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  1. SE5a 1/48 Eduard

    Great build, agree with the other comments the rigging is really well done. Nice work.
  2. Hello all, A small amount of progress with the Sea Hawk Had to reset the windscreen as it had slipped off to one side, how exactly I'm not sure, fortunately that was accomplished without any major damage. I have done some understated pre-shading and kept it fairly loose almost a halfway house between black basing. and I have applied the 'sky' coat to the necessary areas, as well as getting some of the other assemblies painted up such as the wheels. Next job is the masking for the dark sea grey coat for which I will probably be accused of heresy by making the decision to lighten and add more blue to Tamiya XF-54 DSG as I felt it needed brightening up a bit plus (and I know local ambient light and sky reflection plays a big part) every photo you see of a Sea Hawk or contemporary it seems to be quite blue. Cheers, M.
  3. Mark's 1/48 Monogram Tiffy

    Hello chaps, Been a busy week at work and avoiding the racing festival, living less than a mile from Prestbury park (Cheltenham race course) is a right nightmare! I had a good mind to post in the 'what's been flying over your house' thread.... "all the noisy bloody egg beaters from the festival!" never ending, they're still going now!! Anyway, managed to conclude my battle with the Tiffy decals.....I think I won, sort of. A few errors crept in I'm afraid in my delight at getting the small white kit decals on to the model and only losing one to disintegration and reassembling those that did break-up in-situ, I failed to notice that I had the kill markings in the wrong place and unfortunately that is where they're going to stay, however it had a knock on effect with a few other decals' placement, ah well! ce la vie. Just need to apply a couple of coats of Klear, buff it up and get a matt coat on as well as the various little bits and pieces, nearly there. As thoroughly enjoyable as the build has been thus far (bar the decals) I'm keen now to wrap it up and move on. Cheers, M.
  4. Corel Draw vs Photoshop

    I've used CorelDRAW, Adobe illustrator and many others along with the associated photo editors (Photopaint and Photoshop) for nearly thirty years, you can get fantastic effects with the photo editors but as someone said earlier total overkill for producing decals, the main advantage of using a vector program (as Giorgio stated) is that with careful line, fill and text management you can scale the image up or down as much as you like without loss of quality. IMHO CorelDRAW is much more user friendly than Illustrator, that being said I think Illustrator has the edge on colour profiling management. they are, however expensive and in both cases an absolute pain to load and register these days (Adobe CC is really annoying, why can't they just supply a disk like they used to?) so the best advice would be to find, if you can a free vector editor, if such exists I've never had to source the like because I get access to all of them through work. Cheers, M.
  5. It appears to be a good surface to start the NMF from, looking good.
  6. that'd be a great result in 1/48, absolutely awesome finish in 1/72.
  7. Hmmm...similar project for me sometime this year, Unfortunately I don't have any access to the rear garden so a fair bit of head scratching going on at the mo! May have to do a 1:1 shed scratch build!!
  8. The Rise and Fall of an Empire

    I'd like an excuse to do the Hasegawa Ki84 Type 4 Fighter Hayate (Frank) that's been in the stash for ages, so count me in. Cheers, M.
  9. The Stirling is always a fascinating build whatever the manufacturer or age of kit, but I would love to see the Bulldog built up in a nice bright colour scheme, never built one myself, must remedy that. Cheers, M.
  10. Mark's 1/48 Monogram Tiffy

    Hello everyone, Not been able to do much over the last few days as I've been fitting out a utility room for the aged P's. However, I found some time to print the decals and set to work on the markings.....or so I hoped, I had intended to try and use the kit's small white decals for obvious reasons and I had prepared them by putting a coat of decal solution over them, but even they being only four 'Fs' for either side of the nose and tail (one of which broke up irretrievably and had to be replaced with some spare white decal from another kit), the Tiger decal which broke into four pieces and similarly the port side 'kills' decal fared little better, I managed to ease them into place and the Tiger got a bit of a touch up when dry. My own home print decals were a little more successful from a, not bleeding all over the shop like the last time I tried point of view, but were a little on the transparent side so they were doubled up on top of white circles/squares from a 1/48 RAF roundel backing patch sheet where necessary. The only one that just caused too much trouble was the large yellow 'F' on the fuselage and in the end I put one decal in place and used it as a guide to hand paint the 'F' first in white and then the first of two yellow coats which is where I am up to in the photo. I also took the opportunity to create some limited airframe stencilling decals which over all are working quite well. So decals eh! who'd 'ave 'em!? Bain of my life, never enjoyed doing them, some people I know think it's the part where a kit comes to life, I honestly don't get much pleasure out of this part of a build. I am however determined to crack the home printing issue. Anyway, that's one side done, hopeful of finishing this one off in the evenings this week leaving plenty of time to get properly stuck into the Sea Hawk. Cheers, M.
  11. Its a nice looking kit, the addition of the AM cockpit really adds another dimension, nice work.
  12. Hi Folks, Just a quick trawl for information; Does anyone know if decals for the title subject aircraft exist in 1/48? I have the Airfix kit and a superb promo glossy of ZJ100 in flight and always had designs on doing the kit in that particular scheme. I'd be grateful for any information. Failing the decal option; is obtaining, from my own artwork a custom printed sheet of decals (as there is a lot of white in the scheme) or alternatively an accurately cut set of stencils an option? Cheers, M.
  13. Mark's 1/48 Monogram Tiffy

    Evening chaps, Continuation of the painting of Monogram's Typhoon 1b and I think it's ready for a gloss coat. Next job is to buy a replacement large black ink tank for the printer which ran out yesterday so despite having got the artwork finished I can't print the decals yet. Spinner and prop blades came up ok with a bit of a buff-up Stripes painted up fully, also added the same paint effect as per the top surfaces. Cheers, M.
  14. Mark's 1/48 Monogram Tiffy

    Evening all, I think I may have mentioned before that my feeble mental capacity really does struggle to cope with more than one build at a time so I have decided to finish the Tiffy off and then move onto the Sea Hawk the only reason being the Typhoon is more advanced and a little more immediate for being brush painted. So, today's problem was how to brush paint reasonably straight black stripes on the underside of the fuselage and wings. In the end I decided to mask off as necessary but only dry brush along the tape in black and then just 'colour in' between the lines. The fuselage stripes first coat of black has been applied after dry brushing the stripe edges and the wing stripes have just had the masking tape removed so as to prevent any seepage when the thinned black paint is put down. The first coat of black applied to the wing stripes, later on I'll blutack the undercarriage doors in place and mark off the distance and angles of the stripes. Cheers, M.