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  1. Thank you all for your kind comments. I should have mentioned that I did the wing tip nav lights and camouflaged the wingtips first then masked them off to prevent overspray and damage while working on the model.
  2. Upper surface pattern complete., no overcoating with gloss yet, just the raw paint. A coat of Future will blend all the patinas into one uniform sheen. Sovereign Colorcoats Dark Earth, Xtracolor Dark Green. Applied freehand over penciled paint demarcation boundaries with a Paasche V Jr. The Sovereign paint dries to a satin finish and will take a lightly penciled in demarcation line, the Xtracolor being gloss dries slower and enables one to get a very tight sprayed line. Now on to the undersurfaces, it is going to be DW-K. A kit with excellent fit, very nice job by Tamiya.
  3. Thanks for your comments. You are correct about the color appearance, in that it was rather washed out by the flash of the camera. The color on the model is much darker and a deeper green. I photographer I am not...FWIW here is a shot taken without the flash under indoor lighting. As an aside all A6M3s were Mitsubishi built and used the undersurface color in the wheel wells and doors.
  4. Approach light left gun camera right HTH, Pat D
  5. Moving along like a roaring herd of turtles, but it's getting there...washes next
  6. Could you possibly share any of these photos? This is very interesting as I had never heard of a Gosling/ G-44 being catapult launched, new territory indeed! I would love to see how the A/C was modified for this function. My interest is a bit more than modeling as I flew a Widgeon for quite a while. Thanks! Pat D
  7. Tommo, I do not believe the Widgeon was stressed for catapult launching. I have never seen any photos or drawings of such fitting. Grumman as far as I know did not intend the A/C to be catapult launched, indeed none of the Grumman hulled amphibians Duck, Goose or the large Albatross were designed with that in mind. The Widgeon was a small amphibious flying boat and restricted to wave heights of approximately 2 feet and general flew from fairly sheltered waters or runways.
  8. Not in color but perhaps these will help?
  9. pat d


    FWIW: This A/C also had yellow leading edge ID markings which were partially overpainted on some areas. Tamiya's painting diagram appears to be pretty accurate. What appears to be chipping is possibly eroded overpainting or even just "holidays" from the original application of the green overpaint. Japanese factory applied paint for naval A/C was pretty good stuff and could take a lot of abuse, you would want this for an A/C based in a salt water environment. Look at the lower photos in spite of the abuse the paint does not show a massive amount of chipping...
  10. The "squiggle" pattern of RLM 76 over RLM 75 took about 35 hors of airbrush time over 12 painting sessions. Thank you all for your kind comments.
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