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  1. The Parlous State of the UK Modelling Magazine market

    Oh yes one more - Try working on a project for two years and the week after its released at Telford - some Russian web site is selling a pdf of it!!! PM
  2. The Parlous State of the UK Modelling Magazine market

    Gee where have I heard that before? - right here! I have been running 'losses' for years doing this - it called retirement projects! Patrick Martin
  3. The Parlous State of the UK Modelling Magazine market

    Stop reviewing kits that only have new decals. The dreaded re-issue. Stop reviewing kits that are re-boxed again by a different manufactures – i.e. Twin Otter by Revell. Stop giving us ‘build’ articles that only show the completed work (i.e. like American magazines do – which is why I do not buy them!) A review – yes – but not a full article with seven views of the same built kit. Stop the class ‘BS’ one content for subscribers – different content for store bought. Think twice about content scale – if I build 1/72, do I really want 75% 1/48 content? Or the other way round? Content should be index-able, vague ramblings about working on 20 kits does not do much for me. So called articles on the life of an editor belong in a blog – not in print. The only regular column that was every worth following was Mike McEvoy The reader / buyer has a lot more to pick from now than thirty years ago. Vote with your wallet, leave the rest on the shelf.
  4. Isopropyl Alcohol

    Anybody want to comment on the use of Isopropyl Alcohol rubbed over dry filler as a means of removing excess? Are there fillers that is does not work well with? Does it take off too much, too little? Best fillers to use with it...... Pat Martin
  5. How did the German Luftstreitkrafte keep track of colour schemes?

    Could even be a book.....?!
  6. Hoping for a special helicopter

    Try Whilybirds - they do a conversion
  7. Thunderbird 3 replica

    All we really need is someone to do 1/72 decals for Thunderbird 6
  8. 1/72 Airfix Hawker Typhoon Mk Ib

    very nice
  9. Why does Hasegawa not include weapons for most of their modern kits?

    Because they can sell more kits....
  10. Is there such a thing as poseable aircraft model stands?

    Did not FROG have them for a long time with a universal joint at the top? PM
  11. Does anybody have any photos of TT Swordfish or Lysander? Was trying to prepare drawings for a book, including use at Yarmouth with 1 NAGS (also known as 745 Squadron FAA & 2 TAGS). Patrick Martin
  12. F-4J (UK) Phantom

    So what would you like to see in print? Where did you get the books? Pat Martin
  13. F-4J (UK) Phantom

    F-4J(UK) Blue-Turquoise For more read the Double Ugly books but the paint was not US...... The RAF 15 F-4J(UK) were intended to be painted as close as possible to the three-grey air defence scheme. The F-4J(UK) were painted at NARF North Island in a glossy three-grey finish - trying to match RAF colours. The Barley Grey substitute was close to Flint Gray FS.595 36314 and the Medium Sea Grey substitute - inner upper wings - close to Neutral Grey FS.595 36270, while the lower surfaces Light Aircraft Grey substitute was close to Light Gull Grey FS.595 36440. Nine aircraft had an odd appearance, with the upper colours having the blue-turquoise tint. The primer paint specification was misunderstood by the Mexican manufacturers. One oddity was ZE355/F904, with a correct coloured radome, splitter intake, forward canopy framing and a small portion of fuselage near the radome. The remainder of the upper fuselage colour having the blue-turquoise appearance. - read the Double Ugly Vol.2 for more ... Patrick Martin
  14. Contrail Blackburn Botha

    Not to steal direction, but the collision of a Botha and Defiant occurred over Blackpool. http://laituk.org/Botha-Defiant 10.htm Will be nice to see a finished Botha PM
  15. Name five need new tooled British aircraft in 1/72

    Sea Vixen Beaufort Belvedere Meteor 8 Hind/Demon