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  1. Formula one last season 2018

    This like football, golf and all the other mainstream sports/games/etc it's now all about money and as long as we the fans are willing to pay what are now ridiculous charges to watch/follow or buy whatever from each the money grabbers behind it all will keep racking up the price. Its all very simple if we don't enough numbers they will be forced to reduce the price, thing is a lot moan but keep paying. Personally I've stopped I used to be a ardent GP /motoGP/WSB etc now I don't go to any race meetings they're a massive rip off especially Silverstone others aren't much better your herded into crap corners or sections of the straights. All the good stuff is either premium on top of the entry or given over to cooperate parking, drink and food are a joke same goes for shows in the NEC and alike . Its a real shame but it's the reality of whats happening.
  2. D-Day Double build.

    What an interesting aircraft just love the Stirling one of WW2 unsung heroes in my opinion. I was very privileged to have known a Warrant Officer Pilot (Jim) RAFVR who flew these on the early bombing raids, SOE missions and in this glider tug role, he also flew Lysander and DC3 Dakota dropping 1st Airborne at Arnhem. Warrant Officer James Samuel Mills 1830694 (Jim) was awarded the Dutch Flying in 1947 one of only 11 to the RAF see here https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/37849/page/226 he was awarded it for missions he flew into Holland with the SOE. I also knew Jeff a paratrooper, he first joined what was called the commandos, which later split into the Parachute Regt, their connection being Jim flew the DC3 Jeff jumped out of over Arnhem. He was wounded and ended up being left behind to defend the Hotel Hartenstein and capture. They both ended up being in the same British Legion, which is how I come to known them sadly they have now passed away Jim reached his mid 90's died in 2010, Jeff mid 80's died in in 2011 I think. I'm sorry for almost hijacking this thread (not my intention) but I feel the story is very related to your build and I never miss an opportunity to tell their story and this is just a brief outline of what they did. They had some amazing stories, were real gents, like so many of these heroes of WW2 sadly missed. .
  3. I just love these older Airfix boxes, they put me right back as wide eyed 10 year old...... Good luck with the build mate, this was one of the few Airfix kits I never made.
  4. Masking lines

    Hi Steve Thanks mate all sorted now
  5. Masking lines

    Mr Hobby Color and AK Xtreme Metal
  6. Masking lines

    Having never masked up anything like this on a model before except the last time I got this far with this build before having all the soft paint issues see my other post. What is recommended for where the line edge (see below picture) are proud, do I just leave it and let the colour coat sort it or slightly rub down?
  7. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    What a great finish to the red mate looks flawless. What needle size and pressure did you use mate.
  8. Hello from a Londoner

    to a fellow Londoner north or south mate?
  9. Another from Adelaide

  10. New member

  11. M3 Grant - Academy 1/35

    Cracking model really nicely done mate
  12. MFH 1/12 Ferrari 126C4

    I'm seriously considering building one of these kits, at present I'm following quite a few builds across several forums. I plan on building a 1/20 and 1/12 Tamiya first, I'm currently looking at up grade kits and alike, as you mention the RB Motion products were on my list, sadly they or rather he (Rob) doesn't have a UK/EU distributor. Their stuff is really top notch if a little expensive but worth it I feel, the tubing for the rod ends links is easy to find I'm still looking for eyelets.
  13. Best way to attach cast metal engine parts?

    To the best of my knowledge it's a mixture of all 3, depending on what the part is, where and if it needs strength. Solder is the strongest, then epoxy lastly CA.
  14. My first Wingnuts build

    Wow, your brave to tackle one with so much rigging, excellent work mate top draw stuff this. I'm planning on getting a WNW kit and giving it a go, think I'll opted for less rigging though, probably a Fokker D.VII or Albatros D.V.
  15. Takom Merkava Mk1 Hybrid

    Very nice mate, I do like a bit of IDF