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  1. Great to see more progress on this.
  2. 1/35 Accurate Armour SAS Land Rover

    Is that a gun ring that the AGL/GMG is mounted on? Looks like it’s visible to the driver’ left (right as we look at it) and immediately to the rear of the roll-bar padding/rolled up tarp.
  3. British AFV Group Build

    Dependendant on when it kicks off. I’m up to my eyeballs converting Tamiya’s 1/16 Abrams to an Australian A1 at the moment. https://imgur.com/gallery/dzYND
  4. British AFV Group Build

    Small correction - Challenger 2 wasn’t deployed to Afghanistan. The only western tanks to serve there were Danish Leopard 2s, Canadian Leopard 1 & 2 variants, and USMC Abrams’. Interesting concept for a GB.
  5. Stunning work! That bridge is impressive - doubly so, when the scale is taken into account!
  6. Andrew - stunning, stunning work! Really enjoy watching such quality scratch building unfold.
  7. Japanese KC-46A?

    They have congressional approval for four KC-46s - note that these are very (very) different to the current KC-767J that the JASDF has in service.
  8. Lovely work! Looking forward to watching the sea-scape develop.
  9. Fantastic work, John! Always been fascinated by the ELCO 80’ boats - an interest piqued by seeing a Revell 1/72 kit built by a primary school mate. Regarding 109: I guess we have JFK to thank for the Revell kit: were he not skipper of 109, and later President, it’s less likely that Revell would’ve produced the kit... In the photo you linked to, PT487 also looks like a candidate... Please keep up the excellent work!
  10. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Steve, fantastic work! Your hard work has managed to get me interested in a subject I had a vague knowledge of, but little interest in! Side note: Australia is a bit odd as it has a Minister for Defence, but no Ministry of Defence....it’s the Department of Defence (DoD, not MoD). Tends to confuse both the UK and the US, I’ve found! Once again, fantastic work - no doubt everyone will continue to enjoy your updates.
  11. HMS Belfast

    Lovely work, so far.
  12. How about the use of “impact” for those that can’t figure effect vs. affect? Impacted, impactful, etc.
  13. May’ve already been mentioned: http://www.72news.eu/2017/11/hasegawalockheed-martin-f-35b-lightning.html?m=1 for 2018.
  14. Met Andy a couple of weeks back during a work trip to Arizona - lovely bloke. It was his video that made me plump for the Tamiya Abrams.
  15. HMS Belfast : 2nd T26

    Isn’t diversity an old wooden ship? (Reference joke)
  16. Started my Tamiya 1/16 M1A2 today: backdating to a M1A1 AIM SA.
  17. Japan's first Osprey

    Makes sense in light that the Western Army Region is responsible for generating the equivalent of marines - they even have US amtracs (AAV-7).
  18. Japan's first Osprey

    https://theaviationist.com/?p=43372 Looks fantastic!
  19. Japan's first Osprey

    Can't believe I didn't see it!
  20. British Bushmaster

    Mick, you'll have to defete the extra seat - there's no seat under the left, rear hatch. The RWS isn't correct for British Bushmasters - steal one from a Stryker kit. If you're talking to Kinetic, you may want to ask whether they're doing the forward-facing gunner's seat behind the driver.
  21. HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    Apparently the first high speed run clocked at 27 knots - not terrible!
  22. HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    First recovery & launch from across the pond.