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  1. Haystack

    Handley Page HP 67 Hastings C.1 of 99 Squadron RAF Transport Command 1956 S&M Models resin hollow cast kit. 1/72 scale. Notes on the build appear in the Cold War section.
  2. We're here four the money!

    ying tong tiddle-I po!
  3. We're here four the money!

    campanology practice in Hong-Kong
  4. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Zvezda Dreamliner 787-9
  5. We're here four the money!

    of the tongue Oops!
  6. We're here four the money!

    roasted on a spit
  7. We're here four the money!

    Sadiq's been talking again
  8. We're here four the money!

    guaranteed against drop bears (yep, a thong is something else over here)
  9. We're here four the money!

    ...a pair of pistols (yes I said pistols)
  10. We're here four the money!

    can keep buying kits
  11. We're here four the money!

    can you spare one?
  12. We're here four the money!

    other movies are available
  13. We're here four the money!

    to a Hippy colony
  14. Seafire Mystery

    Never seem them before but I suspect it's to keep the sea spray out of the exhaust ports. CFF beat me to it.
  15. We're here four the money!

    forensics had a field-day
  16. Spot of the Day Part 2

    Riley 14/6 Tourer 2 x Chevrolet 3100 series pickups. One immaculate in dark green, the other a pale green 'rat-rod'
  17. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Just secured a copy of 2 Group: RAF, a complete history 1936-45 Been after this for a long time.
  18. Pointers on building the S&M Hastings

    Although production of this kit runs to about 100 kits, I know a few of us have stumped up the readies. Mine is now fully decalled and only requires the wheels and props attaching. I have found one or two details that need addressing to save you a little trouble. This is a resin kit, and when assembled is relatively heavy compared with i/m. The u/c comprises white metal legs throughout with flattened resin wheels. There is a main heavy casting with an H pattern retraction strut. This strut may need shortening slightly to get the main casting at the correct angle. The oleo struts glue into the main casting, and are approx 1.5mm in diameter, and terminate in an axle box. The oleos are also too long. Under load, the axle boxes are only just proud of the heavy castings - check the photographic references ion our Walkaround section* These oleo struts are very weak and bend easily under the weight of the airframe. I have just had one snap off. I recommend the following fix. You will need a mini vise and a 1.2mm drill. Firstly drill the holes in the main leg casting 2-3mm deeper (more if you like). Take each (4) axle boxes and cut off the oleo strut. Do these one at a time so you have a reference point. Drill the axle box vertically to accept a replacement steel oleo pin. Superglue replacement oleos. Second point. The axle boxes have a large diameter peg instead of an axle shaft. The wheels are resin and have a centre spot marked but will need to be drilled to fit the legs. I have drilled a 1.2mm hole across the axle boxes and through the wheel hub to accept a steel axle pin. I then reamed out either side of the hub to accept the pegs. Obviously you will end up with two holes drilled at 90 degrees to each other, but the axle box is big enough, and a dollop of super glue holding the axle and oleo will strengthen the whole assembly. It's a bit of a faff, but will result in u/c that will take the weight of the model. The tail wheel will just superglue into the fork and mudguard. On the instruction sheet, Mel says fit the main gear wells into the wing with slow setting epoxy, then fit the nacelles. Be sure to assemble in the stated order - however: The wells can be dropped into place dry, the nacelle offered up with a dab of superglue at the rear, then the well can be positioned with a finger and thin superglued. The front of the nacelle can then be superglued to the wing. You will need to file some corners here and dry fit in order to get the correct alignment. The fuselage halves have a rough finish to the mating surfaces. DO NOT be tempted to sand these smooth. If you do, the fuselage will be too narrow and you will have problems with the (resin) canopy - no spare. Test fit and file the windows to get a snug fit - particularly the rectangular ones. I used Clearfix. Match the fuselage halves carefully (The cockpit bulkhead may need filing) tape together with strips, and superglue in short sections. Start above and behind the cockpit and work aft. Then underneath and work forwards, closing the nose last. Let each application dry before starting the next. Then you can sand and fill the joint as required. I found the canopy to be slightly wide and low at the back. After dipping in Klear, I superglued one rear corner on the vertical join - Not the cill. I left it over night then did the same the other side, nipping the canopy between fingers to ensure alignment. When this cured, the corners were flush, and top lined up without a dip. Any gaps were taken up with superglue or GS Hypo and Deluxe perfect putty. The inner wings will need fettling to get a snug fit at the root. A sharp knife and a small flat file will take care of this and any other fine adjustments you need. The under nose glazing may also need the 'glue one corner at a time' treatment as well. When fitting the tailplane, glue flush with the cabin roof joint, and fill any horizontal gaps under the tailplane afterwards with plastic shims and filler. If you do it the other way, you will have a nasty step to fill on the cabin roof. Don't forget to fit the tailwheel well before the tailplane! A final point. The astrodome has no lip to it, and mine at least is very slightly oval, as is the hole. You can see where this is going. After retrieving the dome twice from the inside if the finished airframe, I used a large dollop of Clearfix to glaze the hole, then fitted the dome on top with the longer axis longitudinally on the airframe Aside from that, it goes together with little fuss. * Frank.
  19. Spot of the Day Part 2

    On a trailer today, a white SS Jaguar, and rolling chassis, with engine, scuttle, and interior of what looked to be a D Type Jaguar. The entire front and rear bodywork was missing, and it was LHD.
  20. Pointers on building the S&M Hastings

    Why not contact Mel? Perhaps his manufacturer may have a solution, or Mel might send you a replacement part. OTOH, Radleigh on here has experience of resin kits (this was my first, and I have several others) and he may have a suggestion or two.
  21. We're here four the money!

    or that Master Mariner
  22. We're here four the money!

    at being left out
  23. Using other peoples photographs.

    I would imagine it's fair use. Quote the source by all means to cover eventualities. Considering there was no internet back then, I would not imagine there would be a problem if credits are given. I'm sure Mike will be able to clarify matters. If no reply is forthcoming by end of play today, just 'report' your own post. The little flag that appears at the top right corner of your text box. A Mod will then pick it up.
  24. We're here four the money!

    at the White House
  25. We're here four the money!

    soon - stay tuned folks