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  1. Hi there and all: I would very much like to know when (which year) (and if) there will be a Mirage III/Vand later Huey Cobra series. The only Mirage III/V, that really takes the cake - is the AMK Kfir. Based on the images, they look very interesting - if we all live long enough to get our hands on them. In the meantime, I should finish my series of Mystere, Mirage F.1 and Viggen. But then I consider myself to be a "kit serial starter"! (all of this is for the one true scale - 1/72) PM
  2. The roundels in the kit are very wrong. The new leaf roundels came well after the change from the ensign to the new flag. Few examples were in storage in non-cam. One can find examples of the other way round - new flag with old Silver Maple Leaf roundels. Patrick Martin
  3. All of the real information on this topic is in the files of John Griffin who passed away many years back. If I live long enough it will be in a finish and markings book as everything was scanned years ago for this reason. Its just time. All of his material currently resides in basement at CFB Winnipeg. In the mean time I would look to the RAF files and match with photos. You can always make scale grid patterns on profile shots to work things out. It is time consuming but it does work. Patrick Martin
  4. Years ago I was told they were never assembled into airframes. Pat Martin
  5. Received mine and it looks very well thought out. The big issue I see is the smoothing out of the 3d printing lines. Done the first layer of filler and sanding - going to be more. On the details - these might help.... Andover C.2 Aviation News 06 17 plans 72 Andover Aviation News 06 17 plans 72 Andover C.1 Aviation News 08 02 article Andover Aviation News 09 02 photo movie USSR Andover prototype Flying Review 196312 article dev prototype Andover Flying Review 196508 article 3d Andover Airfix 196702 article Andover C.1 Air Pictorial 196702 article RAF Andover Aircraft Illustrated 197104 article sqn 46 Andover Aircraft Illustrated 197209 article Andover C.1 Air Pictorial 197701 article New Zealand Andover Air Pictorial 198007 photo film invasion Andover CC.2 Scale Aircraft Modelling 198609 kit review welsh 144 Andover E.3 Scale Aircraft Modelling 199911 article modelling rug 72 Andover E.3 Aviation News 20 07 article sqn 115 Andover C.1 Aviation News 22 04 article RNZAF Somalia Andover Aviation News 24 07 article history
  6. Scale Aviation Modeller 2008 08 V14 #8 Scale Aircraft Modelling 200902
  7. I am surprised nobody does an aftermarket interior yet. PM
  8. There happens to be a book that covers all of this... shameless plug http://www.canmilair.com/products.php?cat=2 PM
  9. These need 'flow charts' PM
  10. if you send me an email at 104655@telus.com I will send you a EB-57B photot that show a bit more of the walkways.





  11. Is this the 156 with the door on the wrong side?
  12. There were several of these. The yellow was 'Yellow 5-2' and black was 'Black 10-1'. These were covered (including drawings) in the RCAF finishing and markings books. They were 72 inch stripes on wings and 24 on tail. PM
  13. Now if only somebody would make resin bits of these..... PM
  14. Find the AirDoc books of the British Phantoms - its all in there. PM
  15. As usual - great Nellis ramp shots. Pat Martin
  16. Is this the kit issue that has the door on the wrong side? PM
  17. Patrick Martin


    And your first is? ....... PM
  18. ...there is an article in Air Enthusiast feb 1973 PM
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