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  1. F-4J(UK) Blue-Turquoise For more read the Double Ugly books but the paint was not US...... The RAF 15 F-4J(UK) were intended to be painted as close as possible to the three-grey air defence scheme. The F-4J(UK) were painted at NARF North Island in a glossy three-grey finish - trying to match RAF colours. The Barley Grey substitute was close to Flint Gray FS.595 36314 and the Medium Sea Grey substitute - inner upper wings - close to Neutral Grey FS.595 36270, while the lower surfaces Light Aircraft Grey substitute was close to Light Gull Grey FS.595 36440. Nine aircraft had an odd appearance, with the upper colours having the blue-turquoise tint. The primer paint specification was misunderstood by the Mexican manufacturers. One oddity was ZE355/F904, with a correct coloured radome, splitter intake, forward canopy framing and a small portion of fuselage near the radome. The remainder of the upper fuselage colour having the blue-turquoise appearance. - read the Double Ugly Vol.2 for more ... Patrick Martin
  2. Not to steal direction, but the collision of a Botha and Defiant occurred over Blackpool. http://laituk.org/Botha-Defiant 10.htm Will be nice to see a finished Botha PM
  3. Sea Vixen Beaufort Belvedere Meteor 8 Hind/Demon
  4. I have kept hundreds of paint tins including Humbrol sealed up for years. I had a small metal plug made that just fits loosely in the lid which I use like a nail set, to tap the lid level and shut with a hammer. Its not going to be 100% after you open a tin the first time. Clean up the top of the tin and the lid before sealing up again. Mine are kept in full boxes and rotated every now and then. This saves on rotating individual tins. Before using - stir, stir, stir, use the same brand thinner if you can - although that went out the window when production moves to a different country. A friend of mine actually put his tins behind the hubcaps of his car and drove around to get good results. Put a small stainless steel ball bearing in each tin when opened. When shaking the tin in any method it helps break up pigment clumps far faster. There is no reason not to hang on to a colour that works for your - for years. The only bitch is when you hear that the XYZ company got its colour label wrong on tins way in the past.
  5. At least the new ought not to have a B-17 crash PM
  6. But they have been recalled ...... http://www.autotrader.ca/newsfeatures/20170504/transport-canada-recalls-at-at-walkers-due-to-risk-of-toppling/?utm_source=Outbrain&utm_medium=Display&utm_content=Native-NF&utm_campaign=CA-DSP-DM-EN-CONTENT#AVhk1BLAtxjAK1RK.97
  7. Somehow all I can think of is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. PM
  8. How about putting a message for free paint - say which country you are in, and then see who offers to come and collect them? PM
  9. I do. I gave 40 CDs out at the 2015 Teleford for free and not one person emailed me after. PM
  10. Try Aviation News V3 #12 - RAF article also Air Enthusiast #57 Flying Review 1958 02 PM
  11. I have a slide of this aircraft taken in 1973 - with this pattern exactly but on the right starboard side. The left side shows the pattern to be like your Turkish example. PM
  12. Try these..... Short Shetland Putnam ident Short Shetland Aviation News 19 03 article Short Shetland Air Reserve Gazette 194801 photo Short Shetland I Flying Review 196206 letter drawing Short Shetland Air Pictorial 196707 letter Short Shetland Aeroplane Monthly 197409 photos Short Shetland Aeroplane Monthly 197803 article Short Shetland Air Pictorial 199603 ident Pat Martin
  13. So how many life times is it going to take to build them all - I have four life times planned of building......
  14. So my wife saw the Airfix Quick Build VW Camper Van and it was acquired..... An hour and a half of building attempts later, and after many colourful metaphors later it just did not fit. The problem seems to be the two black benches are just too wide. Anyone one else tried this? PM