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  1. This is the Canberra airframe I'm working on. lost the knack of pasting pics, so this is a little miracle in itself! Working on the orange/red panels now, with a yellow undercoat. Good advice....
  2. Hi all. I'm keen on bare metal planes, and I've been using sticky back aluminium foil for a while. Can't stand doing muddy camouflage splodges on lovely planes! Silver paint seldom delivers a result for me (though I did get a happy outcome with humbrol 191 and pencil lead shavings rubbed on) Any body else out there working with foil tape?
  3. Excellent photos sandbagger. Bet somebody on here has built one with skis. Funny where individual planes end up. I just been reading up on a short Belfast in Cairnes Australia . Suppose they gotta land somewhere!
  4. My Dad was a fitter with Shorts until 1967/8ish. Worked on r&d on the Skyvan too. Massive redundancies when the mod turned their back on this fabulous bird. Such a shame! I can still remember the feeling of betrayal that pervaded the whole city. Didn't know any model had been produced. Must have a look.
  5. This looks like the kinda plane I'm talking about!
  6. I found a set of drawings on the web for a triplane, done up in Red Stars. So did it go to the Red army, or did they grab it from the Whites? I know the Whites got a couple of Short 184s off the Admiralty. 😃I am R.A. Lyttle though! But afraid the A is for Andrew, not Alexander. Close, though. Dyou know, I was well into my forties before I heard of him!? I think I would have noticed the name!... funny how" local" our historical records become
  7. Oooh Redcap! I ve been led to believe that the Tripe was exclusive to the Navy. Naval 8 and Naval 10 made hay with them for months, many Canadian and Australian pilots among them. Got a feeling Australia's top ace, my namesake, used a Tripe to get his tally up and running before moving on to Camels
  8. Way to go, Rob! This is a Man on a Mission... Let's face it, you could spend 3days trying to get yer spray gun and paint organised! This looks brilliant. But you had those gorgeous yellow ringed stars, so rare! How could you resist em?🌟
  9. Love this collection! Nice to see a Canberra in there. I'm trying to get to grips with a B57 in bare metal. I do think you need an f101 voodoo on the team!👍
  10. I know!!... The amount of information these Special Interest Group guys harbour is unbelievable. The trouble is, more info means more detail faffing you gotta do! Hi Will, by the way. Funny the it pulls you back in....😃
  11. Right, that's it! I am definitely going to finish mine. It's well under way, but the build has stalled while I'm faffing around with other stuff. New year resolution - finish the voodoo! No more excuses. And if it's half as good as this one, I'll stick a picture up.
  12. version 4

    Good work Oliver, I mean photo pasting - the personnel carrier speaks for itself. Makes you feel like a Jedi Knight, doesn't it? 👍
  13. It is exciting though, when your carefully constructed bunch of sticks and covering leaves your hand, takes to the air, and you wonder if you'll ever see it again in one piece! 😂
  14. Wlad, wouldn't mind hearing about your outdoor flight stuff as well. You talking about rc planes? I've dabbled a bit over the years but didn't get far. Some of those scale types are out of this World. Cheers
  15. Hewy "important new members please read" on forums, wasn't there an option when you started writing a intro? Talk about the blind leading....😃
  16. Hewy, I used to have a triumph tiger 100, long gone now. Friend sent me a pic on Facebook, found on the web somewhere, and I saved it as it looks so familiar (and cool). Now,top of forums/ new members is "put a face to your name". I think it's in there somewhere, can't really remember. But instead of posting A mugshot I picked the ole iron horse instead. Prettier... I was in the USA about 1980, and found a kit of a T100 with the fonze from Happy Days about 1/12 scale.Fonze was a bit poor, but the bike reminded me of what I had parked up at home.
  17. Any advice on creating this dayglow orange effect? Love the look of this for me B57. Looks like it's on grey fuse though.
  18. What a brilliant little plane! Lovely job. I just been knocking together a1/72 revel f4j fury from the same era.-not my favourite maker by a looping way. Lots wrong, canopy, brittle transfers, u/c etc. But great fun! Built wheels up, and a bit of flap, mounted on a hasegawa stand... looks good to me! Looking forward to seeing the finished work of art.
  19. Hi Nigel. Finally managed to get a couple of pics of foil covered planes pasted. (It's been an ongoing challenge!)👍

  20. version 4

    Many thanks to all for advice and guidance for pasting pics. I've abandoned photobucket, which seemed to be plagued by pop up & malware, and found flickr a lot more to my liking. Might just be me, but if you got the same, you might want to try flickr instead. How slick am I?!? Thanks again,helpers...
  21. So this is a F4J I did a while back. Now I know the US Navy painted them, and salt water wouldn't be too kind on the Ali, but I love the look. Real pretty plane. PS.enroled on flickr instead of P.bucket- seems to work better for me for pasting pics. Or maybe I'm turning into a whizzkid boffin...?
  22. YEAH HHHHHH! Now, what was it I did?…...
  23. So close to getting a photo on here. Just one more trick to work out....! They make it sound so dam easy! Nope... that's not it'
  24. t Take that, software designers