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  1. rumor has it that tropical mk. 1 will be released in March. source: http://www.armahobby.com/70021-hurricane-mk-i-trop-model-kit.html yesterday i got the overtrees (6) i pre-ordered in December and a second order, made a month later, of 1 expert set hurricane, an expert set PZL. P7, and an expert set PZL. P.11 (expert set's now sold out but i expect they'll do a new boxing in the not too distant future. gorgeous kit really. very impressed that such a small operation can produce such an impressive kit. panel lines are closer to Hasegawa than the deep canals on new tool Airfix (c'mon Airfix, if Arma can get it right, with your resources you can too).
  2. @Procopius is that the photoetch? the ones flying my way are overtrees. i'll be doing Yahu panels rather than trying to do what you did with the plastic...
  3. duly noted on avaeolgy. it's *not* a big deal but if know, why not do? so, on it. i'm a do at least 8 of these little ships. i will be using Yahu instrument panels tho'.
  4. Jeff.K

    Preliminary inquiry - correction for Academy Catalina.

    i'm definitely keen on at least one set, and postage is usually reasonable from Red Roo.
  5. six here. [/smug mode] regarding Mk.II and printing money... while I prefer these Mk. Is (i have already ordered 6 and expect to do at least 10, maybe more now that i know the vokes filter's included).... i think there may be something to this. looking at Fly's 1/32 kits, the IIc has sold out. that said, it was first released. worst-case scenario is people like me would be buying a few more hurricanes, so it's definitely a safe bet. best currently for P-51B/C/Mustang III seems to be the new KP kit, whose flaws appear (to me) to be correctable. there's also the option of mating an Academy or KP wing with a Hasegawa fuselage... but it's probably a ripe subject for a better kit. as much as I'd like a new, P-51B that gets the shape right in one go, i think Arma should focus on Hurricane variants next... seems to be THE Mk.I of choice in this scale already. lately a lot of very small companies are making waves with excellent injection molded kits (the Copper State Nieuports in 1/32 are another great example). this bodes well in the long run, for all of us pining for something that has been overlooked, ignored, or screwed up by the big boys....
  6. will be following... and learning... i'm never a pathfinder
  7. even with the cockpit open i'd be wary of spending so much effort on an instrument panel. if yahu don't have one yet i'm sure they will, these are easy and look great... experten... anyone got one to look at? how's the shape?
  8. i'm looking forward to the 70020 boxing, which hasn't been released yet. it's got some very interesting 303 Squadron markings: RF E, a ship Urbanowicz got 9 claims in, it's also the first ship Zumbach had Donald Duck painted on. i'll also need the 'expert set, as i want to build both Glowacki's SD A and Frantisek's RF R. got 6 overtrees. already had the Skalski decal set (from Hannant's, now they only have 1/48) so 2 ships will go to Skalski (hey i'm a collect the whole set). One will be Kentowski's RF J from the Techmod sheet. i may do another 303 Squadron ship, or i may hold 2 back for other options, maybe Burges' blue Malta recon ship, or another Battle of Britain ship (Tuck, McKellar, etc... sooo many possibilities). can you tell i'm delighted with this release? small Eastern European companies are making big waves. Copper State's 1/32 Nieuport 17s are gorgeous kits. regarding shipping, i'm in Thailand. expensive shipping's part of my life. that said i notice that the shipping is in tiers, so play around with your cart and see how much you can put in it til the shipping jumps up past the pain point. i found it cheaper to order 6 overtrees first then order the Expert set later....
  9. Jeff.K

    And Wingnuts' Christmas announcement is....

    superb boxing. here's a link to the backstory of the duel in question: http://www.theaerodrome.com/forum/showthread.php?t=35739 short version: the Re.8 captured the Halberstadt intact.
  10. Jeff.K


    i think it was an O/100.
  11. Jeff.K

    New model from WnW; the H-P 0/400!

    superb news. easy decision for me. i don't do 1/48.
  12. Jeff.K

    WNW FE.2b (early) sold out

    the WNW site now shows the FE.2b (early ) as sold out. they're out at Weta too. Hannant's and a few other retailers have it still. i just got one from Model Hobbies 'cause although they are GBP 10 more than Hannants, they have more favorable shipping options (for me, in Thailand, the Land of Extortionate Import taxes). there were less than 100 in stock at WNW in January, so this is not unexpected...
  13. people have been speculating like crazy about the books... that was indeed one of them. along with French Aircraft of the First World War and Austro Hungarian Army Aircraft of World War One...however the bottom of the stack is what's most interesting: Windsock Breguet 14. that said, in spite of all the post it notes in the books, it doesn't really tell us much about what he's up to. they've dismissed the idea of a SPAD repeatedly. that said, they also said they a) wouldn't be kitting stuff if a good one already existed and b) would stick to WWI... the Lancaster threw all that out the window. i'd not be interested in a Nieuport 17 if the Copper State one lives up to the 3d renders. and Scaroni scored all 26 of his kills in a Hanriot HD.1 from all this we can conclude only one thing with certainty: the next release will be a Dr.I... <hides>
  14. Got a newsletter from WNW this morning... The Halberstadts are available for preorder already. US$129, direct. That was a *very* small gap between announcement and preorder! Also, they mentioned that a couple more World War One kits are in the queue. I think this bodes well for a "Christmas Surprise"...
  15. the Copper State figures shown are the ones already out. Raoul Lufbery (Nieuports, SPADs) Francesco Baracca (Nieuports, SPADs) Godwin von Brumowksi (various A-H ships, mainly OEFFAG Albatros D.IIIs, which could be converted from the Roden kits using the Copper State engine) Hermann Goering (he's holding the walking stick handed down from Richthofen, so this should go with a D.VII). i've got the Luf figure, it's a splendid bit of sculpting. they also have an Arthur Cobby figure that's based on a photo of him in front of a camel. it's worth noting that they don't tend to label who these pilots *are*, perhaps they're hoping to sell more if people see them as generic figures. however, the likenesses are spot on.