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  1. people have been speculating like crazy about the books... that was indeed one of them. along with French Aircraft of the First World War and Austro Hungarian Army Aircraft of World War One...however the bottom of the stack is what's most interesting: Windsock Breguet 14. that said, in spite of all the post it notes in the books, it doesn't really tell us much about what he's up to. they've dismissed the idea of a SPAD repeatedly. that said, they also said they a) wouldn't be kitting stuff if a good one already existed and b) would stick to WWI... the Lancaster threw all that out the window. i'd not be interested in a Nieuport 17 if the Copper State one lives up to the 3d renders. and Scaroni scored all 26 of his kills in a Hanriot HD.1 from all this we can conclude only one thing with certainty: the next release will be a Dr.I... <hides>
  2. Got a newsletter from WNW this morning... The Halberstadts are available for preorder already. US$129, direct. That was a *very* small gap between announcement and preorder! Also, they mentioned that a couple more World War One kits are in the queue. I think this bodes well for a "Christmas Surprise"...
  3. the Copper State figures shown are the ones already out. Raoul Lufbery (Nieuports, SPADs) Francesco Baracca (Nieuports, SPADs) Godwin von Brumowksi (various A-H ships, mainly OEFFAG Albatros D.IIIs, which could be converted from the Roden kits using the Copper State engine) Hermann Goering (he's holding the walking stick handed down from Richthofen, so this should go with a D.VII). i've got the Luf figure, it's a splendid bit of sculpting. they also have an Arthur Cobby figure that's based on a photo of him in front of a camel. it's worth noting that they don't tend to label who these pilots *are*, perhaps they're hoping to sell more if people see them as generic figures. however, the likenesses are spot on.
  4. Jeff.K

    WNW to announce 3 new kits

    i don't think it's an indication they are abandoning WWI. i'm not upset. quite underwhelmed though. i do WWII stuff, and sometimes even 1/32 (mostly 1/72, never 1/48). i'll even do a Dambusters Lanc.... but almost certainly in 1/72. any word on the 3rd kit? BF109?
  5. Jeff.K

    WNW to announce 3 new kits

    any word on the 3rd kit? BF-109G?
  6. Jeff.K

    WNW to announce 3 new kits

    i'm still a bit skeptical of the lancaster announcement. *only* source i can find is hyperscale. i suspect someone might be playing a prank.
  7. Jeff.K

    WNW to announce 3 new kits

    i think, 43 and 44 are British-built and American-built DH.4s, and 62 a Roland D.II. what i'd prefer though, would be an 0/400, Mouromets, and Staaken....
  8. Jeff.K

    WNW to announce 3 new kits

    we already know one of 'em, the Halberstadt CL.II.
  9. Jeff.K

    WNW to announce 3 new kits

    check out the WNW landing page: "New model in development to be announced at the All Japan Model and Hobby Show in Tokyo 28-30 September 2018." let the speculation begin...
  10. checked what actually sold on ebay... now i'm seriously thinking of listing a set at a chancer's price. highest price i saw was around GBP 380. i could get 3 Richthofen Albatri to replace it (i only intend to build 3 Jasta 5 ships) and pocked a nice chunk of change, which could contribute nicely to rockin' up my girl's ring finger...
  11. Jeff.K

    WnW...Who did it???

    admin on another site reached out to WNW, was a DNS issue or some such. nothing to worry about...
  12. Jeff.K

    Get your Wingnuts Brisfits while you can!

    i'm pretty convinced that the two-seaters, in general, a) sell far more slowly and b) have MUCH smaller production runs. i got a peek at inventory on the WNW site, i think it was about last january. basically you order 999 of something and it would tell you, you can only order X. they fixed that, unfortunately. there were 112 Biffs left, 97 Early Fees, and 108 Roland DVIbs. only the D.VIb is sold out (the BIff is definitely close by all accounts). that said i really, really hope they reissue the Re.8, in a duelist or (preferably, at least for me) a Pithey and Rhodes ace edition with figures.... or kick off the long-promised super-detailed series with it...
  13. Jeff.K

    Get your Wingnuts Brisfits while you can!

    i suspect WNW produced the Biff in large numbers. likewise, SE5a... and that's why they took so long to sell out. i also suspect the RE.8 was a very small run and they were caught by surprise that it was a hit. all that's just reading tea leaves though. only hint i ever got directly from WNW was when Dave told me "yeah older kits may sell out sooner rather than later" or something to that effect. vague enough...
  14. i got the Rumey boxing for GBP 100, but that was August 2017.
  15. Jeff.K

    Scale question, please bear with me...

    @JimF i think Rowan (Pheon) said something about a new issue decal set for tripehounds too. hope so, there are a slew of these i want tobuild. i'm a bit annoyed that WNW chose to issue N533 for Collishaw as it's already in the Roden, and Collishaw didn't exactly love that heavy crate. i'd rather N5492 or N5490. i expect the kit will still build into either 1 gun or 2, gun, both are on the original sprues.