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  1. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    Had a look at the airbrake assembly. There are 2hinge pieces that attach to the main part, with lugs on. I've done them so the lugs are inboard, but the instructions are conflicted , drawing 1shows them outward and drawing 2 shows inward. Parts numbers indicate 1, I think, but looking at the aperture in the fuselage, neither will go in. I quite like a mechanical puzzle, but I don't think this will go! All I can do is trim the lugs off flush and fit it up into the fuselage. Much ado about nothing. Visible on the instructions you can see the hydraulic ram comes in 3 pieces with advice not to glue the extending rod. So I think the intention is for the lugs to act as hinges, the ram to slide and the whole thing to be movable. Hmmmm, anyone else done this successfully??😞
  2. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    I've been fiddling around with this build for a few weeks now, and I finally decided to put up a bit of a build log. Not a complete A to Z thread - there have been a good few posted already, although most were shortly after the kit was launched and many have suffered catastrophic photo failure at the hands of Pee- bucket. It's going to be a drawn out process, making the thread, what with festivities and work stuff. Also, whether i opt for the Red Arrows scarlet or the gloss black finish, it's going to be with a rattle can, so that won't be happening in the depths of winter. Main efforts so far at effecting improvements are Modification of flaps to the lowered position as per a parked up Hawk. Getting some rivets on the fuselage rear. Trying to get the look of a bunch of metal sheets bent and fitted together, rather than a perfect moulded Form with engraved lines. I have no idea how it's going to pan out!!
  3. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    Yes, go for it @Biggles87.. I was concerned about the white stripe decals showing a bit pink on the red paint, but they're OK, and on the 1/72 version also. There's a little piece that is supposed to go on the nose between the side stripes, but it just doesn't make any sense (on mine anyway). I just omitted it. Anything required once the antenna is fitted will be done with paint.
  4. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    Well, she's up on her feet, and I got the chance to deploy my latest pair of wheel chocks... Loads to do yet, but it's always nice to see them standing and looking something like it. The little one does look quite good still on the end of a brush handle - I'm starting to like the idea of a Red Arrows Hawk in flight , wheels up, clean, with a pilot. Well, I still got some Rover Vermilion in the can...πŸ˜ƒ
  5. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    Cool! @The Spadgent Ok, watch OUT you guys... I'm on it now!⚠
  6. Loving the new kits too. That little F84 Thunderjet is going to be fabulous. I did the academy F84E/G version not that long ago. Funny enough, I didn't foil it- just seemed too fine and delicate, so I painted. Looks like a little ballerina for some reason. I need to get out more.....
  7. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    Thanks Dennis. There is progress bit at a time. On the big one - And under... Underside turned out to be a bit easier than the little one, as all the door transfers are separate items on the sheet. Just needed to split the main diagonal and trim for the middle pylons, and a couple of measured cutouts for along the flaps. Still floating em on in Klear. I spilled some Klear the other evening, on to a piece of decal sheet for 1/72- all the little details for the cockpit sides. I thought I d better get a move on and apply them all, as they were wet. What a pain! 😠 The Klear had instantly waterproofed the back of the paper - it took ages to get them moving, and these were all the tiny ones that usually fly off the paper. I'll take precautions to minimise the risk of that happening again!
  8. 🌟🌟🌟🌠
  9. Tell you what.... you guys certainly take this " individual details" business seriously! Good luck with the research! 🌟🌟🌟
  10. I'm going to say yes to that one. I remember pondering that on my build- it just doesn't make sense fitting the sight. I fitted mine out of habit, and then realised it had to go.
  11. .... can't persuade you to do op.C then...?! I thought the Tusky Hog design was good, but THIS.... is the A10 nose-art for me!πŸ˜ƒ
  12. Dam that's cool! That's mean before it even starts shootin.......! Have you got this dΓ©cor on your sheet,??
  13. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    So, I just been treated to a quick tutorial by Keefr22 on the Aircobra build (CedB) covering a Klear method of decal/transfer application . Thus motivated, and convinced of my own invincibility, now having the knowledge, I set about some of the décor on the big airframe. Could've gone a lot worse. It's a long way from the back to the intakes, with no good datum to line everything up. Plus the lettering section tapers to the front, but I think it's lining up with the middle of the intakes. And good coverage from the white - no sign of red showing through.🍎
  14. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    There is a method that can be used in critical masking situations. I learned it as a student, it's crucial when working on a surface like canvas. Most recently deployed on a Nimrod MR1 by Lord Riot, on the advice of barside. First colour, and mask when dry. Then a quick spray or brush along the tape with the FIRST colour, so any bleeding is the " right "colour , and then on with second. The line on the Nimrod looks superb and Riot seemed well pleased with the method. But I wish I knew how to paste those little"@..." tabs on here, that everyone uses....!😞
  15. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    Quite so, johnny! I'm nearly ready to peel. I do have the advantage of working between the site for a decal and a rudder/trailing edge. But yes, it can be a little disappointing at times, can't it?!
  16. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    This is going to give some of you cause for alarm- but I've set about the tail..... with a brush. The thing is, I have far more confidence and ability with brush, and I also have the paint I want to use. It's called Bocour Blue- it's an artist's acrylic, and it's the business colour-wise. Application is more of a watercolour technique, several washes of blue over a white primer. I've white primed the area to include the white stripe decal area, and then moved the masking tape back to give me just the blue area. And I hope my measurements and marking out is right! Couple more washes of Bocour should build up nicely, and I'm hoping the white background will still "illuminate" the blue from behind, a little. One more pic..... the light was catching the effort l made on the top of the flaps, to get that dippy stressed skin effect. It's hardly breathtaking, but it is there.
  17. Yeah, but he'll know..... And we'll know..... And he'll know, that we know... And we'll know that....
  18. All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    I must say it does, especially in 3rd picture, although the picture does look"green -enhanced" all over compared to the others, looking at the grass etc.. So I'm thinking that's a solid wood prop hub, the whole thing is painted black, and a little painted spinner fixed on front? And the tips, some look white. Old colour photos, eh?
  19. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    I have the red topcoat on the big fella It's come out shinier for sure - maybe just because so much more paint is involved. But still not the full buffed up showroom shine I need to match the Reds! When I get to the end, do you think car wax polish will work, orshould I be thinking about a spray varnish?
  20. All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    thus pic from the top of the page is as good as I've seen (but that's not many). And the interior mirror etc you may want to have a go at
  21. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    Little bit of progress here and there. Filled some dodgy seams on the little fella, and did another spray of topcoat. Looking better. Then I peeled the tape off the canopy and all looks OK.. What I really wanted to know was if the airfix transfer white was opaque enough to cover the red paint, without looking faintly pink. Only one way to find out, Looks good to me, better than I feared. As expected, the underside stripes were a little more challenging. What I needed was the option to dry fit the one-piece door moulding to the well, and apply the decal straight over the lot. But the door attachment pins ruled out that option. I tried my best to mark up and make the various cuts before soaking, including slots to go around the pylons etc. Didn't quite pull it off, but nothing that can't be sorted out with a dab of white paint. The white flash along the side doesn't quite make it to the front of the intake, and moving it forward was leaving too much gap between"FORCE" and the roundel I thought. So another wee patch up. I may nick a sliver off the stripe decal that sits inside the intake. Nobody's gonna miss that.
  22. It's going to be epic. For some reason, my mind wandered off at a slight tangent - Realised there's but 25 years between your previous -but-one Handley Page sticks n canvas string bag and this magnificent beast!
  23. ".... Don't tell him, Pike....!" (Sorry Bbudde , that's a long story, ref. old British TV stuff)
  24. Looks good to me!πŸ‘
  25. I'll look forward to seeing that, if you put up a build thread, Bel 209 πŸ‘