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  1. Would agree with Ian on this, Metal Color is great stuff.
  2. Brilliant work and a stunning paint job, thanks for showing us.
  3. Great price and quick delivery on my recent Lancaster purchase, thank you.
  4. Not just my head, must be great to have a hobby room all to yourself.
  5. You can't beat an old kit well made, love it , thanks for showing it too us.
  6. What a brilliant idea for a modelling project ,can't wait to see it finished.
  7. Brilliant, might just have to order one of these , won't turn out as good as yours though.
  8. Fantastic in every respect, build, finish , presentation and display.
  9. That's very nice indeed, I might have to track one down and have a go. I made some Amodel kits years ago and they were made of weird hard plastic as I recall.
  10. Had a chance to look at one last night at the Coventry model club, take no notice of the "experts" this is a very nice kit, just wish I could afford one.
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