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  1. TSR2 meets Red Beard

    I`ll see what I can do........
  2. TSR2 meets Red Beard

    Thank you very much all for the kind comments.
  3. A little 1/72 scale something I`ve been working on the last couple of months with a fair amount of that time trying to choose an appropriate paint scheme! This is most definitively within the realms of `what if`, although some of it can be traced in fact like say, the serial numbers and red tail, which tended to be the scheme of choice for most test establishments. So here we have TSR2 air frame XR229 test dropping a Red Beard dummy bomb which IIRC would initially have been the TSR`s nuclear weapon of choice. A fun build and something a little different from the white or camo versions often seen on the net. Possibly not so much a `what if`, but more a `could of been`? Thanks for looking.
  4. TSR Weapons Testing

    Just a quicky to show you what I`ve done so far and the reason for the question. Scheme is a hybrid of test types for the period and there`s plenty more work to do.
  5. TSR Weapons Testing

    John, have to say those pics and the information is fantastic and thank you very much. Indeed a big thank you to you others who responded. I`m building an `inflight` bomb lobbing test with the kits Red Beard bomb so admittedly the cameras on the side would be on no use as the bomb bay is the main area of concern. I may move the side cameras and place them underneath? Colour scheme giving me a head ache though.
  6. TSR Weapons Testing

    So here`s a question for you, Does anyone know if any of the known TSR2 air frames were due to be used for weapon drops and testing?
  7. `J` Cabriolet

    Not that much has happened over the last week although I was caught out by the differences of both the Phantom kits and that`s pretty much what this update is all about. Obvious differences between the two are the raised panel lines, complete tail fin and fixed nose cone on the `Black Bunny` kit. The not so obvious difference is the cockpit fit. While they look more or less identical in the picture below....., ...... when it came to fitting them, it turns out that the `Black Bunny` cockpit is not compatible with the newer `J` kit. It took me a few moments and some choice words to figure it all out as I thought I`d kept the kits reasonably well separated during this part of the construction. Thankfully after a sip of the good stuff supplied from a Mr J Daniels, I noticed a slight difference in colour of the two plastics and it all fell into place. On the plus side, the Hurricane build is going more smoothly ........ More soon.
  8. Thanks for the comments chaps. Yep, completely agree with the drop sequence but it was all good practice for my next project.
  9. I going stick a pin in this one and say it`s done. I had planned to shorten the rod and place a blurred Vietnam base underneath it, but on hindsight, I`ll save that for something else. I based the scheme on this photo...., ...... showing an A-6A from VA-85 in SEA in July 1965. Now I`ve seen a number of A-6`s in various experimental schemes from the era, but never with this weird USN intermediate blue underside. Now you could argue that the exposure of the photo plays a big part in the shades and you would be absolutely correct. Saying that, I thought it would be fun to just go with the flow and see what happens. This build is certainly not one of my best, but it gave me a bit of much needed experience in practicing/recreating bomb drops as well as making an in-flight A-6 which both real world and what if enthusiasts may appreciate. Thanks for looking.
  10. With the A-6 and TSR builds on hold, it was time to crack on with something else. Back in 1988 a young US exchange officer by the name of Rich Lepman who had been posted to 74 Sqn, attended ACP in Cyprus with the rest of the squadron. Flying ZE362/V with Steve Smyth in the back seat, seconds after rotate, Rich`s canopy immediately filed for divorce from the Phantom and went it`s own way. I aim to replicate this parting of ways in 1/48 scale. But first a picture taken from the squadron diary as Rich taxied in after a short circuit and landing. I`ll be using the `Black Bunny` kit for this build. (In a show of defiance to SWMBO, I`m proving I can multi task by building another J and Hurricane for my 74 collection. Needs must and all that...) I made a start last night...... ...... and made sure the aircrew were fully aware about their new air conditioning option..... More soon.
  11. Flight of the Intruder

    Been working on the bomb drop and I`ve made a real balls up of it. The acrylic clear rods are too thick, (2mm), and easily seen and the drop sequence is completely wrong. At least this is a test build so lessons all learnt. Last photo`s before the final reveal and just need to add a little something to the base and then she`s ready.....
  12. Flight of the Intruder

    Thank you for the answer, I wasn`t aware the pitot had been placed in the wingtip on the A-6 in the early days.
  13. Flight of the Intruder

    A couple of photo`s of the nearly finished model. (I say nearly finished as I`m going to add my usual little twist in the tail but more on that later). The first photo has been taken as best I can in the same pose as the reference photo with the second just showing a more top down view. Now has anyone else noted a mistake in my build after comparing the reference picture and my version? If you said the tail pitot tube is missing in the photo then give yourself a large pat on the back. When looking at other A-6A Intruder photo`s they all seem to have the tube so over you you lot to tell me why this one hasn`t. Now getting back to that `twist` I mentioned. Step forward bomb rack and Snakeye`s......... More soon and thanks for looking.
  14. Flight of the Intruder

    Cheers guys. With regards to the u/c doors, using a scalpel, I carefully scored the indentation you see in the photo above and then bent the plastic into a curve shape. It still needed a trim and didn`t fit very well but it meant only small gaps needed to be filled rather that huge pot holes. I`ll post a photo of the underside in due course so you can see the finished work.
  15. Flight of the Intruder

    Paint on, gloss next and think I have the colours reasonably correct?