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  1. 15th September 1940

    Penultimate WIP pictures before completion, just need to add the collision detail.
  2. 15th September 1940

    Getting there with the Dornier with weathering and bullet holes added. Will shortly start work on the impact area and add a bit of detail as I`m sure it would not of looked as `clean cut` as it is at present. Left the bottom escape hatch off as the aircraft had been vacated by the time Ray rammed it, although he wasn`t to know that at the time. I`ve also noticed that I cut the rod too short on the Hurricane stand so that needs to be re-ordered. Not completely accurate with the markings, but I think it`s decent enough for the average viewer.
  3. 15th September 1940

    Work continues on this a slower pace than usual and the last day or so has seen a lot of masking of the canopy. (And when I say a lot, I mean a looooooooooooooooooot). I read somewhere that the bands were applied very roughly to the aircraft and if you look at the photo of the fin on the roof with the guard at the top of this page, it does appear to be applied as such. It also appears that it`s been applied over the national markings so I felt I needed to do the same. All looks rather rough at the moment and I`ll be looking forward to weathering it all down for a more realistic look.
  4. 15th September 1940

    Finally got round to finishing Ray`s Hurricane. ..... and finally using Photobucket`s edit suite to produce a bit of `blur`, I saved the image to Flickr. (Gotta get my $20 a year out of Fotosucket somehow....) Hopefully I`ve acheived a reasonable rendition of this well known Hurricane. Now back to the Dornier........
  5. 15th September 1940

    Decal application has started and the canopy masks arrived today after a very very very long wait and delivery from the supplier. I also applied the white bands as per my interpretation of how they should applied. I also wasn`t particularly tidy with painting them on as I believe the real bands were hastily applied without much care. Hopefully I`m not too far off the mark with the Dornier.?
  6. 15th September 1940

    So the time has come to look at the tail markings and make my best educated guess as to whether the `pink`of the band and it`s location are correct as mentioned in Tony`s post above? I have to say that based on the existing pictures below, I believe the markings above are incorrect for this particular machine, (F1+FH). The band is in the incorrect location and while it is hard to tell which colour it is, it looks very `white` to me. If it were pink, I`d expect a softer tone. I`ve also noticed that the swastika is also in the incorrect position as it should be higher and more central on the fin. The band also seems to overlap the bottom of the swastika? I`ll be painting on the band in 24 hours so if anyone has more information and references, I`ll be happy to hear from you.
  7. 15th September 1940

    Primary painting completed with a hairy stick, (haven`t done that in a long time...)......... Goodwin Sands Dornier anyone...?
  8. 15th September 1940

    Thank you all for the kind comments. Rods and bases arrived today so I finally got the chance to have a play around with the set up......., More soon and thanks for looking.
  9. 15th September 1940

    Both builds progressing well with the Hurricane pretty much completed from a paint work point of view. This evening was all about drilling holes in the right places and getting the angles right.
  10. 15th September 1940

    Work is proceeding as planned on the cockpit section and I`m quite impressed with the interior detail. I have also started work on the damaged wing of Ray Holmes Hurricane. From the footage of the Hurricane heading earthbound, it all looks re-markedly intact, but I don`t doubt the leading edge was damaged in some way. As usual, I`ve gone for tried and tested tin foil. More soon.
  11. Last RAF Phantom flight?

    The last formation flypast by 74 was on 1st October 92 when they disbanded and then information can get a bit sketchy as to which actual airframe was the very last to fly. I had heard that some airframes were kept at readiness at Shawbury just in case the Tonka F-3`s couldn`t cut it at altitude, but no idea if that`s true or not. My advise for your dio, (unless someone on here comes up with the goods), is just to go with a 74 FGR.2 machine as I don`t feel you can go much wrong with that.
  12. 15th September 1940

    Thanks to all on the comments and helpful information. When I create my dioramas, my principle rule is not build something where lives have been lost. (Just my own rule and not a dig at anyone who has or does model incidents where lives have been lost). I`ve struggled about whether I should include two figures, albeit slumped in their seats, to add to the authenticity of the build? I think in this case I may leave the cockpit area empty out of respect for Gustav Hubel and Hans Goschenhofer. Paul, it`s interesting about Ray`s part in this incident. I too, (cant remember where), read a combat report in which Ray states that he `felt a bump` before losing control and baling out. Which would seem to indicate some kind on non intentional collision? However during an interview for the C4 documentary, he clearly states that he did intentionally ram the Dornier. Was the combat report redacted or written down wrong and was suffering that age old researcher problem of `Chinese whispers`? Another problem I have, (yes, this build is full of problems...), is how Ray rammed the Dornier? I am basing this build on the two paintings created of the event but an eye witness stated that the Hurricane seemed to go under and then up before the collision. Admittedly memory and optical illusion from the ground is always going to be an issue, but it does make you think about whether you have tried to cover absolutely every aspect of this event. What ever the facts, it makes no difference to the bravery of those involved and I hope I do it some justice.
  13. 15th September 1940

    Hey Dave, cheers for the info on who was who in the Dornier. I did know about Zehbe but wasn`t entirely sure about the others so that`s a great help. With regards to the text on when Zehbe left the Dornier, this tends to change from website to website and is typical when trying to research incidents or aircraft history. The following two texts are taken from the Blitzwalkers and BoB London Monument web pages respectively and indicate that the Dornier was in effect a ghost ship when Holmes attacked it. `With two of his crewmen already dead, Zehbe ordered the remaining two to bale out, set his aircraft onto auto-pilot and followed his men out. He landed in Kennington, near the Oval Cricket Ground and hanging by his parachute from some cables, was set upon by an angry mob, including several women armed with pokers and kitchen knives. Although this 'mob rule' behaviour cannot today be condoned, at the time, after a week of the Blitz, feelings were already running high amongst some Londoners. Zehbe was rescued by the Home Guard and driven away but died of his wounds shortly afterwards. In the meantime, his bomber flew on unmanned across Central London`. `The Dornier, F1+FH werk nr. 2361 of 1./KG76, had taken off from Beauvais-Tille at 10am and joined a formation heading at 15,000 ft for central London. After crossing the coastline near Dungeness an engine started to malfunction and the aircraft dropped behind the main force. Once over London it came under concentrated attack from Hurricanes of 310 (Czech) Squadron. The observer, Uffz. Hans Goschenhofer and gunner, Uffz. Gustav Hubel, were killed and the pilot, Oblt. Robert Zehbe, ordered the remaining crew, Ogefr. Ludwig Armbruster and Uffz. Leo Hammermeister, to bale out. Zehbe then set the aircraft on auto-pilot and baled out himself. As the unmanned aircraft flew over Central London Holmes came across it and turned for a head-on attack`. Intrigue, intrigue.......
  14. 15th September 1940

    Cheers for the colour references Tony, all noted for when the time comes. Another issue I have if I want to get this reasonably accurate is that two dead crew members were still on board the Dornier and I`ll have to see if I can find out their positions in the aircraft. By the time Ray came across it, all the living aircrew had bailed out. Talking of which, I`ll also have to find out how the crew bailed out, bomb bay would be the obvious choice, but the bomb load was still in place so not sure if that was possible? Crew access hatch is also another credible choice. Any help always welcome.
  15. 15th September 1940

    Cheers for the info Dave. I was aware and had heard it was a pink stripe so here`s the stupid question, does anyone know what shade of pink it was? So onto today`s update and...... ......... it`s always shocking to see a perfectly good kit mutilated in the name a creativity..... ...... but it gives you a good idea of how this 1/48 scale build will look once completed. Ray, sitting in his Hurricane, is coming along nicely.