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  1. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Being "too experienced" is often used as a euphemism for "cleverer than us" - and that'd never do! At the school where I worked I witnessed a teacher candidate turned down because she was simply too good, better in fact than the Senior in charge of the department. I couldn't believe that she wouldn't be snapped up. But as one of the teachers on the interview panel told me "she was never going to get the job - too much of a threat to ****". And **** had the final say! Shameful but true for a whole section of management. Good luck with your search. Dave
  2. Having seen this little jewel, it looks even better in real life than on the screen. It's only then that you realise just how tiny it is. Lovely work! Dave
  3. Hi Bill, Not sure how much research you've already done but as background this is as good a start as any - it's quite a story! Linky Thingy Like most rods it went through lots of minor changes in it's life before it's destruction. Monogram's original box art captures the look when it was modelled but there's loads of pictures on the net. Regarding the colour, lots of modellers have used alternatives and they all mostly look pretty good. One thing, in the original box art, the nose looks more level with the ground - it's tipped up a bit more on my model and that seems to be the case with later box art. It's really apparent where they've used a photo of the model - it gives it a bit of an alligator grin. I've leveled mine a little............................ Good luck with the build. Dave
  4. 1/25 49 Mercury Wagon

    In the box, it's just a pile of parts. It only looks good when someone builds it properly. And you've done just that. Nice one! Dave
  5. Collier brig 1809 - 1875

    Beautiful subject, beautiful model as always. Dave
  6. 1/25 49 Mercury Wagon

    Love these old American cars and the station wagons are particularly nice. Beautiful model, love the paneling. Great result. Dave
  7. NewMan Porsche 956

    Great build, really nice model. Dave
  8. 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

    Beautiful model and a great result. Lovely work. Dave
  9. Ah, L'il Coffin, probably one of the most popular kits ever made and yet another one in my stash started but not finished. Mine's an original Monogram kit and it's in quite a hard plastic, not the soft stuff in Chinese moulded kits. It's an easier kit than Revell's rods - Revell tried to incorporate lots of little details, Monogram tried to simplify and locate better so that kids of all ages could get a good result. BUT, it's ancient technology and the moulding tools have produced many, many thousands of pressings. The colour's interesting too. Apparently it was Wild Cherry Candy over a gold base. I used to think it was quite a dark red but seemingly not. Are there any simple car kits out there? Most are old and the new ones are great but complex although they fit well. You get used to it after a while.................... Dave
  10. Caudron C600 SBS 1/48

    That's an absolutely lovely model - it just oozes quality and you've weathered it to perfection. What a beauty! Dave
  11. Caudron C600 SBS 1/48

    Gorgeous little model! The understated colour scheme looks perfect too - shows up the lines of the aircraft to advantage. First build I've seen of this kit and it looks great. Well done. Keep up the good work. Dave
  12. Well it might have given you a bigger challenge than you thought but it's turned out to be a really nice little model. Great work and good that you stuck at it! Dave
  13. Bullit Mustang found article

    Almost wish I hadn't seen this! Being of weak will, had to get me a Revell '68 Mustang. Wonder what colour to paint it............................ Dave
  14. Beautiful work. What a difference the wheels make - much more realistic. Just one tiny point, Birkin's car didn't have the release lever on the handbrake. This was a feature of the road cars (and a modern replica) but I'm guessing that for racing Birkin used the fly-off type. Dave
  15. Caudron C600 SBS 1/48

    Beautiful little kit of a pretty monoplane. At Scale Modelworld, I was standing behind a guy who asked about the price of this kit. When he was told, he went a bit pale and quickly put it back on the rack! I guess you can't expect this quality for cheap. Truth is, had it been the Hawk Major in this scale (they already do the Hawk in 1/72) I'd have been very tempted myself. Look forward to seeing the rest of this build. Dave