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  1. Thanks The ramp was made from wooden coffee stirrers
  2. Thanks for all the positive comments.
  3. Finished this little resin kit last year, went together really easily for a limited run kit. Scratch built the test bed. The build article and history feature is in this months Airfix magazine. 19-DSC_0932 by Dave Oliver, on Flickr 12-DSC_0924 by Dave Oliver, on Flickr 15-DSC_0927 by Dave Oliver, on Flickr
  4. 1/35 Thunderbox vignette

    Thanks for the positive response. It was a fun little build. Good to build a bog standard kit, Ahem
  5. thanks for all the positive comments, nice to know its appreciated
  6. Thanks. The MiG-23P was a high altitude interceptor so I assume that's why they wear the suit. These were the standard colour apparently, usual problem building Soviet subjects, finding correct colour references
  7. Thanks. Nice to know all the hard work is appreciated.
  8. 1/35 Thunderbox vignette

    I was wondering that. Thanks btw
  9. Finished this little side project last week. Great fun
  10. Thanks for the positive feedback... Thanks. After the paint fading, I used a MIG productions brown filter to blend the different camo colours. The kit is very well designed and moulded, if maybe a little lacking in detail. I added the Airies detail set which made a big difference and rectified a number of deficiencies, for example, the ejector seat is incorrect for the aircraft. It would be great to see a build of a abandoned, stripped down 23...
  11. Superb work. Scrolled through all the builds, assumed it was 1/48. Even better considering it's 1/72
  12. Hmm. The aircraft was part of the Soviet air defence force, tasked with intercepting high flying strategic nuclear bombers. Maybe they aren't kill markings as such, maybe intercepts? Just a thought
  13. Thanks for all the positive comments.. I wondered what they were during the build, maybe kill markings of some sort?
  14. Finished this a year ago, super detailed the aircraft and engine, scratch built the crew ladder and engine trolley and heavily modified the figure. This was great fun to build as well as being very interesting aircraft to research...they are a tough bunch the Russians. A few things aren't quite right, but I'm pretty happy how it turned out. The build was in issue 87 of the Airfix magazine DSC_3486 by Dave Oliver, on Flickr mig by Dave Oliver, on Flickr DSC_3489 by Dave Oliver, on Flickr DSC_3497 by Dave Oliver, on Flickr
  15. Thanks, its bit of a niche product, nice to know its appreciated