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  1. Hasegawa 1/200 Boeing 737-200

    Thanks Ray, yes they are a nice untaxing build that are fairly relaxing between doing things on other kits. The only slightly stressful bit was fitting the cockpit glazing, which was a bit fiddly. It's funny, but I don't remember having that problem with my previous build of the same kit 35 years ago. Perhaps age is catching up with me....and their moulds! Dave
  2. Airfix B737-200

    You have been busy, it's looking very smart. Really like how your decals are coming on -I'm looking forward to seeing how they end up. Dave
  3. Zvezda Boeing 737-800 Monarch Airlines

    Thanks Ray and armored76, yes it is going together very well with excellent fitting parts. It's taken me a couple of sessions to fit the clear landing light covers in the wing roots -only because they are so small though, and I kept dropping them! Once fitted, they are fine. The wing structure should be joined to the fuselage tonight, ready for the start of painting on the weekend. Dave
  4. Hasegawa 1/200 Boeing 737-200

    Cheers Chris, yes it's a shame that Hasegawa didn't do more in 1/144. I've got a pair of their YS-11's and an Emb170, and they are very nice. One can always hope that they might be tempted to do a Mitsubishi RJ in the future (if it ever enters service!). Dave
  5. Hasegawa 1/200 Boeing 737-200

    A quick update on the recent, albeit slow, progress. Both have had their cockpit windscreens installed and faired in. The Dan-Air one now has the wings fitted and should get a coat of primer in the morning, when the GB Airways will also gain its wings. Dave
  6. I needed it and appreciate it. Thanks! Dave
  7. Stunning work as always. A real lesson in building airliners. Dave
  8. Boeing 737 Reference Thread

    Hopefully this might help http://anticoroziv.eu/en/products/acid-proof-paint-corogard-615-coatings Dave
  9. Putting the Fop in Foppolo

    A very nice start Chris, especially the u/c bays. Really good choice of colour scheme -classic Britannia I'm staying tuned in! Dave
  10. Zvezda Boeing 737-800 Monarch Airlines

    Yes, an easy fix, thankfully. The cockpit glazing/roof now fitted and the upper join smoothed. A quick lick of 'Mr Surfacer' to complete the job. On to the wings next... Dave
  11. Airfix B737-200 Air Zimbabwe

    Timely spot! There's nothing worse than getting everything done and then noticing you've fitted a part backwards, upside down or whatever. Really looking good with the new nose and engines. Dave
  12. Beautiful model of a much missed airline. Dave
  13. A 10 out of 11? Scores 10 out of 10 in my book! Superb work. Dave
  14. twin otter at Barra

    Looks fine to me! Dave
  15. Zvezda Boeing 737-800 Monarch Airlines

    A few more bits added, namely the clear cockpit piece and the rudder. I used a black paint pen I got from Hobbycraft to paint the bottom edge of the cockpit windows, which helps them to blend in looks wise (I think). I had a very slight problem with the rudder. I couldn't get it flush on both sides, and ended up with a very small gap on the right side. A small smear of filler will take care of it though. The later versions of the 737 have a very close fitting rudder of course. Strangely, I'm building a 'shadow' of the same kit that's a little behind my Monarch one, and that looks to have the same gap. Must be me I guess! Dave