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  1. NZ is close enough to Thailand (and no local shop carries WNW)... so i went a bit nuts on the anniversary sale... Eindecker E.I Eindecker IE.V Pfalz D.XII Stahltaube Roland C.II late Fee HB.12 Albatros B.II Post-war Ninak Salmson 2A-2 USAS Camel/LVG C.VI duellists AEG G.IV late my WNW stash is now large enough to call it a fleet in being.
  2. that's exactly how i pounced on the bargain-priced Morgan and Shacklady book. only thing left on there now is Collishaw and Company (not a Spit book) , but that's likely to remain to pricey for me. the reprint of the actual Mk. V manual, correct? i've already ordered the Haynes, which says "all marks" on the cover. just snagged all three on Abe for GBP 17.19 including shipping to Thailand. now i NEED to stop shopping for this month. or starve. Thanks, all!
  3. Just snagged the Shacklady and Morgan book for GBP 17.30... including shipping to Thailand. Bought it within hours of listing, but definitely not seeing the same copies of books on Amazon. I suspect any cross-listing is not automatic. If library copies don't bother you, Abe is a lot cheaper most of the time.
  4. at risk of sabotaging my future shopping... i'm finding prices on abebooks.co.uk to be quite a bit better than Amazon or eBay. this may be because i'm willing to settle for "library copies", but hey it works if you're into damage control.
  5. they're the ones who invented 1/35 scale when 1/32 already existed, so i gave up on expecting anything they do to make sense before i was born.
  6. i'm a cry myself to sleep now..... and stock up on Airfix Mk.Is from the 70s.
  7. thanks guys! from what i have seen i won't be getting either edition at a ridiculously low price these days... i've already ordered Jeffrey Quill's books, the Spitfire Story by Alfred Price, and the Haynes Spitfire Owners' Workshop Manual. I'll get the Monforton book and CAD files later (run out of money this month!). Any other Spitfire essentials? (any and all marks(
  8. Very interesting news, anyone built any of their other stuff? in addition to the Lysander I've taken particular notice of the 1/72 BF109A/B... i'm hoping the Lysander will be 1/72, i don't *do* 1/48...
  9. i've decided based on everything i've read, that i NEED the Morgan and Shacklady Spitfire: The History book. i see at least 2 editions, 1987 and 2000. is one of these 'definitive'? if not, is there a reason to prefer one over the other?
  10. TOTALLY agree; just snagged the Aussie Eight boxing and it's a gorgeous kit.
  11. It would be good if Scalemates was a bit more like Google Docs so you can see who posted/edited something. Maybe it has a downside in that if you post something like this you'd get inundated by messages. It's entirely possible that this entry is wishful thinking, an assumption based on their new 1/48 Spit (they've scaled kits down before) or a baseless rumor. Scalemates is basically a wiki, any schmoe can edit or add stuff, even me. Ideally another schmoe who's in the know would come along and correct any errors. That said, it's a plausible enough release for them, as their current Spit Mk. I is *not* highly regarded and they can scale down the 1/48 version. Regarding other aircraft mentioned in this thread, I'd love a good P-51B in either 1/72 or 1/32.... Is their 1/48 P-51B any good? It's quite old, isn't it? My understanding is that KP missed the mark on the 1/72 P_51B a bit, but their wing combined with the Hasegawa fuselage is the current best option. I'd be quite content if Arma (or a similar small company) went all in on getting the P-51B right in 1/72. Most reviewers were very positive about KP's new-tool Spit Vs, and they have a Vb and Vc. Neither this nor a new-tool, accurate Tamiya will cause me to dump the Sword Vcs in my stash as the shape looks quite good (even if they might turn out to be a bit of a 'short run experience'). I haven't compared the Academy 1/72 Storch to any plans but it looks like a decent kit. I'm also not dumping my Fine Molds BF-109G-6 for the Tamiya so if anyone knows of a tweak list let me know.
  12. *if* Tamiya get the Mk.I right this time, i'll be in for at least 8 of 'em. THE thing i hate most in a kit is when the shape's off, so i wouldn't touch their previous release with a barge pole no matter how detailed it is. scribing panel lines is work, but do-able. that's why out of what's currently out there i prefer the old Airfix to their new tool with its deep wide gouges, and either to the older Tamiya Mk.I. it's definitely a mark of Spit that isn't quite sorted out yet in 1/72. i'll be delighted if it's good. i looked at the reviews of their 1/48 Mk.I when I saw this thread, and this looks promising. 1/48 does me no good as I have zero interest in that scale no matter how good the kit. if they use the same CAD model and scale it down, this could be a great kit.
  13. rumor has it that tropical mk. 1 will be released in March. source: http://www.armahobby.com/70021-hurricane-mk-i-trop-model-kit.html yesterday i got the overtrees (6) i pre-ordered in December and a second order, made a month later, of 1 expert set hurricane, an expert set PZL. P7, and an expert set PZL. P.11 (expert set's now sold out but i expect they'll do a new boxing in the not too distant future. gorgeous kit really. very impressed that such a small operation can produce such an impressive kit. panel lines are closer to Hasegawa than the deep canals on new tool Airfix (c'mon Airfix, if Arma can get it right, with your resources you can too).
  14. @Procopius is that the photoetch? the ones flying my way are overtrees. i'll be doing Yahu panels rather than trying to do what you did with the plastic...
  15. duly noted on avaeolgy. it's *not* a big deal but if know, why not do? so, on it. i'm a do at least 8 of these little ships. i will be using Yahu instrument panels tho'.
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