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  1. What a brilliant result. Great idea and great work. Dave
  2. Hi, Have you looked at Profil 24 or Renaissance tyres. Profil's have the sizes of the rims and tyre o/d for their stuff. MFH? You could also try K and R or South Eastern Finecast for something that might do the trick. Also, Hiroboy or Four Small Wheels may stock something to fit. Dave
  3. Lovely work and a pleasure to see. Dave
  4. That's a really lovely little monoplane and a very attractive colour scheme. Beautiful! Dave
  5. Brilliant! Great colour scheme. Dave
  6. Yes, they're not visible in most of the photos of the time. When you know to look for them you can just make them out. Nice one! Dave
  7. No, that's true. Red always catches the eye and it always looks good on Ferraris. I'd personally do the dark blue Equipe Endeavor car. White nose and yellow roundels or one of the Yank cars! Dave
  8. Aaah! You'll need to fill them with a blanking plate and keep that filler handy. You could build the John Coombs 250 GTO of Mike Parkes (No. 12) from the same race............................... Dave
  9. No, it had three so save the filler for later See Here Dave
  10. Hi W99, The decals are for the Maranello Concessionaires car from the '63 Goodwood TT and it was driven (No. 11) by Graham Hill. It's a good kit and for a while was reckoned to be one of the more accurate ones. Good luck with your build. Dave
  11. Lovely little model. SBS do some interesting kits. It's a great pity that they never followed up the Hawk Major in 1/48th. Dave
  12. Lovely little model and a beautiful colour scheme. Great work. Dave
  13. Hi, Your post brought back memories for me too. When I was a kid, a regular visitor to Elmdon (as it was known then) was the Gemini of Motor dealer Percy Blamire. I seem to remember it being bronze with blue trim and that the owner raced it regularly in the King's Cup air races at Baginton, Coventry. I recall it being a very smart little aircraft. Nice memories of the viewing field at Elmdon. Dave
  14. That's absolutely beautiful and of the standard most of us can only aspire to. Lovely work! Dave
  15. A great result..................and so TINY. Lovely colour scheme and good work. Something to be proud of. Dave
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