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  1. Hi Bill, Sorry to hear of your acrobatic (or should it be aerobatic) woes. You really have to use a safety net when attempting dangerous moves. Or at the very least, a precautionary airbag or two (says he whose only claim to fame was to bust a collar bone while peacefully falling out of bed!). Get better soon. Dave
  2. Also a set of Nimrod plans by Harry Woodman here:Link No idea how accurate they are but there's some nice details! Lovely '30s technology. Dave
  3. Hi CC, I'd be careful of using those old drawings. Alf Grainger did some more detailed ones of the Nimrod but you'll probably find some more useful stuff here : Linky Thingy John Aero had a lot of input into this thread but there are many other threads if you use the search function on BM. Dave
  4. Fastcat

    2002 Bentley Speed 8

    Impressive! Great car, great build. One to be proud of. Dave
  5. Fastcat

    Rally Badge ID help on H1 FEV Escort Mk1

    Think you may be right on the David Sutton logo :https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-ESCORT-RS1800-RS2000-Mexico-DAVID-SUTTON-CARS-LTD-DECALS-STICKERS-/162886982586 Dave
  6. Hi Ed, Yes, the good old days when kits had lots of moving parts - and so did I! Work on the kit's looking good. Dave
  7. Hi Ed, Watching this with interest as I built a Lindberg kit of the XF-88 back in the late '50s/early '60s. It was the early version with the needle nose. I remember it had a little door which lifted to reveal the engine - a pretty cool feature for a kid back then. I think it was about 1/48th. Good luck with your project. Dave
  8. Looking really good. Love these old military vehicles in civilian use. Dave
  9. Fastcat

    Bluebird k7, 1967

    Looking good, rivets look nice and subtle. You've made quite a basic kit a whole lot more convincing. Great! Dave
  10. Fastcat

    Model shows and competitions

    It isn't so much what others get from entering a competition as what you personally get out of entering. And you'll only find the answer to that if you have a go. You've nothing to lose by entering - if you don't enjoy the experience, at least you've satisfied your curiosity and there's no pressure to enter again. If you win - great. Give it a go! Dave
  11. Looking better and better with every photo. Nice! Dave
  12. Coming along beautifully. Good walkaround here: Linky and here: Lnky and here: Linky if you've not already found 'em. Shows mounting for rudder horn. Dave
  13. Nice to see a model with such great character - maybe that's another thing that comes from scratch-building. It's unique. Dave
  14. Fastcat

    Monogram Li’l Coffin

    Hi Bill, The recent mouldings (Chinese, I think) have more noticeable seams, easy to deal with on the painted parts but a bit of a trial on the shiny bits, not helped by the large gates and ejector pin marks. Add to that a few sinks and you've got a real modelling job and not an assemblers project. Good for perfecting a few techniques though and if you get a good result so much the better. It's highly unlikely that these will ever be modelled again to state of the art standards nor will the tooling be renovated (it's done far more pressings than any modern tooling could expect) and with the recent happenings to Revell/Monogram you've got yourself a nice little slice of history both modelling and automotive. Nice to see it kept alive. Dave