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  1. Thunderbird 3 colour?

    I will try and get a good PMS value determined before the weekend
  2. Thunderbird 3 colour?

    I will be glad to share the info! Most paint stores here can match to a sample with their scanner or to a PMS spec, then load the paint into a rattle can if you wish. Due to pixel variations in the samples, I will grab about a dozen and average. Right now I am in the early stages of the Zvezda ISD build, but if the TB-3 color information is needed soon I can get that determined earlier, just let me know.
  3. Film help

    My DVD came as a double feature- 'Crack in the World' was bundled with it. Had them for years, not too sure where I bought it from...
  4. Thunderbird 3 colour?

    Halfords Peugeot Seville Orange was the color consensus over at EagleTransporter.com, a site devoted towards Anderson. Sadly that does not help me much since that brand is not available here in the US. My TB-3 kit is slightly stalled- scribing lots of sub paneling. When it gets to painting stage I plan of capturing a PMS color from several screen grabs and having a custom mixed color made at a local paint store.
  5. That is totally awesome!- never knew a kit existed, let alone in a decent scale. (There was a NuWho model 'Daleks Take Manhattan', but it was rather small.)
  6. Looks a lot better that that Star Wars TLJ Gorilla Walker! The engineering on those kits is wonderful
  7. New 22" Eagle Lab Pod

    I may just be me, but it does seem to be some odd planning on Round 2's part to integrate the pod tooling into their eagle tooling. This means the recent Cargo Pod Eagle required more expensive tooling since it has to be part Pod and Part Eagle on the Sprues instead of just swapping a new Sprue when packaging. Oh well, I have the Lab Pod on my 1:72 Product Enterprises replica and have built a custom AWACs/Long Range Sensor Pod to swap with it (for an EagleTransporter.com Contest). Since the tool making process is all digital now, I suppose Round2 can make a separate tooling which is just a pod sometime down the road after the complete Eagle kit market has been milked enough.
  8. Film help

    I really liked 'Moon Zero Two'- I have it on DVD in my collection. What I enjoy about it is that the film shows people living and working in space just like it is a normal job here on Earth. It is filmed through a sixties filter which adds some campy charm, but you could take the basic story and shift it to the wild west and almost have the same movie. My only wincing detraction is the hero show being such an obvious budget lift of the LEM with an added midsection. I wish they could have disguised it a bit more. I do love the Fargo Moon Buggies (a rental even), they remind me of the conjectural designs for our planned moon exploration illustrations. Catherine Schell is fun to watch no matter what she is in, a special bonus!
  9. New 22" Eagle Lab Pod

    Profit. They make more money selling full kits instead of just the pods. I wish they would release single pods, but if that ever happens it will be after they release a full kit of each variant. I am still trying to figure out where I can put my current Eagle kit whenever I get it finished
  10. Halo Revell kits are extremely disappointing

    I think the motivating factor is that there are far more young people out there buying toys than model kits. These Revell kits are designed like a gateway drug- get them doing a bit more than just pulling it out of the box but not too much they have to stress about assembly. If they get past this stage then they can try more challenging kit builds. The one real problem with this approach is that they do not have the next step in their product line- it just jumps ahead into the FineMolds reboxed kits, which is a big jump. I started my son off with a couple snap kits, which were enhanced a bit with extra detail and custom paint. We then moved to the MPC Snowspeeder- a simple kit which was not too much of a challenge but he felt a real sense of accomplishment when it was done. since then his skills have really improved to the point we are building side by side our own projects. Revell had a good idea, butt hey did not think it through all the way- there should have been a set of 'normal' model kits in the lineup- no sound and light features and a much higher parts count for the young builders to move up into- this way they get kids hooked on their brand and also give experienced people something to buy which they can enjoy too.
  11. New Star Wars trailer

    Most of what appeared in the Rogue One trailers never was in the movie- they just thought it looked cool.
  12. New Star Wars trailer

    I hope they return to a high tech version of the round dish- the small rectangular one did not asymmetrically balance the off set cockpit nearly as well.
  13. I could make a joke about 'Cold Weather Shrinkage' but this is a family site... Those decals do look like they are correct but about 95% full scale of what they should be- that is very odd. If this is a production problem then Revell probably already knows about it- every body who bought a kit has the same issue. You might want to contact them about getting some corrected replacements
  14. PG millennium falcon preview pics

    In event Bandai chooses not to release a 1:72 ESB Falcon then I suppose I will try and find one of these kits to build. do think though Bandai is too smart not to take advantage of recycling their existing tooling and by swapping a couple of sprues marketing a whole new kit (I can see even a TFA/LotJ variant as well). I can be patient and wait and see. I am 59 and even if I never buy another kit, I still have more kits in my closet-of-doom that I will not live long enough to build as I envision. Since I got married my building has tapered off, most of the time it is now with my son as I teach him the art of buildups and pass what I have learned onto him. In the mean time, I will watch these new Falcon kit build threads, take notes and live vicariously though others.
  15. PG millennium falcon preview pics

    I am going to get an Empire Strikes Back version with the extra landing gear bays (my favorite version), which should eventually be released. That gives me enough time to start saving up for it considering the cost of one kit exceeds my modeling budget for a year