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  1. I miss the Fruitbat
  2. Ruminated thoughtfully by bison (or further north by musk ox)
  3. As she follows the outdated directions of the GPS off the end of the ramp for the bridge that isn't there any more.
  4. what cost todays' pussy
  5. and dark matter existence
  6. My information is that there was a combination of a stainless steel frame with a wooden frame in the rear section. By the way, what other parts of the Lancaster used wood in their construction? Navigators table doesn't count. Sorry no prize other than gloating rights. Cheers.
  7. Did you hear about the vertically challenged chap who was banned from the nudist colony? He kept sticking his nose in everyones' business.
  8. "Flight Sergeant, march the guilty ba.., I mean the accused, in."
  9. when mooses ran away the plural of moose is mooses, not meece
  10. I've always used straight sewing pins, clip the heads, and set into drilled holes in the tires with super glue. When set, mart the spots on your base with a small dot, drill, apply glue and you're done. Beware the pins once they set in the tires, ask me how I know. Cheers
  11. in the drawing room
  12. Follow the old stockmarket adage: kiss it or kill it.
  13. Which are naturally GMO
  14. Worn on the farm
  15. I believe this is a picture of the first rater, HMS Fumbelford, a 68 gun ship of the line. The RN was experimenting with a catamaran design first proposed by VADML Sir Malcolm Splichull. The long extensions on each beam (they were often mistaken for wings) were designed to prevent excess hull roll while turning at speed . The armament consisted of a mix of 32# long guns and 24# carronades. The limiting factor in this armament was it was only able to fire forwards. If any enemy appeared abaft the beam, the command "All hands to stations,", followed by "Ahead full," and the final command "Run away, run away." Their Lordships were not amused by the options, cancelling the program and they sold the hull to Welsh philanthropists to use as flats for the deserving poor.