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  1. Jeff.K

    Another Wingnut Wings kit sold out

    an Emil Schape special would be all kinds of awesome, but i doubt they ever would as there isn't enough reliable information on it. when Richard Alexander was on that podcast, he made it sound like a project would tend not to go forward without enough research behind it. i'm surprised the early Snipe outlasted it.
  2. Jeff.K

    Get your Wingnuts Brisfits while you can!

    the Biff's getting scarce but i expect the post-war Brisfit will be around for a while though.
  3. Jeff.K

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    now that you guys have persuaded me that Park's Malta OK 2 is a IIb, i have one more question about that ship (for now)... i'm fairly convinced it isn't a Trop and has neither Vokes nor Aboukir, but none of the photos I've seen show anything conclusive on this matter. Google found me models with no filter, but not the actual ship.
  4. Jeff.K

    Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    TRUE! some people still believe searing steak "seals in the juices" even though science says it doesn't... <ducks> still a lot of mysteries, but being used to WWI subjects i'm used having to make semi-informed, possibly wrong, guesses. or blue-grey areas
  5. Jeff.K

    Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    shuffling through back issues of Scale Aircraft Modeller: 2015-12 Operation Newman Part 1 2016-01 Newman and Calendar Part 2 2017-08 Operations Oppidan, Hansford and Bowery Part 1 2017-09 Colloquial Camouflage, Malta Spitfires delivered via Gibraltar started reading. brilliant stuff. saw a post or review somewhere, didn't comment but should have... poster mentioned "the myth of the blue spitfire" being based on *one* photo (which he posted, and which was obviously taken in ambiguous light." now, not it's not only a myth but we humans actually know stuff.
  6. Jeff.K

    Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    superb! i may even have those issues already!
  7. Jeff.K

    Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    you say "as we now know".... this is confirmed? source?
  8. Jeff.K

    Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    i've got the Osprey books and Beurling's own account (on audiobook via Audible). i vaguely remember his as having two cannon. regarding the colour (color for us Yanks) can of worms i'm used to this, i'm very deeply into WWI and... well if you can say PC10 and not shudder... you don't know PC10. got the Malta spitfire colours book and quite familiar with USN colors so that i'll sort out to my satisfaction (if no one else's). i think the usual USN blue-grey was the color, although thin washes may have been done. it's also possible that a grotesquely thinned deck blue was used but that's like, "well if you thin tar enough..." re: 247: i think we can safely assume 249. and i think my Beurling bus(es) will be rockin' two cannon not 4. hope the Kopro kit's up to it, Sword are scarce.
  9. Jeff.K

    Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    Spitfire mavens, there's a new Kopro Vc just dropped. It has four cannons. My understanding with Vcs is that some had four, some not. I'm interested in Malta Spits, especially those of Beurling. Any tips on what had what? Also, anyone see the kit yet? If so is it as good as their Vb?
  10. Jeff.K

    The Kit that launched a legend has sold out

    I got mine a couple months before it sold out... i knew it wouldn't last long, there were less than 20 in inventory at WNW. that 'preview' of WNW inventory has been a gift from the gods for sure.
  11. Jeff.K

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Quick shout-out here guys: the depth and breadth of knowledge being dropped in this thread has prompted me to read this thread from the beginning. I'll do likewise on the Spit threads. Spits and Hurris ain't even my main thing, and I ain't even British, but the Britmodeller forum is all kinds of awesome. Thanks everyone.
  12. Jeff.K

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Thanks guys. I'm leaning toward IIb now. Even as coarse as the print quality is on that image, the cannon blisters should catch the light or cast a slight shadow. Serials are convincing too. Malta and certainty don't seem to go together well, do they...
  13. Jeff.K

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Superb. I expected that was the case, but wanted to make sure, as I don't know enough about either the kit or the IIc yet.
  14. Jeff.K

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    I want to build Keith Park's Malta OK 2 in 1/32. I'm eyeballing the Fly kit. I can get a really good price on the IIc/Trop. I can still get the IIc, but the price... not so good. Are there significant differences in the plastic beyond the Vokes filter? Can I model a non-trop easily from the Trop, or should the lazy modeler (I should trademark that) stick to the mostly sold out IIc boxing?
  15. Jeff.K


    McCudden also flew the DH.2... but his iconic ships were Hissos so that'd be one I'd expect to see. I'm content with the Encore version, but it's OOP. Stan Dallas few a Hisso, and it was camouflaged. That'd be an interesting one. What I'd REALLY like to see, my number 1 dream is a Pithey and Rhodes RE.8.