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  1. Another Walrus...

    Liking that a lot
  2. Hmmm, saw 'Comet' in the headline, next to 1:48 and immediately thought of the DH 106 Silly boy....
  3. A Bit of WNW speculation

    Oooo, an FK.8 or even a Shorts 184, now that's got me all a quiver.... Which to tool first, I'd go for the Shorts 184, then 0/400 and follow that up with the FK.8!
  4. Hunting Hitler

    If you want a good read, I recommend The Berkut by Joseph Heyward and whilst it's fiction, it is extremely plausible and begins with Hitlers survival! It's one of those books that you can't put down and personally, I reckon would make an excellent film! I've not seen the programme mentioned, but had the Allies taken a different tack with Germany following the end of the War the chances that a figure like Hitler ever coming to power would possibly have been much lower! Hitlers' rise was a direct result of the Allies (or rather France, having been at war twice with Germany) wanting to financially cripple Germany resulting in the unsustainable level of reparations which meant that Germany would only ever descend into recession, creating a vacuum, into which someone like Hitler could walk and with his ability to magnetise an audience and convince people that his was the only way plus, given what the German people had experienced between the end of the First World War and his rise in 1933, is it any surprise that they looked upon the man as a saviour, his failings not yet known or fully realised?
  5. A Bit of WNW speculation

    0/400 its in the innit
  6. Paragon 1/48 Avro Lincoln

    As always Neil, your work is outstanding
  7. Best paints for models?

    Acrylics tried them (Lifecolor, Xtracrylics, Humbrol) and hated them! In my opinion, they're the Devils work stick to enamels...
  8. Almost bought this kit at Telford, I walked past it many times, stopped and pondered but in the end, decided that 1:200 was just too big. Have been beating myself with a branch of a tree (see Basil Fawlty) ever since so will be watching your build, to make up for my error
  9. Another thought, how about an RE.8? If only because I missed it first time round...
  10. Sanger Blackburn Iris

    Impressive looking build that I'm liking a lot though as usual, I've only just found the thread, near the end of the build
  11. Reality is what you make it I guess

    Alien life will exist, somewhere, and for us to consider that we are the peak of intelligence within the universe is at best, shows that we have a higher opinion of ourselves than we should have and I guess could be said that we show a lack of intelligence to allow ourselves to consider all possibilities! Is that life going to be "intelligent", I guess depends on how intelligence is classified, as all life must show some form of intelligence to allow it to reproduce and exist. Shouldn't it? Further, will that extraterrestrial life have evolved to the point of advanced space travel, why not? Will they have visited our planet again, why not? Will the Ancient Egyptians and Mayans be Aliens, unlikely but not impossible! Lack of evidence does not lead to lack of existence though I'm not, for one minute, saying that all those people that have appeared in the media, claiming that they have been abducted by ET are right, as my opinion of most of these people is that they are just looking for their 15 minutes! However, I do believe that life will exist somewhere out there, that it will not look like us and yes, there is a strong possibility that, that life will be far more intelligent than we currently are. Well I hope so or else Monty Python and my signature will be sadly wrong...
  12. Ah, Copydex! That takes me back to my days at the Watford School of Art and yes it did smell fishy but only for the first sniff after which it was fine but children, please don't try this at home
  13. Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    Its a cat, there doesn't have to be a why...
  14. Harrier GR3 questions thread

    not sure why but I never seem to remember the BM Walk Around Section, must try harder...
  15. Harrier GR3 questions thread

    Paco, if you don't mind (happy to remove my post if you would prefer me to raise these requests elsewhere), could I also request any pictures for the GR.3 refuelling areas plus any other inspection bays that would be opened for, well, inspection or access to the various electronics bays! Alternatively, does anyone know of a Harrier GR.3 walkaround that will show these areas that is either available in book form or on the internet?

    And ordered...
  17. Harrier GR3 questions thread

    Great question, I'd be interested as well!
  18. Stunning, one not to be ignored!
  19. Not sure how I've missed this and as everyone else has said, outstanding work! Look forward to the next update
  20. October 2017 SAMI Magazine

    Got my copy today, apparently sent out for the third time! Unfortunately, every business can experience problems, especially if the problem is outside their sphere of control so hopefully just a hiccup in the system!
  21. Not sure where to start. Mental illness.

    My sister is bipolar and I was informed by my GP, that I suffer from Manic Depression, back in 2006! Not bad considering we had different fathers but a very happy and outgoing mother! Anyway, I have found that modelling is the one thing that keeps me calm and am fortunate enough to have my own modelling room which contains all my kits, paints, reference materials, extractor fan, literally everything, so that when I am unable to focus and my output, which is normally glacial, slows to beyond galcial, I tend to ponder my next build, fondle plastic, browse my decal sheets or even flick through my books for inspiration. Having said all that, I can still blow and have put my fist through many a model.... In short, you're not alone, though I know that it will seem like it at times!
  22. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    First read it as 200 dead COWS, wouldn't have been pretty site... should have gone to.....
  23. Fairey Firefly 1/48

    Hi Pete, it was at Duxford but left about 10 years ago and is at Yeovilton now, unless it has returned since I last visited 2 years ago. However, there is, I believe, an ex-Swedish all yellow airframe, possibly two, waiting to be restored! I think that the original intention was for one to be maybe airworthy and the other to be static though I'm not sure of the current whereabouts of the second airframe and if the intentions remain to fly one again!
  24. Night working

    Work Sunday to Thursday, starting 18:00 on Sundays, 16:00 on Mondays and Tuesday's and 15:00 on Wednesday and Thursday's. Finish time is 04:30 every day and get home just in time for the wife to leave for work, so tend to get into a warm bed! Think I was born to be an vampire, as I love working nights and hate daylight!