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  1. The Royal Air Force Centenary GB

    I like that it is almost exactly what I'm aiming for with my display SE5a and Eurofighter on an RAF roundel. Very nice banner.
  2. MarkSH's NF104

    Just finished the foiling and given it a coat of Klear, temporarily mounted on the display base which I have drilled out for the acrylic rod which has been cut to length, the base now has to be primed and given a nice gloss black finish (engraved nameplate in the post). The next job is to test print the decals sheet and double check the sizes. Cheers, M
  3. Wingnut Wings

    Fantastic all round.
  4. MarkSH's NF104

    Thanks Giorgio, I think I'll have to dig out the old Nikon and the tripod and wait for some decent weather to get any decent pictures but plenty to do before that including multiple great big greasy thumbprint removal!.
  5. MarkSH's NF104

    Another small bit of progress, getting the hot end done using some of the eggshell treated kitchen foil and some that had just been lightly 'brushed' with some P1500 wet'n'dry, doesn't look too bad but considering a light spray of Tamiya smoke to blend it all in and dull it down a bit. Cheers, M.
  6. Eduard 1/32 P-40N 80 Sqn RAAF

    Fantastic finish, very impressive model.
  7. Really great finish on the paintwork Giorgio.
  8. MarkSH's NF104

    Hi folks, Slow progress with the foiling, also added the sensor boom, intakes and canopy. The next thing on the whole succession of steep leaning curves is how to take a decent picky of a foiled model. I have tried a coat of Klear on the underside of the tail plane and it looks like it'll be ok as a seal with out ruining the NMF. Certainly learnt a lot about foiling but the main thing is the same as with all NMF techniques your preparation has to be really good. But as a first effort so far not to unhappy however maybe I'll stick with the less than perfect photos. Small update foiled the nose and canopy frame More later. Cheers, M
  9. Working with wood

    Been seriously considering having a go at a wooden model ship, in particular Mary Rose, I have a soft spot for her as I got to do some Archaeological Illustration for the MR Trust during a work placement whilst at Portsmouth college in 1983....however the price is well outside my price bracket, but I will watch all other people's work on similar kits to see how it's done. Great start. This kit looks like an ideal starting point to develop some of the different skills required to complete a wooden model.
  10. Tamiya 1/32nd De Havilland Mosquito

    Brilliant work throughout.
  11. I'm currently doing a 1/72 Starfighter for the STGB and I think that might be enough foiling for one lifetime certainly at that scale! but you may just use up the world reserve of BMF on this project and save me any future trouble. My hats off to you for tackling it.
  12. Headline 'VOLVO T5 FOUND ON MOON!' Excellent work all round.
  13. MarkSH's NF104

    Hi all, Been a bit distracted over the last couple of weeks, but tonight I started to foil the NF-104 and boy is it taxing me to the limit already, fiddly or what!? hats off to the guys who get such fantastic results with this technique. I've got more foil stuck to my tweezers, scalpel and me than on the model! Anyway here's what I've managed to achieve in about three hours work, same on t'other side, trying to work symmetrically but varying the grain and type of foil, the finish date was 4th Feb 2019 right? Done the Tail plane as well, that's thin innit! not much for the foil glue to work with. You can tell I'm enjoying this can't you? What's the best way to seal the foil if at all? any ideas? Cheers for now and probably quite a while ;-) Mark.
  14. Just found this build, great work and very inspiring, I'm just about to do the same kit for the upcoming Britmodeller 10th anniversary GB, hope my effort looks half as good.
  15. The Royal Air Force Centenary GB

    In on this one, a bit of research required but maybe the very first registered RAF type set alongside the latest literally a hundred years in one display. So maybe 'registered' was the wrong word as it doesn't seem to be throwing much up on the interweb, now possibly thinking No1 Squadron SE5a and EF Typhoon on a suitable display base, maybe one in flight.