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  1. and then your widow sells it for next to nothing .......
  2. The large UN is in a darker Blue, as the nose titles - NOT black. In theory and drawings they were light blue - in practice darker blue. Wings should be in natural metal on several aircraft in this combination, 321, 322, 323 were seen in white and natural metal, while 320 were natural metal only. On the service drawings the wings starting change to white on January 9, 1963. There were several UN schemes used by the RCAF/CAF over the years. Patrick Martin
  3. Ah, tell us more..... PM
  4. I was waiting for somebody to say 'The Golden Hind'. PM
  5. Then I get 1,000+ post including RA-5C etc. If I search for Spitfire I get thousands, but nothing for OV-10A - is this a system error? PM
  6. Hi there: No matter what I do - I just do not get any results doing a search for 'OV-10A'. I can see 'OV-10A' when I look up other things like 'TASS' then I can see 'OV-10A' within the postings. Ideas? Thoughts? When I look up 'Bronco' I see 1,200+ files but no joy on just 'OV-10a'....... Patrick Martin
  7. So then its a tax write off!!!
  8. Then its not a hobby PM
  9. An Airfix 1/72 Sex Vixen will sell far better than a Scimitar. So wait for a Vixen first. PM
  10. Go to Ikea - look at 'Billy' series - replace the shelves with glass (they sell them) and its all done. PM
  11. extortion takes two
  12. Look for P134 of RCAF aircraft Finish and Markings 1947-1968 Volume 2 PM
  13. Could this be only on the J65 powered early aircraft - before the switch to the J79? The first two had the J65 and only switched to the J79 with the YF-104 .... PM