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  1. Modelling of the highest order. Extremely well don, S-jet von B
  2. The WNW Camel is coming!

    The Camel is coming..... after the FokKiwi DXXI Von B
  3. Rigging eyelets anyone used Midges?

    Try annealing the copper wire before twisting it. It has worked for me for over 10 years. Good luck! Von B
  4. Wing nut Wings SE5a WIP

    Hi Steve, Anymore updates on the SE? Cheers, BVB
  5. Outstanding build - well done! Von B
  6. I have shitloads. Have I built many of them? No!! von B
  7. All looks rather lovely. Von B
  8. Wing nut Wings SE5a WIP

    Hi Steve, You're doing great work on the SE5.a. The IP looks great as does all the work you have put into the cockpit - well done! I will be keeping a periodic eyeball on this thread Cheers, BVB
  9. John, Please forgive me for turning up to the party too late...BUT! You have produced a beautiful Snipe. You have also inspired me to have a crack at doing one - be rude not too! Well done! A real gem and no mistake Von Buckle
  10. Airfix 1/24 Hawker Typhoon on the flight line...

    Hi Steve, Old news, bro! Well done old bean. You deserve all the great comments. Tiffie Von Buckle
  11. Wingnut Wings LVG C.VI

    Lovely work on the LVG, Robert I'm glad the wee buckles came in handy - looks like you have mastered the dark arts of stringing bipes Keep going! Cheers, Von Buckle
  12. WNW Pfalz DIIIa

    Hi Doug, Model is finished and in the 'Ready for Inspection' section should you wish to see the old girl complete. Cheers, Bob
  13. WNW Pfalz DIIIa

    Good luck!