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  1. Br19.8 Found this... Looks like your panels are exactly right. There is a tail light and tiny wing lights. Here's the text - I'm sure you know it already!
  2. I'd love to see a set of walkaround pictures of the old White Russian birds! We're all counting on you,dude! Get over there ! Apparently Estonia got 8 of them in 1918
  3. There were some Hurricanes around the place that were painted silver and looked quite smart, but it seems there was but one airframe that got the full buffed up natural metal finish treatment. V6787 was with the Rhodesian Airforce, and as I understand it, took part in a Battle of Britain memorial flight in September 45. Other Hurricanes got the silver paint treatment, but this one - the squadron leaders plane- got the works. I can't resist a nmf build, and having picked up a kit... I came up with a plan to avoid the dreaded brown and green splodges. Somehow, I managed to find one other picture of the little beauty, on the ground at " RAF Cranbourne, Rhodesia", and bless me, it portrays the starboard side!! It was meant to be, right??
  4. Yugoslavia, of course...! I think it was the"R" for Royal that mixed it up in my head. I guess loads of countries had Royalty at the time! 😃
  5. You've probably told us already, but who is RYAF?? Radial version is shaping up nicely.
  6. So, a bit of sprue stretched over a brush handle trim up and stick on Gonna need a rub over but the gap is gone.
  7. That little collar needs rebuilding to come out flush to the back of the spinner, doesn't it? I trimmed it off early in the build, before I learnt about the various prop options.
  8. I got issues..! 1. My phone has decided it can't take pictures due to lack of storage. Pffff.. 2. I've trimmed the front lip from the very front of the fuselage as per the instructions, but that was for the DH spinner. Do I need to rebuild the lip? The Rotol looks happy up front. I'll see if I can get a pic as far as flickr to post Here we are... More generally, does this look like I'm on the right track?
  9. Good fix on the undercarriage! She sits just right,now. Well done on the first one....
  10. Now in possession of the right spinner and blades - thanks to Troy for parts and information! Should be able to wrap this up pretty quick from here.
  11. Lying on the ground waiting to be loaded? Did they have bomb trolleys back then? I've done a bit of research, and several drawings and paintings, of the Short 184 seaplanes, esp those doing anti-submarine patrols out of Newlyn/ Land's End. This concrete plinth features in some of the photos:- Detail:- The image is from direct photo references rather than something I just made up. Haven't come across anything actually carrying or manhandling the Bombs. You've an option to leave the plane intact, and make a wee yellow/mustard bomb dispersal plinth to pose along side . That nose over photo really brings home the size of this thing, eh?
  12. Yep, looking brilliant!
  13. It's been a joy and an inspiration to watch, Sam. Especially the scratch stuff. 🌟🌟🌟 And I like the graphics - cool idea
  14. Sorry, I forgot CC wouldn't have seen this. Well, you seen it now....!😃
  15. Oooh, shiny plane. I Like shiny! I'm also admiring the scientific, methodical approach to paints and their application.! Looks like strong, stable leadership on the painting process. (Hope that hasn't put the kibosh on it...)
  16. I think I've been there. Isn't that the Audi place where they've got a pig in a room, with a coil- spring fixed to each foot? They are doing research into "four spring pork techniques".
  17. "World's Greatest Aircraft". Quite an old book, but a great choice of planes. Most history books focus on pioneers, WW1, WW2, cold war - that's it! And all about UK, US, and German. I look through book after book and no mention of French, Italian, Chinese, Canadian, Dutch, Polish- builders or fliers . And NEVER mention the Spanish or the Civil War!
  18. These two have wingtip and fin lights.
  19. I found this With the information - It looks like a little red wingtip light, but the very top of the fin is not visible. In this cutaway drawing, there's a nav light on the fin. but nothing on the wing! Pic 1 shows the Sphinx logo on the tail.
  20. This might only apply to the Navy Target Tug planes. I don't think the RAF wore flairs. But then, if they were Navy, they wouldn't need a wardrobe - they'd just stuff their trousers in a duffle bag.
  21. I seem to recall some detail stuff about the tank, in the " End of an Era" build, and maybe about flare dispensers though that might have been another plane. Don't worry, there's a guy who knows.....! He'll be along in a minute, I spect.
  22. Phase 2 on the pennant :- Concentrated on getting the Navy blue lines looking right. The front can be trimmed in line later. I foiled the whole top cowl and then applied the black anti-glare . The odd little scratch is all part of it in my eye.
  23. Muddy green and brown splodges all over this beautiful thing?!?! Nooooo.......!