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  1. 1/72 Italeri UH-1B in RAAF colours

    Just how I remember them on the SAR Flight when I was at RAAF Pearce in the 1970s. I'm in Perth if you ever fancy catching up for a cuppa and a yarn in the modelling room. All the best, Tim.
  2. Brigade Spitfire XII conversion kit

    Well, I was pretty happy with the Brigade Models kit. This it with Italeri Mk IX wings ('C' wings, not 'B'), suitably modified to the asymmetric radiator and oil cooler combination. Both of the Italeri Spitfires, Mk V and IX, are pretty awful kits, but the problems are mostly with their fuselages and there isn't a lot wrong with their wings. In fact, many Spitfire kits have wings that are too thick, while Italeri's are are actually very good in that regard. This was a pretty neat, trouble-free and enjoyable build, from what I remember. I do have Xtrakit's Mk XIIs in the stash, which look to be very nice, but I wouldn't write off the Brigade/Italeri option as a waste of money and effort.
  3. Why do Mosquitos have 5 tubes in their exhausts stacks and not 6

    A Mk VI, I think, in some stills I took from a post-war R.A.F. training film titled 'No Alibis'. Aircraft serial is TA603.
  4. Why do Mosquitos have 5 tubes in their exhausts stacks and not 6

    Another variation...
  5. Australian Corsairs

    I don't see why not. I have, amongst my large collection of wartime recordings, A BBC interview with an Australian Fairey Barracuda pilot who talks about his part in attacks on the Tirpitz, and there are certainly others, though no Corsair pilots, unfortunately. Still, I think it quite likely that there were a few.
  6. Barracuda mystery

    'At the wing root junction on the lower leading edge of the wing...' He's referring to what looks like a rectangular 'window' of some sort in the leading edge itself, not the foothold in the fuselage side. I don't know what it is, either.
  7. 2013 calendar proposal...Mark II.

    I'm sorry to have wasted well over six hundred peoples' time, including my own, apparently. I'm certainly not feeling much like ever showing my work again. This was going to fund, amongst other things, a range of 1/72 air and groundcrew figures, which I know that many people here would have been interested in. That's not going to happen now.
  8. Charles Lindbergh

    More excellent work! All the best, Tim.
  9. B-17

    Very nice work indeed. The honest craftsmanship of brushwork in oils on canvas always impresses me far more than anything produced by computer programming. Best wishes from a fellow artist, Tim Prosser.
  10. Perhaps this belongs here.

    So we should give them away for free? I don't know what others you refer to, and no, we cannot afford to pay for advertising. Thank you anyway.
  11. Forming Actetate

    Have a scroll through this and you might pick up some ideas. http://www2.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=234923352
  12. fluorescent lighting

    I've had models subjected to fluorescent lighting for over ten years without noticeable effect. I'm sure yours will cope! All the best, Tim.
  13. 2013 calendar proposal...Mark II.

    Thanks to the few who have taken the trouble to pass comment. It seems pretty obvious from the large number of people who have looked at this, but not bothered to comment, that the idea is a dead loss. The response has been the same everywhere that I've posted throughout the internet, so Britmodeller is not unique in that respect. Naturally I'm disappointed. Why wouldn't I be? It's beginning to look like I'm going to have to tell my fiancee, Michelle, that all of her hard work in setting this thing up has been a waste of time and effort. Cheers, everyone.
  14. Perhaps this belongs here.

    A very disappointing response so far. Let's see if we have more luck here. http://www.indiegogo...erart1?a=570162
  15. 2013 calendar proposal...Mark II.

    http://www.indiegogo.com/timprosserart1?a=570162 Thanks Nick!