6 kit and in typical tc fashion, I didn`t exactly build it as god intended......, So it will come as no surprise that for my next in-flight diorama, I have chosen an A-6 scheme what`s a little bit different from the norm. The description that comes with this picture is as follows, `A-6A 149948 VA-85 in SEA, July 1965`. Now I have no way of confirming if this info is correct, but the scheme absolutely looks amazing and has a very distinctive `what if` feel to it. I`ve seen the A-6`s of VA-65 with their test camo of green upper surfaces and white underneath`s but have never heard or seen this type of camo with the blue undersides. (I`m sure someone here will fill me in with the relevant info). So with my interest firmly raised to the bar, it`s time to start work on building my version in 1/48. The A-6 in the picture if probably very much an A-6A so I`ll adjust the build accordingly. I`ll be using the Revell `E` kit and by all accounts there should not be many external changes. In fact the only messy bit will be when I will have to cut the doors so that they are in the closed position. More soon I hope.
  7. BAC Canberra MR.24 “Rudra”

    I think it`s great. Very late 50`s in design to my mind.
  8. South Atlantic Shoot Down

    Fox Two.....! Just the bases to go then it`s done.
  9. South Atlantic Shoot Down

    Certainly will. I`m adding those with the `fiddly bits` in due course. Lt Cmdr Philippi combat report stated that as soon as his flight became aware of the Harriers, they jettisoned fuel tanks and bomb racks, went to full throttle and as low as possible in order to make their escape. I`m basing this build pretty much on that statement.
  10. South Atlantic Shoot Down

    With work commitments very much the main recently it seems like an age since I did any work on this. But today I `weathered` both models before starting work on adding the fiddly bits. I also started work on the bases. Both models will have it`s own individual base so that they can each be displayed separately if required. More soon.
  11. South Atlantic Shoot Down

    Had a slight break, but got back into the swing of things. Gonna finish off the decals, gloss/matt coats and weathering before adding the fiddly bits and then start working on the bases and Sidewinder `shot`. Have to admit I`ve not totally enjoyed this project. Felt the kits and decals were fighting me but perhaps it`s just their age showing?
  12. South Atlantic Shoot Down

    He`s behind you.......! Been a tad busy on other projects, but suffice to say I get a bit of this done as and when I can.
  13. South Atlantic Shoot Down

    The story so far .........; Have to say that these kits are not great to build. The Hobbycraft I expected, after all take a look at that nose fit...! But was a little surprised at the Tamiya SHAR? No wheels up option and the fit in some places is bad. Maybe it`s an old kit or I have somehow stumbled upon the runt of the litter? Anyways, onwards and upwards......
  14. Time for my next little project involving the following kits. Kits look OK, if a little basic, but are more than ideal for this build. On Friday 21st May, a A-4Q Skyhawk of CANA 3 Esc was shot down near Swan Island in Falkland Sound at approx 3.12 pm by Lt Morell RN in No.800 Sea Harrier XZ457 using a Sidewinder. The A-4 pilot Lt Cmdr Philippi ejected safely. I found the following pictures of the two examples involved and I`ll be basing my schemes based on these shots as they are as close as I will ever get. First up is A-4Q Skyhawk `307` `307` can clearly be seen 5th from camera in this shot. The aircraft will be in a clean configuration as the pilot jettisoned the tanks and pylons in an effort to escape the incoming SHAR attack. Next is Sea Harrier XZ457 which turned out to be the highest scoring Harrier from HMS Hermes during the conflict with 4 kills IIRC. In this picture only 3 markings are seen as the 4th kill, another A-4Q, took a while to confirm. And finally exactly where I am in the build...... Yep, not far at all. More soon and any advice or information on this event are welcome.