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  1. gotta disagree with that. given the scale you're working in, figure out how close the viewer should be to the model. measure the distance from model to eye. multiply it out to determine what it would be in 1:1 scale. take two identical color card samples, and pick a spot. eave a card there. pace off your viewing distance (my shoes just happen to be 1' so for me this is easy). hold up the card in your hand and you'll see the difference and know how much you'd want to adjust the color for your model for a scale effect. that said, to my eye it makes sense to start with the best match to the original color as possible, so these are separate questions. i think manufacturers should stay out of the atmospheric perspective (scale color) business.
  2. i second the declaration + haughty sniff.
  3. lots of interesting Chinese subjects in the 37-45 range. i got the CMR Curtiss A-12 Shrike in my stash (comes with Chinese markings, looks as good as their Spitfires), and a Gladiator that i've assigned to Arthur Chin. and a second Hawk H-75 which will get the markings of Claire Chennault's personal hack. also stashed are other more mainstream CBI subjects--all the AVG decals i could find, a Singapore Buffalo, a Nate that will be in Thai markings, but these don't fit in with the topic of the thread.
  4. interesting subject but it'll be a while before i get around to it... first i need to move house so i have a place to build. then, there's a long queue of stuff already in the stash, including a Filipino subject: 1/72 Revell P-26a with a ton of after market goodies which will build up as my best guess for the one flown by Jesus Villamor in combat. bit of an emphasis on Thai subjects such as the SH 1/72 Hawk III model 68, Hawk H-75, Tachikawa Ki-36 and Spitfire FR XIV, because if i have questions i can eyeball the real ones at the RTAF museum.
  5. interesting choices. i'm on a parallel track i've been hoarding oddball subjects from CBI theater.
  6. Jeff.K

    LukGraph Sopwith Baby

    yep. i've not seen a Lukgraph kit in the flesh but i've heard good things about 'em and the 3d renders look very good.
  7. Jeff.K

    WNW Albatros D.V

    the decal sheet has been sold out for a while. maybe they even printed a limited run of these, don't know.
  8. my understanding is that the 'early' kit will be buildable as early production Dr.Is, not just the F.I. it's interesting that WNW admitted to caving in to demand for this kit... also the number of repops issued lately seems to indicate another shift, toward behaving more like a mainstream company and less like a limited run company. dropping Albatri when an Albatros is still available is something new for them.
  9. Jeff.K

    NEW WNW kits announced

    it will definitely appeal to the crowd who favor schemes over stories. and for story people, the ones who prefer the dark places. for me neither the scheme nor the pilot have a place in my house, but i'll get the kit and use the Bolle markings from the VIIF i already have...
  10. Jeff.K

    NEW WNW kits announced

    could be a brain fart but i believe i read somewhere (Udet's memoirs, maybe?) it was a factory finish. while some blame Goering's descent into self-aggrandizing delusion and morbid obesity on the pain meds from his war injuries, every mention i've seen no favorable mention of him in any German pilot's memoir i've read. i get the impression even then he was not well liked...
  11. i don't see it as good news; both manufacturers are very thorough about developing parts for as many versions as possible. CSM already have 3 more Nieuport boxings in the queue, the 21, 23, and RFC 23... these are basically 3 more N.17 variants. through unhappy accident we will get two very thorough kits of the same thing as opposed to one more kit of something that hasn't been kitted (or at least kitted this well) before. that said, i fully recognize how spoiled we are right now as 1/32 WWI modellers.
  12. yep if this is an important one for you get in there early. i pre-ordered my CSM Nieuports, just to be safe. if the dreideckers sell out faster than the Jasta 5 set (i waited til late, still got 2 of those) then i can live with the Roden kit it's pretty good. i have a dismayingly long wish list to manage...
  13. i just bought the Paul Leaman DR.I book on ebay. it's expensive but i'd imagine when the WNW dreidecker drops it'll get scarcer... and more expensive. if you're keen on the book watch ebay and abebooks. i've been watching for about a year and US$100 was the best price i've seen (it's gone now, but that gives you an idea of what a 'good' price looks like).
  14. i'm not worried about them selling out in less than a year, i'm expecting them to manufacture a lot of 'em. the Hisso SE5a took quite a while to sell out compared to other early kits (especially the RE.8). about a year and a half ago, WNW still had 32 SE5as in stock. the LVG C.VI was already sold out, so it appears to me they dropped far fewer of it than the SE5a.
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