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  1. Short 184 at RNAS Newlyn.1916-18

    Yeah you're right. Like an illustration for a " ripping yarn" story in one of those old Boy's Own annuals.πŸ‘
  2. Short 184 at RNAS Newlyn.1916-18

    First effort at posting some drawings. I'll build it bit at a time if it works. Any feedback more than welcome. RAL First one's a bit contrasty for a pencil drawing?
  3. Short 184 at RNAS Newlyn.1916-18

    Thanks for that guys. Afraid I have to work on the raw photo quite hard to produce a viable image . I think pencil drawings may be at the tricky end of the spectrum. Outdoor daylight may be better. I'll see what I come up with.
  4. F-106

    Wow, what a great plane! WOW Have you had to deal with raised panel lines etc? My only suggestion is, make her a set of wheel chocks. Sorry your other threads went to the wall- I love a good Voodoo, searched high and low for the monogram Century series kit. One day...... There again, I could look out for a 106 instead.
  5. Something about that last photo - it seems to capture the whole character of the plane. And the quality of the build too. I didn't even know they suffered from CO build up in fuselage, never mind the fitting of (3) vents to sort it! Looking forward to watching through to completion now. Lovely job...
  6. 1/32 A-6E Intruder from VA-115

    Nice one! I'll watch the progress on this project.
  7. First effort at posting a RFI thread, and I'm going to build it bit at a time, just like the plane! I was delighted to pick up this little beauty at the Romsey modellers show last summer. I was looking for a revell/ monogram kit in1/48 but they're few and far between! If you know of anyone who's got one, I m still interestedπŸ˜ƒ My photos are with a phone, so don't expect miracles,, but I'm glad to get her finished after a long suspension In the build. I've got a Kittyhawk Voodoo half built as well, So this is the first stage of a major unblocking for me Let's see how I get on with this...
  8. revell Voodoo 1/72

    Just a quick revision - I'm putting the finishing touches to the Matchbox kit, wheels up, on stand, Canadian decor on foil. Many drawbacks to this old kit from 1980, but it does come with a pair of access ladders! So I've pimped them up a bit with standoffs and handrails and tried them out on this. Maybe a bit of refinement needed, but so far so good.
  9. A-6E TRAM Intruder

    Oh, liking this plane more every stage of the build. Very nice.
  10. A-6E TRAM Intruder

    Thought you might need some reference material - spect there's a couple of Intruders ranged on the deck here.!? Reckon she's got more hardware than the whole RAF. Surely there's a couple of A6s on the deck there.....
  11. A-6E TRAM Intruder

    Peter, this looks great so far. Over time, I've heard a bit of aloof whinging about hobbyboss stuff. But I've built several of them, most in 1/48, and loved doing every one of them! The kit seats , were they any good (before the spill)? They wouldn't have been a match for the resin ones I guess, but good enough? Might keep an eye out for one of these kits.
  12. I'm not really seeing clearly what this is, but I know the Short 184s had sticky out tubes to the rear fuselage, which supported the wings in the folded position by engaging with a strut. The HP wings folded outboard of the engines however, so does that leave them too far away from the fuselage sides for this to be the case here? Probably does....
  13. Lightning F1 in 1/48th...foil finish

    Here's the aileron picture I was trying to insert.
  14. Lightning F1 in 1/48th...foil finish

    Had a bit of time earlier, Martin, and got as far as Tangmere. Guess what they've got in a work shop/ hanger undergoing a little maintenance? My immediate observations were the smooth flushness of the structural rivets in general, in contrast with the access panels and their fasteners which were much more visible. The hanger wasn't open to public, but the doors were open, so I only got this view point. The other thing was the trailing edge of the ailerons - not sharp at all. BIG flat edge Anyway, she's an impressive bird for sure.. Thinking i might have a go at one sometime. Smaller scale. I been doing some F101 Voodoos, and they are almost contemporary ; both gas- guzzling interceptors!
  15. Lightning F1 in 1/48th...foil finish

    Now, this looks interesting.... I'm a bit of a foil tape enthusiast myself, so I'll pull up a seat if I may! Looking good so far!
  16. Wow...who even KNEW that?!?! Gimme is some kinda boffin! 🌟🌟🌟 Hmmm... wondering what all those other things are, now. What if I just click on thi.....
  17. Dude, I think you should make a start on building an appropriate house extension in readiness for this project. Johnny's 1/72 looks to be of ample proportions
  18. Relating to none of the above, I thought you guys might like a glimpse of who's parked up in the Solent outside Portsmouth - too big to get in. USS George W.! Full compliment arranged on deck. Reckon she's got more hardware than the whole RAF ! This is my phone camera looking down my bins on a murky day. Best I could come up with. Now, that's the kinda Cruise ship I'M talkin about...
  19. Oh yeah, quarter scale all right... I used several feet of sticky back Ali foil to cover the ole bird! Also several nuts, bolts and m' put up front to get her to stand up. You thought the P38 was a tail - sitter? The little Whirlwind is a smart looking plane, isn't it?
  20. you wouldn't be going as far as Eastleigh Southampton would you? AC Models are pretty good, and they got a load of airfix Martin B57 Canberras in 1/48 going for Β£6.99 That's not a typo!! May have to ask but the last time I asked, they had Loads Also an excellent sweetie shop in Winchester at the top of the High Street!
  21. A Very English Interceptor On Duty In the Far East

    Just found this on your wip..... Nice one, me old foiler! THAT'S what I'm talking about. There isn't a pot of paint on the market you can do that with. Lovely!
  22. A Very English Interceptor On Duty In the Far East

    Top drawer result with the Lightning. She looks stunning! 🌟🌟🌟
  23. JWM, its been a real pleasure watching these two planes progress to the finish line. Great results!🌟🌟🌟
  24. All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    One thing I did pick up in my wee hurricane book - the fuselage stringers running back to the tail are little channels . The linen goes over, and then little strips (of wood?) are screwed in to the channels to hold the fabric and tighten it