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  1. Flight of the Intruder

    Tricky, isn't it? I have no knowledge of the planes themselves, but the first image looks truer to me. The second version looks "enhanced" or Photoshoped to my eye . Any other images of this scheme? Another way of looking at it is, how do I want my plane to look when I'm finished? I know this idea can cause great upset with the Historical Accuracy Brigade, but ultimately this is your little sculpture, and you need to like the end product of your endeavours! Dyou think I'll be struck off for floating that piece of Heresy??
  2. Lockheed T33A

    Yeah, I noticed that in the pictures. I thought I ought to rise to the challenge. My hobbyboss F80 came with deployable brakes so I already have an example for reference. And I thought if I'm going to do it, I'd better get the cutting and boxing done now, while I can get to it. I've actually glued the wing underside to the fuselage now, to get the surfaces aligned. Then I can fit the upper wings aligned with the fuselage sides, and make any adjustments necessary between!!! Tired of having big steps to sort out. I'm calling this - PLAN B ....
  3. Lockheed T33A

    I built a single seater, F80 Shooting Star some years ago and really enjoyed the build, and the finished plane is one of my favourites. So then, I picked up the trainer version not so long ago, with a bit of a plan on my mind. Because I came across Tangmere museum back in the summer when I was out for a drive around with a map. Not enough time for a proper visit inside, but several Aircraft sitting outside and some being worked on in the hangers. And look what was in the middle of it... SO, gotta be worth having a go at this... Here's the F80 got out for reference and motivation Don't think I have ever had a real airframe for reference before. Think I need another visit and a "walk around" session.
  4. Lockheed T33A

    Right. Faint Heart never..... Another dry fit, make sure I haven't done anything daft. Like they say, a man on a galloping horse wouldn't notice! I'm not a great one for posing my models on a mirror.πŸ˜ƒ
  5. Lockheed T33A

    There's a lump moulded on to each side of the fuselage, on what I suppose to be the gun bays on the F80 fighter. I've removed them and foiled the panels smooth. The plan is to recreate this type of vent, Strangely, it's what is illustrated on the Box art for the kit - definitely not what is supplied in plastic. I had a go at making a vent out of foil, but it's a bit faint. If I can enhance it, it may be OK, or else I'll try a thicker Ali, like a pie dish. Also a little disappointed to find the air brakes are just etched on the wing underside! After some consideration (may be not enough!) I decided to have a go at them. So, out with the Stanley knife... Fitting the wheel well box helps to give some structure back, and a dry assembly looks like this, I need to build a box inside with a partition, actuator arms and remodel the doors. Gotta be worth the effort though.
  6. Lockheed T33A

    I'm always in a bit of a rush to get the fuselage joined up and then I can get on with sorting out the seams and get foiling. But there's an issue with the Shooting Star around the intakes. Insides need foil, and the intake doors need doing before installation and the big join up. Also, a piece of exterior panel in front of each intake that the fence sits over. Gun- ports need the blanking plates fitting, front wheel well and the jet tail pipe installed, and a chunk of milliput for balance, and we're good to go! Seats etc can go in much later. Right! Let's go...
  7. F86-F Sabre refurb

    I finished a little Sabre F86-E in 1/72 recently and was quite pleased with the outcome So then I was looking at a previous Sabre build - I've always remembered it is a hobbyboss kit but after conversations it probably was Academy. In 1/48, it's the one supplied with the engine and the option to cut the fuselage and display it with the rear on a trolley and the motor on display. I'm probably not the only one who followed that option, and then regretted it....! Well, anyway, I was thinking about upgrading her, to see if I can apply some of what I've learned over time The airframe is pretty sound and the foil isn't bad, but the decor is poor. Definitely worth a go
  8. Lockheed T33A

    Yeah, I'd like to see what you came up with.πŸ‘
  9. Flight of the Intruder

    Nice plane. Nice picture too. Good project!
  10. F86-F Sabre refurb

    Just trying to make a link on for my next build, Wow, I'm getting the hang of this! I'm well pleased with the outcome of this lil project - She is definitely looking better for a bit of maintenance. Thanks for taking the time and the contributions of information and encouragement along the way.
  11. F86-F Sabre refurb

    Thanks, it should be a good day out. Plenty to see, and plenty of stuff available! How about Lawzer and his P51 build? Good result, I'd say!πŸ˜ƒ
  12. F86-F Sabre refurb

    The last few bits are getting sorted - those 4 black lines under the fuselage, fuel vent pipe, little wing fences swapped over. That was wierd - I'd fitted them and didn't look that closely, but later I thought they looked a bit "awkward". So I've just swapped them around, and I think they look better. Or maybe I've been looking at this airframe too long! Maybe they ARE handed! CW Mitch's Squitch is about ready for a roll out. There's a show on Saturday that the club is attending, the venue is a tank museum but all kinds of models on show, and I'm planning to take her along, Just reminded me, I got to do a pitot tube on the wing. Tomorrow.... Ought to take the little 86E along too, big me & mini me!
  13. F86-F Sabre refurb

    Working my way through a few details - red lines on the Stars n Bars are supplied separately, I guess they don't trust their own printing register skills. Red line around the fuselage I cut from old transfer spare. Top of the flaps were the originals that I still had - previous effort on the original build was hand-painted lines. Little wing fences back on. Second layer of "Mitch's Squitch" decals applied, using nerves of steel!! Black walkway lining I had to make myself by cutting some of the black lines supplied straight down the middle. Getting there....
  14. Revell P51D

    Looking great, Lawzer! I always reckon there isn't a pot of paint in the world that can do this. And look, no fumes, no dust sticking, no airbrush nightmares, no breathing apparatus....! Walk in the park, isn't it? 🌟🌟🌟 That's my little P51- the airfix kit in 1/72
  15. F86-F Sabre refurb

    Tailplanes ready, including a repair on a broken locating pin. Check out my jig for holding equal dihedral on the two blades - Bound to be right, isn't it?!
  16. Wow! What a build, What a read! What a PLANE!! I'd kind of forgotten just what a stunning, brilliant aircraft this is/was. I got to go back and read more.πŸ‘ Lemme just tick the wee box here....
  17. F86-F Sabre refurb

    Both tanks suitably modified and the fins stripped back and getting new foil. One piece applied along the leading edge and folded back top and bottom. I added a couple of strips to give a little emphasis to the seams- don't know if they're visible here. Holes drilled for stabiliser bars (never did fit them on the original build!) in the tanks and underwing, right through into the tank so the bar can be overlong and slide in to find its right length. Bingo! We're in business.... That could've been so much worse. I don't think I will foil the stabilisers, probably just paint.
  18. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    There will be people beating a path to your door for a pair of those wheels! Have you done the front pair as well? You don't realise how poor some kit wheels are, until you see a comparison like this. Love the flats and bulges🌟🌟🌟
  19. F86-F Sabre refurb

    No, I mean no RED headrest. I see models with them painted red like aF101 Voodoo, and red armrests. I'm wondering if it's to do with the introduction of ejection seats? This is the build in the airfix magazine example,
  20. F86-F Sabre refurb

    Better? Also, I notice, no red headrest etc, not just here but in lots of refs. Maybe all of them now I started looking!
  21. F86-F Sabre refurb

    Yep, I'm going to settle for this solution. I did find a pair of these in the spare parts department, The pylons look right for a Sabre , and check out the tanks on this, There is one on the ground waiting to be attached to the starboard wing. Ever done a Sabre with tanks like these? That's definitely Korean era in the picture. Couple more planes in the background but my photo is poor.
  22. F86-F Sabre refurb

    Tank on the left has just had a trim and I think it looks OK. Hard to get a good view of a tank because there's always a wing in the way. Have a look and pass comments I got the nose foiled too. Tricky enough, but worth the effort! The gun ports plate I redid with some of the kitchen foil I had boiled up with eggshells.
  23. F86-F Sabre refurb

    OK guys, I got this! Very kind offer, fox4, and those prices are scary indeed, but I can scratch these fins easily and quicker too I expect..
  24. F86-F Sabre refurb

    Yeah, the kit came with the yellow Korean bands on the decal sheet but also with a pair of sidewinder type missiles and pylons - which came much later. I mentioned these before, I think.. I can't remember if there were alternative tanks or fins, and I picked the wrong ones - or if Academy were muddled. I can't just take the endplates off, because that leaves the fins with straight cut tips. I'm going to take a look in the spare parts bags (esp the bag with the missiles in) see if they gave me an alternative. Could try a scratch built solution. Thanks for the info.πŸ‘