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  1. Apologies Angstrom, by the way, for dissing your chosen scheme. It just wasn't what I was looking for! Transfer sheets, and the variable quality thereof..... Discuss...! How hard can it be, when you've had 60 years and more to practice and improve, to provide a reliable, presentable, good sheet in a kit? I don't mean exquisitely superb, just "good", and reliably so. That would be nice, wouldn't it? The Scat II machine is looking"exquisitely superb"- that's the important thing!
  2. I expect they do online sales or phone. If not , couldn't be more than a tenner to post 2, could it? 7+7=14 . Add 10=£24 =£12 each. I can do it if they don't
  3. I just wanted to butt in on Canberrakid- John, do you stockpile stuff for situations like this? Because that pic looks like some of the stuff I got left in my B57 box, along with nacelles, bombs and missiles! Always willing to donate if required. You know that the 1/48 B57 airfix is going for £6.99 at AC Models in Eastleigh Hampshire?. That is not a mistype! They got a stack.
  4. Like a refillable teabag you put your exotic tealeaves in and dunk it? That IS posh! Well, it was before it was cut up to fulfill a higher calling and destiny So I can source them in many colours and sizes. Might take a few along to next club meeting, see if anyone else uses them. I gotta say they really look the business on your lighting
  5. Guys, that got me thinking, (slowly), was it this kinda thing? If so, I can source any amount of them for distribution to the modelling world, or wedding planners for that matter!
  6. 71Chally, how's it going with the Lightning's foil job? I mentioned the airfix Mustang a while back, I was weighing up my nmf options - your method or mine. Well, I finished the Voodoo and I've set about it. I've gone with my own style with adhesive foil and it's going OK so far. Just wanted to check in with your project, see how it's going. Later
  7. Well I'm just about there. Other than trying to enhance the appearance of the engine cans with some effects of heat and dirt, I think I'm done on this If I get a chance to photograph her in sun/ daylight, and they turn out OK, I'll do a little RFI. If you been trying to pick up what I do with foil for a nmf airframe, I hope I've helped a bit. I've got a serious change of scale coming up, with the little airfix P51D Smaller than a fuel tank, but looking like a very nice kit. Brilliant fit so far. Going for the metal finish of course... no surprise there. Cheers all
  8. This is it, the big push! I had to put this build on hold last spring, and got sidetracked by other builds, including another Voodoo in 1/72 , the revell kit - 1991it says on the instruction sheet. So, got the little one finished finally and put up a RFI thread to celebrate, and now going to crack on with this labour of love, hell or high water, etc... This is the state of play as I lift the lid A lot of the foil work has been done on the main airframe parts. A few areas need looking at again, and a couple of snags in assembly need sorting , but I'm not going to get bogged down in obsessive detail anxiety ( a recently discovered medical condition, call it ODA for short)! 😉 Some debate about metal finish v light grey paint finish, and how it applies with USAF and Canadian planes. I'm no expert, but it's clear that Kittyhawk are saying nmf for this USAF single seater ( and I would have done it anyway, cos I like the process and the look!)
  9. I'm just making a start on the little airfix P51D in 1/72 . Would it be easy to change decor to Scat IV? Sounds fairly plain. Any pics or references? I'm going for nmf anyway! PS, I just had a look up my P38s pants and guess what.. no green! I wasn't being lazy, I was being accurate! Silver doors and wells. Result! You boys, try to keep up...😉
  10. Really....? What does a full days modelling look like? This plane is going to be awesome🌟🌟🌟
  11. Brace yourself Hamden , I expect there's more to come ....
  12. Just as an aside, I came across this picture the other evening Is that like, " Probably the Best Aeroplanes in the World..." ?
  13. No big problems with paint, enamels or acrylic, so far. My style or method works the metal quite hard and probably "keys" the surface a bit. Bearing in mind I'm working with a brush, I can't speak for airbrush work. Any car paint cans are OK - the polystyrene is totally protected. A Matt primer can be useful. So here I put matt white first. Then followed a tip off and put a yellow base over, and then the bright red That's the most elaborate operation I've done. Anti-glare panels etc are trouble free, and the odd chip around the screen or canopy frame just adds a little character! Johnson kleer or Pledge multi surface Wax helps seal it, and more over the decals.
  14. Watching...... for future reference. This all looks good
  15. It looks top-notch to me. That black and yellow stripe stuff sure lifts the interior. Very competently done. I like...
  16. Progress, bit by bit. Let's face it - we're ALL in that boat! Still working on the gun ports, and there's a couple of tiny antennas to go on the nose last minute.
  17. Dramatic cliffhanger or WHAT...?!? We're on the edge of our seats here.! Voice -over guy; can he pull it back? Has he got all the bits? Has he got what it takes!? Can he hold his nerve in the face of such adversity...?? Jeopardy is the word I'm searching for. Such jeopardy....!😱 Can't wait.....
  18. The P38 is really shaping up now. The tail-sitting tendency is a challenge for sure! I did the Hobby Boss"easy -build" kit 1/48 and crammed the nose and both engine nacelles. She sits OK, but I've no idea what the all up weight is. Ref. the foil tape work, thanks for that! If you were going to have a go, get a bit of practice in on spare parts or something in the stash you couldn't care less about. You don't want to be under undue pressure or uptight when you start out.. Here she is. Needs some of that exotic nose- art. The H.Boss decor scheme was rubbish! Pappies Burdie or something.
  19. Funny the way things come around. I just been getting some feedback on F101 Voodoo aircraft, especially the ones at Bentwaters in Suffolk. The degree of shine on the bare metal finish is described as Variable depending on the keenness of the ground crew - Until Col. Olds took over!! Seems like the keenness level bucked up considerably with the old boy in charge! I need to find out more about him, I think.
  20. I'm guessing you mean these guys. What were they doing? Multitasking!?? The 3view drawings are very atmospheric and Arty, but just about useless for placing reference. I did the fuselage red line band with airfix red line from the B 57 Canberra kit.
  21. I set about the tail décor to see if it could be salvaged. I think we're OK. One saving grace with the kit is that there are 4 options for tail decorations! I was going for the blue 2flash scheme originally, but blew that straight away. I cut one flash out, dipped it, took the curling paper out and flopped it thoughtless on the mat. It flopped out quite flat, and left 4 or5 splits right across the blue flashes. I had a go at assembling the bits on the tail, and it gradually deteriorated past the point of no return. Soooo.... Option 2- yellow -flash. The blue one I had cut to separate the rudder piece from the main fin design, so not to repeat any of that dismal process, I did this decal in one piece. I didn't dip, but brushed water on the front of the transfer. I'm thinking water soaking the back of the paper makes it expand causing it to curl like a bi-metallic strip. So, don't soak the back, soak the front untI the decal starts to release. It didn't curl and it didn't split, and I got it on as in the previous picture😠 This evening I cut the rudder join and took the rudder off, and administration of first aid settled it down round the edges. I need to change the airframe number underside to. 472 if it looks like it's successful. Otherwise, I still got 2 goes left on the transfer sheet! Also took a shot at the walkway panels on top of the intakes. Having been scared by tender decals, I cut these dry to make the sharp angle where the wings meet the fuselage, and applied them in 2 parts. I didn't fancy trying to make the decal conform to that shape with a dab of tissue!
  22. Behind the bulkhead? That's still over the nose- wheel on the Canberra. Weight in the nose but hinged open sounds like a high risk strategy! There's no doubt the Sig site is a great resource, reference material and modelling advice .
  23. One little treat I picked up on Saturday at the Poole Vikings annual show is the Matchbox PR9 in 1/72. I've got my hands full at the moment, but I'm weighing up the options and giving it some thought. I've done the airfix Martin B57 Canberra in1/48 recently and I'm sure most of the kit is the same as yours . Deep trenches in the rudder? Deep panel lines? Numerous options for engine nacelles? You might have even got a shed load of bombs and missiles in the box! She's a big girl when you start putting the airframe together. Make a bit of space. And plan for much nose- weight - I mean loads! She's a real tail-sitter. Look forward to seeing your progress.👍
  24. The stuff that was covered in the Navybird thread was pretty comprehensive, encl photo reference and information. It's got to be a good start!
  25. Broadchurch ? Pffff....! I been looking at " Line of Duty" for 3 weeks now, and I ain't got a Scooby as to what's going on. Not the foggiest... That's a stonking good cockpit you've produced there, by the way.