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  1. Douglas DC3 Air France

    Progress is a bit slow at the moment with other things to do, but I have found something (else) to do a bit of research on for future project. So, I posted this last week... and mentioned the DC 3 at the bottom of the pile. But top of the pile, in a poly bag , none other than a Gloster JavelinπŸ˜ƒ Been fancying One for some time - what a great aeroplane from a great Era! Well I'm not a big enthusiast of camo/splodge type paint jobs. I hate trying to do it and I don't really enjoy the results usually. Look what I found.... What the Navy would describe as "The Admiral's Barge". I need to have a good look in the bag to see what I've got, but that definitely looks more my style! LaterπŸ˜ƒ That canopy looks right. FAW9. And Fire streak missiles! I think we're onπŸ‘
  2. I wasn't intending to do a WIP on this fairly quick build. But there's a couple of processes I want to try out (for the first time), and I thought I would document it, success or not. Here's the kit... And pretty plain and simple it is, too. I suspect the mould is fairly old although the panel lines are engraved. It was originally a military version I think, and the cabin seats are the lengthways benches that paratroopers would sit on. I have no interest in unseen internal details anyway. What you do get in the Box is THIS... THAT'S RIGHT! 6 civilian livery options. Swissair, Air France, Lufthansa, Classic Air, Alitalia, KLM Now, I'm new to this Civilian airline business, but it is growing on me for sure. Because I do love a good natural metal finish on an airframe, and I do it with sticky back aluminium foil. So the plan is this.... Gloss white rattle can on top of the fuselage, buffed up Ali tape on the rest, and get some practice in with those long decorative stripes along the window line. I'm fancying the Air France option for now - love the overall appearance and that fabulous winged seahorse logo, although I have to say the Lufthansa option comes a very close second. I ought to point out that the KLM option has gone already. I was well along building a Beech Model 18 Expeditor, the military version C45 with either USAF or Royal Navy dΓ©cor, when I got the DC3 home I should say the Beech is in 1/48 scale, and the overall size is quite similar to the DC3 in 1/72. So I came up with "De Vliegende Hollander" KLM option. And a great deal of enjoyment was had doing it! I'll post this, and gradually get up to date with the build so far.πŸ‘
  3. Douglas DC3 Air France

    To be honest, it's NOT the first tool that springs to mind when you're working in 1/72 or 1/48....!
  4. Douglas DC3 Air France

    Found a good illustration of the tapering side cheat-line towards the back.
  5. Douglas DC3 Air France

    So the final drill bit I used (in my hand - gingerly!) was a 9mm... 😨 Little bit of creaking in the centre seam, but it could have been worse... I didn't go clean through - just kept easing it out with the countersink V on the bit, and stopped before the hole was big enough for the lens to drop through. I think a little bit of delicate paint -work around the rim will settle it in. Hope I don't change my mind again...
  6. Douglas DC3 Air France

    So here is a rather well finished example of the Italieri DC 3, Thought long and hard about switching to the Lufthansa styling, but I think I'm going to push on with this one. I have the dome supplied in the box, and if it is going to be fitted - now is the time. I can do nothing about the typeface, but I can have a go at adjusting the tapering on the cheat-line. And if the builder of the plane above has used the kit decals, then it looks like they've got white borders. If this goes bad I've always got other options on the sheet. I have had a rummage in the Airfix version. It's even earlier. The AC47 mod came out in 1973, but the original Dakota was launched in 1960 according to my book. That would be a nice one to do! It's interesting to compare the two. Italieri have gone for pronounced engraved panel lines, and Airfix have produced a Galaxy of little raised rivets, and I don't think they are too accurate in places! But all the control surfaces are separate, and even hinge-able. Excuse me while I start drilling a large hole in the roof of my plane!πŸ˜‚
  7. Yep, that still works for me! She definitely conjures a little spell over this majestic Airframe, and it's contents. πŸ‘ Rob
  8. Douglas DC3 Air France

    Starting to nitpick, because I'm looking for photo references - quite often spoils the fun, doesn't it?😠 Not much material on F-BEFH but I found this, Complete with astrodome!! AIR FRANCE type face is just plain wrong, and the tailfin décor is Out. I can't see if the reg.letters on the sheet have a white outline as required, and the side flashes should taper to a point beneath the tailplane. Pffff ... shouldn't go looking, should I!?
  9. Douglas DC3 Air France

    So, the wing centre section seated in quite well in the end, and the last bits of foil there. I have the tailplanes on too. Elevators separated - Italieri do make this easier than some makers. I wanted to let the tailplane foil cover the joint and onto the part that is on the fuselage moulding. This seems to tally with the photo references I have. That's my little rivetting tool that I run across the foiled area as required - here it's along the t e where the elevator will join. It was only a couple of quid from a textiles/home-furnishings dept.
  10. Had to make a start on this. It's been languishing on the shelf for, oooh.... about a week or so. It's a Revell rebox of the ICM mould, and it's the perfect move -on build for me after a couple of months doing the Red Arrows Hawks in 1/32 and 1/72. Don't want anything RED for a while. I want Nmf all the way, and I'm back in my comfort zone with a roll of sticy-back Ali builder's tape. Woo-hoo! The first thing to set about was the removal of the 5 aerials moulded onto the starboard fuselage half, They'd never survive the foil process. Careful excision now by cutting into the edge of the fuselage leaves a matching half-hole opposite the one in the port side, and enough length on the aerial to be glued back in when the time comes. I'm calling that "Plan A".πŸ˜ƒ See? Each one carefully labeled and put away in the transparency bag for later. Infallible... It's an unusual sort of building sequence on this airframe. All the inside seating etc. including the cockpit seats, are built on top of the wing mouldings. So it's fairly plain sailing to get the fuselage halves joined up. But I want to get the foil on the sides and cut the window apertures before I add the glazing. But I need to join up the fuselage and sort the seams before I foil the top and bottom. So I'm just sorting out a sequence of action here . Later...
  11. Beech C45 Expeditor

    Thanks guys. @Biggu, I thought the kit was worth the effort, and I enjoyed the build. Issues for me, I guess, were first and foremost the propeller attachments - but I should have been ahead of the game there, and come up with a plan. Each seat is made up of 5 pieces plus transfer seatbelts, which seems like a furniture fetish to me. And yet the brilliant Beech design of the tailplane arrangements was barely hinted at. So that doesn't really reflect MY priorities. I removed a lot of the ribbing on the fabric surfaces - they were far too pronounced. But these aren't major issues, are they? This is really just modelling! Sorting these things out is probably why we do it. Someone pointed out at the start of the build that I had the new moulding. So there may be an older version around that's less good especially second hand. So I'm saying Yes! Great kit, and a great little plane. 🌟🌟🌟 And @bigbadbadge I'd say give it a try. I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with. Keep me updated!
  12. Yeah, great to see the finished product, and good to know that the old decal sheet still works! Sorry to trawl this up months later Scratch that... I'm not sorry at all! The Javelin definitely deserves it. πŸ‘
  13. Novo Gloster Javelin FAW.9

    Thanks for the link. I guess that was me, using the search function to find "Javelin" themes, brought it back up when I put on a post.
  14. Novo Gloster Javelin FAW.9

    Don't see too many of the airfix version around , but I'd like to have a look at the 1/48 version for sure! You just waiting for a solution on the dΓ©cor to materialise?
  15. Beech C45 Expeditor

    Pleased to say, the Twin-Beech had a nice day out on the Romsey Club table at the Poole Vikings annual show on Saturday! I had a few interesting chats about foil tape etc.... And She was recognised - from being on here!! Who by...? I forgot to ask! Sorry about that, but good to meet!πŸ˜ƒ
  16. Douglas DC3 Air France

    This should take you across.πŸ‘
  17. Douglas DC3 Air France

    Hi @clive_t, it's a roll of sticy-back Aluminium foil tape that builders use for, say, joints on foil -faced foam insulation etc. There's a few different widths, I'm using 75mm/3" . Here's the basic kit, Any building supplies or diy place should have it, or a friendly builder might give you a couple of feet. I'll try to put up a link to the Beech build thread your welcome to have a read through. And you're more than welcome on board this malarkey!
  18. Novo Gloster Javelin FAW.9

    OK.Gotcha! Good read.πŸ‘
  19. Novo Gloster Javelin FAW.9

    Riot,, I just picked up a Frog Javelin in a bag, while I was at a show. Is it the same mould as this? I haven't had a chance to read this yet, I just searched Javelin, and it found this. I been fancying One for some time!
  20. Douglas DC3 Air France

    Just spent a great day at the Poole Vikings annual show. Got a bit of shopping in... You may notice an Airfix AC47 Gunship at the bottom of the stack. It's not going to end up like that, I can tell you! Lufthansa perhaps? πŸ˜‰ I took the little Beech along for the club display, and a couple of others to go on our table. πŸ‘
  21. Douglas DC3 Air France

    When I was doing the Twin Beech, I was caught out by the inadequate design for the prop assembly. Basically, they're placed - or glued - on to the shafts that protrude from the Radials...... that is IT! I hadn't seen it coming, and had to retro-fit a solution that had to include the propeller spinners whether I wanted them or not. So I was keen to get the situation sorted out with this one. The kit design is fair enough in this case, and I would have gone along with it. But @Corsairfoxfouruncle recommended having removable props on long shafts properly done, and the idea appealed to me. Because removable props mean I can get to the nacelles and cowlings easily for cleaning and polishing etc. And it was time to make an effort with prop engineering! So I bought some Ali tube from the LMS , one a perfect fit inside the other, and set about drilling and fitting while the parts were easily accessible (rather than already glued into and inside a cowling!) And of course the cowlings can be assembled with the engines, and foiled at my leisure with the props safely put to one side out of harm's way. Result! I'm well pleased with that, Dennis! Thanks for the nudge.
  22. Douglas DC3 Air France

    .......at the front, leading edge area. Back where the trailing edge/ flaps join the fuselage, it was looking a little bit dippy on the centre line. It needed straightening to bring it out to meet the flaps. The inner floor is too flimsy to offer support, so I carved a length of sprue, tapering the ends, to fit across inside as a strengthening piece. Definitely improved the joint situation!
  23. Douglas DC3 Air France

    Not a perfect assemblage underside for the wing centre section.... I decided that the easiest way out of that was a matching step on the other wing piece, With that, the wing part fitted quite well.
  24. Douglas DC3 Air France

    There has been progress, because I've been working on the model, instead of writing on here. That's a good sign build-wise, but it doesn't make for a lightning thread, does it?! I didn't beat about the bush with the interior . No scratching rows of seats from balsa wood for me - that's not what this build is about, and it holds no interest for me. I did release the rudder pieces from the fuselage sides with a view to putting some deflection on it. So, then it was all about applying foil on the bottom of the fuselage up to the bottom of the windows Because the decal stripes are plenty wide, I don't need to make a precise line between top and bottom. So rather than start masking individual windows, I just covered the whole window strip and pressed on to spray white paint. A few dramas on the way, like a cockpit side window coming adrift and eventually falling inside (it's still rattling around in there), but never mind.... press on!
  25. Beech C45 Expeditor

    Hope to do a RFI or two when I get a chance and a decent bit of sunshine. I still need to do some pics of the Red Arrows Hawks, so a bit of catching up to do! I'll tack a link on here when I get it together.